Achieving A New Life Through Integration

woman-looking-at-herself-in-mirror_webSo you woke up, went to the bathroom, looked in the mirror and decided you didn’t like what was looking back at you. You turned your face toward the sink and began thinking about events in the past that brought joy and happiness to your life which immediately put a smile on your face. You then looked back up to the mirror and saw the reality of TODAY. The smile vanished.

This is the story I hear people talking about on a regular basis. If they could only return to a time where life wasn’t so hectic; where mounting responsibilities didn’t overwhelm and unlimited time provided good choices.


Enjoying the past is one thing; living in it is another. What does it take to climb out of the hole many of us have gradually created over time and begin to enjoy the quality of life we deserve and desire? It begins in the MIND with the instructions to the rest of the body that life moving forward will be following a new path. We shall call this new path:


This path begins by designing a foundation needed to support your goals. Health, family, friends, spiritual practices (if so inclined,) work/career are examples of HEADINGS needed to build a strong foundation. The individual must then decide for him or herself what sub components will be necessary to complete each heading. Each sub heading is important and must be provided adequate time to prevent this structure from developing areas of weaknesses. The following chart is an example of HEADINGS with COLUMNS.


Each heading by itself (ex. HEALTH, FAMILY FRIENDS, etc…) cannot achieve the BALANCE needed for quality living. As the individual columns are achieved, they provide the groundwork necessary to begin the process of INTEGRATION.

INTEGRATION is the process of incorporating each of the columns into our DAILY lives. This is NOT some abstract concept that requires deep contemplation. As we gain the skill necessary to complete each column, it becomes a source of strength and security we begin to understand and rely on. Our MIND, the source of our original dilemma, begins using our eyes (as well as the rest of our senses) to view life from a new perspective. It becomes a natural process to begin blending these individual columns into an amorphous shape that becomes our own unique character and personality. The MIND begins to recognize the INTERNAL POWER it has and begins controlling the body and its thought processes.Β  Previously, the feeling of helplessness was controlled by EXTERNAL POWERS, notably toxic environmental factors (ex. Family, Work, Lifestyle, etc…) resulting in inner turmoil and constant conflict. This life draining pattern of trivial incidences occurring gradually over the course of time caused infinite “scaring.” How could so much pain and suffering be experienced from what we perceived as “minor” physical and emotional damage?

As we return to the bathroom mirror and lift our faces to carefully evaluate the person we see, how many of us don’t even recognize the image staring back at anymore? Are you ready to regain control over your life?

With a new understanding of the PROCESS of INTEGRATION, each of us has the opportunity to build our own new foundations based on the principles we decide are important in our lives. We design the columns based on our own individual wants and needs. As our own independent amorphous shapes begin to form, we begin to realize that the INTEGRATION PROCESS does more than create personal happiness and balance. It creates greater societal awareness and the ability for cohesiveness. For the first time we begin to see opportunity in a vision to help more than just ourselves. We begin to realize this becomes the FIRST STEP necessary to laying a greater FOUNDATION for the rest of our world; a world we are now willing to accept responsibility for and help build and shape TOGETHER.

An article that provides a serious tone for self improvement is best accomplished if it can provide a smile as well. I thought you might enjoy the following:

Attitude Positive Worth It by Darry D


  1. You are probably right especially about the positive attitude, but I am not feeling it today. VERY BAD DAY! I can’t even reblog this right now. It doesn’t fit my overall attitude, sorry.

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    1. No need to be sorry. You should only do what your heart tells you, your gut feels, and your brain decides is right. Hoping you feel better soon.


      1. I hope that didn’t sound mean. I am having bad mania and not acting nice at times. My meds are probably screwed up and I have to wait until Jan 8th to see my med nurse again. That is part of the problem right now my brain is screwed up. I don’t know what to do with myself. Thank you for caring!

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          1. Thank you, there are so many people here who are so nice and you are one of them. I can count on support if I need it.

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  2. Thanks for sharing doctor, very interesting article indeed. I agree with the point where you state that with gaining those skills comes strength and security.


    1. Glad you enjoyed it. You have such a wonderful variety of interests I’ll bet you naturally create these columns I discuss without ever really thinking about it. People who have learned to enjoy life typically do.
      I appreciate your comment very much.

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      1. πŸ™‚ yes, you are right, good day to you.

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  3. I love this post! I think, because of the hectic lives many of us lead, we forget how to be positive; just stressed. It also doesn’t help when instant gratification seems to be the standard for most in their definition of happiness. Happiness, at times, takes work. I find if I focus on one task at a time and make some progress (no matter how small) towards my goals each day, I’m quite happy.

    Also, look in the mirror and see how you look like smiling versus frowning. I guarantee that you look and feel better smiling.

    I leave you with one of my most favorite quotes, Dr. J — “A day without laughter, is a day wasted.” (Charlie Chaplin) ❀

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    1. I’m very glad the article had a positive impact on you.

      We are “creatures of habit.” My goal is to help make the habits in life more productive and positive for people.

      Charlie Chaplin was pure genius. His contributions to our world will live on in eternity. That is quite a legacy!

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  4. Love this post…and I have been told I am obnoxiously to happy and positive…LOL I live life in a positive happy state, (most of the time) and choose to not get involved in all the “muck” that can pull you down…..Merry Merry Christmas to you and your father….kat

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    1. It’s so much nicer to be happy in life. Many people work very hard to keep themselves miserable. I believe everyone has the right to live the life they choose (as long as it does not infringe upon another persons quality of life,) I just have difficulty understanding the choice of unhappiness.


      1. I agree and I never judge anyone for the choices they make, I just choose not to include the negative in my life….there’s enough on the news….and I scratch my head sometimes too at the way some choose to live and act…

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  5. Love the quote! πŸ™‚

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it (my teeny tiny friend! πŸ˜‰ )

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  6. I think that the internal strife comes when people don’t have a plan. Many of us are frantically running around from one obligation to the next, whether it’s work, driving kids’ to activities, events, appointments…and then we try to “fit in” the stuff that really matters to us (which often takes a back seat). It’s hard to be happy if you’re not balanced!

    I like your suggestion of writing down the different headings and actually making a plan and setting priorities so that things don’t feel as hectic. I personally have an agenda book that I rely on so that I can make sure I have time scheduled to see my family and friends, workout, write, and do all of the things in my life that I both want and need to accomplish.

    Great post! As usual πŸ™‚

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  7. I have learned that following a lifestyle that reduces my efficiency at getting necessary things accomplished while accomplishing tasks that bring little personal satisfaction results in frustration. Having an agenda, using a computer organizer or some other method to coordinate necessary and discretionary activities places the individual one step closer to achieving BALANCE in life. People need to stop looking for the “thing” that creates happiness. The process, the sense of accomplishment and the benefits achieved ALL produce a level of satisfaction and ultimately a happier life.


  8. I’m always daydreaming about my past when I had fewer responsibilities and more time to enjoy life. Today is a hectic mess, but I try to find ways to cope so I can have a brighter future, and a return to those happier times.


    1. I have found prioritizing helps. It keeps us focused and filters unwanted tasks to create more personal time. To live a balanced life, personal time is a must! Thanks for adding your comment. I’ll bet many people feel like you.


  9. A healthy balance/foundation of health, family, career, spiritual, and friends is essential. (I would add creativity to that list; whether it is writing, knitting, sport, or any hobby that brings joy and peace to our lives). Love the quote aout attitude. Attitude is everything in life. Wondeful post my friend.


    1. I agree with your suggested heading. I’m sure there are many others as well. I simply wanted to create an example so that people would have an idea how to create headings and columns. Each person’s headings must fit the parameters that meet their needs in creating a strong foundation. I hope this post becomes more than just words on a computer. People can really improve their lives and add great meaning by utilizing this concept. I have seen the benefits so many times.

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  10. I love this post Doc.
    It is so true. We MUST live in the NOW and live with a positive attitude. We must take the toxic and unhelpful things in our lives and return them to the minor parts of our lives where they belong so that we may enjoy our lives as they really should be.
    I love the quote at the end about putting on a brave face. It’s the same as simply smiling whilst someone is being a knob toward you, it winds them up further.
    I have as you know just had a hectic few days helping out a friend and I thought it would never end but I persevered, always smiled to her and said it would be alright and I finally finished it all last night. The feeling of achievement and knowing I had helped was immense. The fact that I was able to remain positive and realistic about all that needed to be done was simply the icing on the cake.
    It is proof that you can have a life that is out of control crazy hectic but still remain on top of it by realising that nothing itself is more important than your own sanity and mental health.

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    1. Well said. Rather than letting the craziness turn you inside out with frustration and anger, you chose to help a friend (which in turn made you feel good about yourself) and maintain a positive attitude throughout the entire ordeal. You are becoming wiser by the day!

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      1. Older AND wiser? Who would have ever thought it possible!!

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