death-and-doctorsDeath is a REALITY that may culminate WITH or WITHOUT doctor intervention. Whether a medical doctor prescribes or withholds a prescription, the end result may be DEATH. If a surgeon chooses to perform a surgical procedure or chooses to abstain, the patient may DIE either way. If a chiropractic physician chooses to perform a spinal adjustment or chooses to abstain, the patient may DIE as a result.

Explaining “WHY” the patient passed can sometimes be difficult due to the complexity of the human body and the various factors that influence outcomes. In many cases, the answers are NOT simply CAUSE and EFFECT. Lifestyle, genetics and environment are three factors that can greatly compromise therapeutic treatments meant to improve the quality of life. Unfortunately, this means that QUALITY THERAPEUTIC TREATMENTS can still result in DEATH.

The public, however, has a right to honest credible information regarding unfortunate outcomes including DEATH. Often, the media is more interested in the tabloid version than the TRUTH because it provides better ratings. The “written word” even has a slogan, “if it doesn’t bleed, it doesn’t read!” This irresponsible reporting of news can cause the consumer to become INTIMIDATED and FEARFUL from seeking doctors capable of providing the BEST OPTIONS AVAILABLE for various health problems.

The latest media frenzy is about Katie May, a 34 year old model that died on February 4, 2016 after going to a chiropractor with neck pain caused by a fall. Ms. May was seen by a chiropractor for two office visits and died several days later. The cause of death was ruled a stroke (specifically, a vertebral artery dissection.)

Without having:

  • ANY details about her medical, family and social history,

  • her chiropractic physician’s examination findings

  • specific information on the treatment provided

I can assure the readers of this article that the medical reports claiming this event “was caused by a cervical manipulation” unlikely reveals the ENTIRE TRUTH. As I stated earlier in this article, “answers are not always as simple as CAUSE and EFFECT.” The odds that a chiropractic adjustment (performed by a licensed chiropractic physician) would cause a stroke are 1 in 5.85 MILLION. (Ref: Arterial dissections following cervical manipulation) Of course, it is always possible she was the ONE unfortunate case in MILLIONS OF TREATMENTS PERFORMED.

The written and visual media have reported this tragedy in a manner that incites FEAR and ANXIETY (for their own gain.) In doing so, it attempts to reduce the therapeutic value of the cervical adjustment so many people have benefited from.  Look at the following chart to see the TRUTH in statistical deaths from CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENTS and other MEDICAL CAUSES OF DEATH:


In addition to the above statistics, more women die each year from complications associated with birth control medications than ANY type of chiropractic adjustment. Interestingly, we don’t see the media running stories or interviewing doctors on network news stations questioning their moral concerns about writing prescriptions to HEALTHY WOMEN that may cause health complications INCLUDING DEATH.

  • A woman taking the pill is 1.9 times more likely to die from cerebrovascular disease (stroke.) “The 25 year follow-up study with 46,000 British women also notes that the enhanced risk of death lasts for 10 years after women have stopped taking the pill.” (Ref: Mortality associated with oral contraceptive use)

In the Journal of the American Medical Association, “A new report suggests that while women taking birth control pills — even the newer, low-dose forms — are at higher risk of stroke.” “Women taking them were nearly twice as likely as non-users to suffer a stroke.” (Ref: Birth Control Pill Stroke Risk)

In a Cochrane study it was reported, “the overall risk of arterial thrombosis (blood clot) was 1.6-fold increased in women using oral contraceptive pills compared with women who did not use oral contraceptive pills.” (Ref: The risk of heart attack and stroke in women using birth control pills)

Now, for those of you questioning my ability to honestly and fairly judge a professional colleague as well as the efficacy and safety of chiropractic health care I offer




We may not always like insurance companies, but most of us agree their methods for determining premiums favor THEIR MONETARY INTERESTS over our own. Using COMMON SENSE, if cervical adjusting was a “high risk procedure,” wouldn’t premium charges for MALPRACTICE INSURANCE for chiropractic physicians reflect this risk? Wouldn’t it make sense for these malpractice insurance carriers to SPECIFICALLY ask the doctor/applicant whether cervical adjusting was going to be a therapeutic service offered in their practice IF THIS PROCEDURE WOULD INCREASE THEIR RISK OF LIABILITY?

When I was in practice, my final annual malpractice premium (paid on 12/3/2013) was $888.00 for 3 million dollars of malpractice coverage per incident. The average annual premium for a medical family physician practicing in North Carolina averages $8,462 for LESS COVERAGE per incident (1 million.) Specialists can pay upward of $80,000 annually. (Ref: Malpractice Coverage For Doctors)

It appears the insurance industry (responsible for paying for injuries and deaths caused by their chiropractic and medical physician policy holders) has concluded that cervical spinal adjusting is a SAFE therapeutic procedure for correcting spinal related health problems and reflect this trust in the LOWER PREMIUMS they require for coverage.

Please don’t let the media and their personal agendas as well as the medical profession cause you FEAR and OUTRAGE. The motives are surely for their benefit RATHER THAN YOUR OWN. I no longer have “skin in the game” as a retired doctor. No one asked me to write this post to share the TRUTH with all of you. I had to speak out, because my profession has helped save the quality of more lives than people realize. I personally, performed cervical adjustments for over 20 years EVERY WORKING DAY without causing ANY injury! In actuality, I helped people avoid surgery and remove the need for medications by correcting the ROOT CAUSES of their symptoms using chiropractic care as part of the treatment protocol.

I am truly sorry for the passing of Katie May. I offer her family and friends my prayers and thoughts as they continue to grieve over this tragic event.


I just couldn’t sit quietly on the sidelines. I feel I would have done a disservice to all those people considering chiropractic care as well as those currently under care searching for TRUTH and not knowing where to turn or whom to trust.



  1. Reblogged this on Healthy Solutions Blog and commented:
    I agree with this. Too many people get stuck into the trap of pharmaceuticals with side effects. I firmly believe that for every ailment GOD has given us a safe and natural cure. Wholesome natural foods are the key to prevention.

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    1. Many people look for CAUSE and EFFECT. Often, it requires a PROCESS including several different components to achieve a desired outcome. Approaching success and failures from this perspective results in dynamic solutions.

      Health is COMPLIMENTED by quality foods we ingest. HEALTH is FOUND, however, within us. This explains why HEALTH requires BALANCING internal forces with external factors.

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  2. media coverage like this does not help. reading your professional perspective is very insightful. indeed health care is so vast and complex. it is important for the average person to invest time in understanding this and building awareness on the risks they expose themselves to such as with the birth control pills you mentioned

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    1. I appreciate your thoughtful comment and share your opinion on this subject. AWARENESS is a “lacking trait” these days. People use the phrase “detail oriented” but don’t value the importance in its meaning. This does NOT result in “ANALYSIS PARALYSIS.” It opens one’s eyes to perspectives untainted by personal biases and creates better plans of action. It requires, however, a sense of self value and purpose to create motivation to achieve a higher standard of personal living.

      Thank you again for your support and personal insight.

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  3. Media would be a lot more effective and honest if they limited their scope to weather and sports. Seems everything else needs to be taken with a grain of salt…

    Then again, maybe just sports…

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    1. Love your comment. I still have a smile on my face. From your mouth to God’s ears.
      Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  4. Very well written and important to spread this knowledge.
    Even newspapers in Europe wrote about this and no one correct them. It is sad, when we only get to read about the negatives, there are millions of positives.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this. I was not aware this story circulated in Europe as well. I wrote this article to create greater clarity when considering various health care options. It is simply disrespectful to society to distort TRUTHS for the sake of personal gain. People are NOT stupid and will realize the motives for these stories over time. It is my responsibility to provide a source where people feel comfortable they have access to reliable information. Trust is earned over time. Those possessing integrity, strong ethics and moral character earn it more easily.

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      1. I agree with you.

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  5. You can never tell what is truth and what is not! Thanks for enlightening us.It is sad that things are written and just serve to scare people not help them understand!

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    1. I couldn’t have said it better. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

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      1. Most welcome Jonathan!

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  6. My first thought when I read this was; this was something like the problem you can have laying your head back in a hairdressers chair to have your hair washed…I have heard of people having strokes due to the neck position they assume while in the chair….I have had to have my neck worked on in a chiropractors office, it was nail biting for sure…I have discs that are crushed together in my neck and when I was working as a line cook, I needed adjustments on a regular basis….it was scary, but I had complete faith in my chiropractor…..this is a great post that enlightens us…thank you….kat

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    1. Just had to share an honest perspective to let the public see the unfounded fear of chiropractic health care caused by self serving tabloid journalism.

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  7. Back in the Middle Ages, educated people knew that “Post hoc, ergo propter hoc” was a fallacy. In our supposedly more advanced age, “After this, therefore because of this” still has adherents.


  8. Well get ready to meet another one in a million! 8 years ago I went to a chiropractor and left with both of the arteries up the back of my neck dissected. Diagnosed as Vertebral Artery Dissection. After 3 days of hell on Earth I was admitted to the hospital and places in the ICU in cristical condition. The interior lining of my artery tore away from the exterior part of the artery. That created a pocket of sorts inside my artery where bills was pooling, unable to get out or flow freely and started to clot. The blood flow to my brain on that side was 80% blocked and I was starting to lose vision in my right eye. The left artery was blocked by 60%. The length of the tears on both sides where too large for surgery to fix and therefore I had a year of blood thinners and “let’s just wait and see if it will heal itself.” It did and thank God I am fully recovered today unlike this young lady that you speak of. While I will never say that chiropractic care is bad or that all chiropractors are bad I will say that it is not for me (with good reason.) I do seek other natural forms of help for discomfort that I may be having but not that. I will also say that bad things happens all the time in all professions. But it does happen. What she went through is real, it is terrifying, and it is deadly. I pray for her family!

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    1. First, I am so sorry for any complications you may have had in your particular situation. I certainly understand concerns, but there are many factors to consider as well.

      Point #1 There are many chiropractic techniques that do not involve procedures that place the cervical spine at risk for arterial compromise. I understand your FEAR, but I also believe you think all chiropractic adjusting techniques involve high amplitude, low force applications. This is not true.
      Point #2 If you had an anaphylactic response to a pharmaceutical medication that nearly cost you your life, would you rule out going to any medical doctor after such an experience that prescribed medications you have never taken? 100,000+ deaths occur every year in the U.S. from PROPERLY PRESCRIBED medications. As of the year 2000, Over 290,000 deaths occurred ANNUALLY from all prescribed medications (REF: Starfield, B. (2000). The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) Vol 284, No 4. Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.)

      Based on these statistics and realities, chiropractic health care is considered a highly effective and highly safe approach to correcting musculoskeletal problems. As you mentioned, someone is going to unfortunately experience a negative outcome whether it’s medical, chiropractic, naturopathic, etc… These statistics are certainly significantly higher in traditional medicine than chiropractic health care. While I understand my comment is unlikely going to change your mind, I wanted to make sure you understood your horrific experience was atypical and a poor basis to evaluate an entire profession.

      I am glad you have recovered and capable of quality living. I wish you well and appreciate you taking your time to comment on this article.


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