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Health and Disease (as it relates to the Human behavioral component) is based on the premise of “THE TIPPING POINT.” Whether we choose to proactively participate in a plan of action designed to improve our chances to avoid disease and dysfunction or choose to passively rely on an event in life (ex. diagnosis of adult […]


IS YOUR CHILD FAT? Here’s a question a growing segment of our PARENTAL population is going to have to begin asking themselves. The need to face REALITY is NOT based on aesthetics but rather the diseases and traumatic life altering compromises our children face if we continue to avoid this topic. The argument, “we should […]

Facing Or Denying Reality in 2017

“IT’S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN TO ME!” These seven words are expressed and/or believed by a large percentage of the population. “Dangerous diseases” and “death” simply isn’t “REAL” to the average person whether young or middle age. SELF DENIAL is the typical approach used to “prevent” oneself from succumbing to these horrific outcomes. WHY ARE […]


I’ll bet that title will arouse some attention! Well, after hearing for the umpteenth time, “if you suffer from heart disease, always check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe to have sex,” I thought I’d share my perspective. First, checking with your doctor IS NOT THE SAME THING AS HAVING SEX WITH YOUR […]

Health Options: Creating A Logical Order When Choosing A Doctor

You would think this topic would be simple, but the fact is, most people choose doctors without clearly thinking whether the doctor chosen is the best person to address the problem. If a person experiences tooth pain, they would likely schedule an appointment to see their dentist. This makes sense. If a person experienced productive […]


Just imagine you had to live for 24 hours in A DARK ROOM whose dimensions were 8’X10″,  lit by a 5 watt bulb without any furniture other than a sleeping cot. The closest town to this oversized “box” was 50 miles away. Close your eyes and envision the life you would live for the next […]


Who are the happiest, healthiest people you know? Is it the people with the great wealth? Is it the people in the best physical shape? Is it the smartest people? Is it those with the greatest amounts of power? If you closed your eyes and tried to envision the happiest and healthiest person you’ve known […]


When people hear the word CANCER or LOU GEHRIG’S DISEASE it creates significant fear and emotional duress. These diagnoses create fear and the belief that death is imminent. They incite ACTION. When people hear the word DIABETES, they think of insulin. They shrug their shoulders at the serious dangers this disease produces. They believe that […]

The Overlooked and Under Recognized Missing Component Of Good Health

If I asked you to name the important attributes for healthy living, most people would mention: (1) Nutrition, (2) Exercise, (3) Sleep, (4) Hydration, (5) Stress reduction. As I write this article and describe all the potential problems associated with this missing component see if you can guess what it is.  It starts relatively early in childhood. […]