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When it comes to our jobs, accountability often determines whether our paycheck reflects an increase or not. Knowing that someone or some group will evaluate job performance adds a level of accountability to the work performed. When it comes to exercise, ACCOUNTABILITY is another concept that helps incentivize people to stay on track. For most […]


I’ll bet that title will arouse some attention! Well, after hearing for the umpteenth time, “if you suffer from heart disease, always check with your doctor to make sure it’s safe to have sex,” I thought I’d share my perspective. First, checking with your doctor IS NOT THE SAME THING AS HAVING SEX WITH YOUR […]


NO! I don’t care how many articles profess cleaning a house, walking a dog and standing instead of sitting at a desk constitutes exercise; these activities do NOT SUBSTITUTE for structured exercise programs. They are all good activities and should be incorporated into our lives, but structured physical exercise is mandatory to achieve and maintain […]

Did Your Doctor Tell You To Start Exercising?

. Women are willing to have their breasts compressed during a mammogram reducing this sensitive tissue to objects resembling IHOP pancakes. Men are willing to bend over from the waist and patiently wait for the medical diagnostic finger to determine the health of their prostate. These are two procedures that are uncomfortable and dreaded by […]

Children Aren’t Born Obese

Although obesity has been classified a disease, antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals can not “cure” it. One of the arguments that science has produced to reduce personal responsibility for obesity is genetics. Genetics may in fact play a role, however, genetic expression can be influenced by personal behavior. The answer to obesity seems so logical and straightforward. Consume […]

Having FUN With Exercise, Seriously!

How unusual; an article written by a doctor suggesting to the world that exercise needs to be integrated into an individual’s lifestyle. If that exciting opening line hasn’t created narcolepsy (falling asleep multiple times daily without intent) get ready for some entertaining and motivating ideas to begin an exercise program. Let’s not waste time; I know […]

I Hate Exercise, But I’ll Give It 10 Minutes

Does this sound familiar? “I know I should exercise, but I’m just not motivated.” “I have a family, a job and I just don’t have the time.” “I wouldn’t even know where to begin.” “I just don’t have the energy.” Changing lifestyle patterns can be as difficult as quitting smoking or successfully maintaining weight loss. […]


I am providing this short blog to inform anyone intending to buy or currently using health club accessories to REVIEW ALL LABELS ON THE PRODUCTS OR CLOTHING. Common sense would lead one to believe they enhance performance IN A SAFE MANNER. Review the two pictures below and see if anything creates any questions or concerns. […]

EXERCISE: The Love/Hate Relationship

My name is Dr. Jonathan Colter. I am 55 years old and am addicted to feeling healthy and enjoying life. I have exercised for over 37 years and have made this commitment as part of a lifestyle choice. NOW LET’S TALK REALITY: I do not find lifting weights fun! I do not find cardiovascular exercise […]

A REALISTIC Approach To Weight Loss

Weight loss is a topic that is written about on a daily basis. There are all kinds of diets, weight loss programs and videos, weight loss organizations and weight loss support groups. I grew up in a family with obesity. My mother and my aunt were classified as obese and morbidly obese respectively. Health problems progressively […]