sherpa_355_sherpa_training,_khumbu_icefall 15As I offer perspectives to people that live all over the world, it becomes difficult to find CONCEPTS that ALL OF US can accept and live by. There are very few universal “truths,” but the concept of CHOOSING THE SAFE ROUTE is one that can reduce the STRESS in decision making and result in a better quality of health.

While attempting to live healthIER lives we make decisions regarding our food selections, exercise methods, sleep aides, water sources and methods to reduce stress. There are multiple opinions from multiple qualified sources that suggest the “best methods” in each of these different categories.

Rather than suffering, “paralysis by analysis,” I suggest instead to base your starting decisions on the SIMPLE CONCEPT:


The idea is to create new healthy LONG TERM habits we can implement safely and reliably while effectively achieving results. This approach is for the AVERAGE male and female recognizing the need to incorporate qualitative changes to improving their current health status. Whether a person currently is experiencing, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, anxiety, weight problems, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, depression, etc… this concept provides a quick simple answer to whether or not a person should incorporate ANY COMPONENT into their new LONG TERM HABIT. If the complexity of the component (at a particular stage in life) exceeds the likelihood of LONG TERM SUCCESS, choosing the safe route would redirect our energy back to the basics that keep us focused on healthy lifestyles.



The following five basic components provide a sound starting point to achieving HEALTHIER LIVING:

EXERCISE: Choosing the safe route focuses one’s attention on activities that are simpler and easier to perform. There is usually less discomfort associated with them preventing a sudden loss of motivation from an over zealous attempt to exercise a deconditioned body. Basic walking for 20-30 minutes outdoor or indoor approximately 3 times per week provides a simple safe approach. Purchasing inexpensive exercise bands from a Walmart or Target or similar outlet can provide a safe choice to incorporate resistive exercises to help with muscle tone and functional strength. They come with simple to do exercise charts to show the beginner how to use the bands correctly and effectively.

FOOD: Choosing the safe route simplifies the emotional decision making process by removing harmful, processed, GMO, chemical and sugar laden products from the grocery store’s available options. Instead, we choose to fill the cart with simple, safe, real foods void of harmful pesticides, antibiotics, hormones and other toxic residues.

WATER: Choosing the safe route STARTS with consuming adequate quantities. Each person may require different quantities based on lifestyles, but consuming approximately half your body weight (in ounces) is a good starting point. To keep this simple, while adding additional safety, one could use a commercial filter to remove sediment from standard tap water. Are there better methods to consume cleaner water? YES. Our goal in this article, however, is to CHOOSE A SAFE ROUTE creating LONG TERM healthIER habits.

SLEEP AIDES/TECHNIQUES: Choosing the safe route avoids OTC and prescription medication and incorporates simple factors which promote sleep. These might include darkening the room, avoiding TV viewing in the bedroom, going to sleep at a similar hour each night and creating 5 minutes before bed to create quiet (uninterrupted) relaxation.

STRESS REDUCTION: Choosing the safe route to stress reduction places the individual in the center of activities that create and/or inspire PURE ENJOYMENT. It is difficult to experience stress while doing “something” that brings great pleasure and satisfaction to one’s life. The biggest question one must ask is, “what can I turn to (on a regular basis) in life that elicits this emotional level of satisfaction. If you don’t have an answer, find JOY IN DISCOVERING ONE (OR MANY.) Remember, we don’t need a NEGATIVE catalyst like stress to initiate a reason for joyful living. Finding joy each day helps to motivate a positive attitude while keeping stress in check.

Approaching these five aspects of healthIER living from this perspective helps simplify a life already complicated by so many other factors. Why not approach life by:


and see if transitioning toward BETTER HEALTH LONG TERM is made simpler.




  1. Excellent and focused post! In the “water” category, I’m also a big believer in supporting missions that dig wells to provide clean water around the world and pass that blessing on. There are so many places in the world where the water above ground is contaminated, but the water table is clean. Clean water is something every living soul needs and not everyone has access to. (It is off point here, but you got me thinking about it due to the global reach of blogging.)

    We have so many choices in the western world, many of them unhealthy. I love the idea in this post of simplifying the battle and focusing on the critical parts.

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    1. Thank you for mentioning the lack of sufficiently safe water throughout regions of the world. In the U.S., we take it for granted. We don’t realize the horrors so many around the globe face. I try to help people make better decisions about lifestyle choices for themselves in the U.S. when there are people in areas of this world where the ONLY CHOICE IS SURVIVAL OR DEATH. This helps put a better perspective on the difficulties we believe we face in this country.

      Thank you for sharing such an important point!

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      1. You are welcome! It is an issue close to my heart.

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  2. I read somewhere you should drink two glasses of water first thing in the morning to get your internal organs going ive not ever researched it I just do it and sure feels better than the can of coke i use to drink! i have to admit im enjoying the safe route these days 🙂

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    1. Our respiratory function during our sleeping hours causes a loss of hydration. Drinking water first thing in the morning is a healthy first step to replacing this loss. Like you, it is the FIRST thing I consume EVERY DAY.

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      1. It really does seem to wake me up. gets my day off to a good start but you know the feeling! 🙂

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        1. …and hope to continue to LIVE IT for many years!!…

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          1. Im right there with ya! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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    2. Interesting – I’ve never heard this before! I usually have some water in the morning, but not this much. I think this week I’ll work on adding two glasses of water to my morning routine!

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      1. You will be glad you did Sarah! 🙂

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  3. I really like the stress reduction category! Again so many things to think about, thanks!

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    1. Giving people things to think about keeps the brain active and fit. Glad to be able to contribute to the cause. 🙂

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  4. I have nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Kindly visit the link for more details.

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    1. I so appreciate the nomination. I do not participate with these awards any longer as a concern for imposing on other people’s valuable time and effort. I am truly humbled by the nomination, and thank you kindly for the sentiment.

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      1. Ok no obligations doctor! Have a great day😃

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  5. As we have discussed, I have many problems falling and staying asleep. I need to start a relaxtion period minutes prior to bed time. My wife always uses the minutes before bed for pray (while I always use it to plan my next day which can be stressful). Need to change this routine.

    Also, thanks for the suggestion about the bans. I will look into this.

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    1. You DEFINITELY want to avoid planning activities prior to bedtime. This “fires up neurons” requiring additional energy to “quiet” these nerves down. You want the brain to RELAX and provide “quiet time” (reduced nerve activity) to give it a chance to prepare nightly hormones to do their job.

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      1. Yeah, this is something I definitely want to change.

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  6. I drink lots of very weak tea before I get going.I used to read the paper but have gone off it at that time of the day.I like just gazing out of the window.I read somewher.e that in the evening we need to vegetate for an hoir or two before bed.No work or problem solving


    1. For those with sleeping difficulties it makes sense to reduce stimulation and “quiet the mind.”

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  7. We forget that the brain is working all the time dealing with events of the day and other things.My doctor used to say if you allow yourself to feel things in the day they won’t trouble you at night.

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  8. Love reading your post…they always help get me back on track of healthy living…constant reminders for me…thanks….kat

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    1. I think I like being known as the “repetitive reminder!” LOL

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      1. Yep…its a good thing…!!! And believe me you are helping many….I know your helping me…..thanks for that….kat

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  9. Kallmann.C · · Reply

    Dr.Jonathan, do you mind me asking from where or how did you find inspiration to start a blog topic? Thanks a lot in advance.

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    1. I’m sure like you, I read a lot. As doctors, our profession revealed a world through science that provided us a basic understanding of disease and patient care. Over time I learned this focused education (based on science) was more interested in treating DISEASE than addressing my patient’s COMPREHENSIVE NEEDS. I became dissatisfied with aiming for CHRONIC DISEASE “STABILITY.” I began to open my eyes and ears to people’s word, actions and NEEDS. I began to see HEALTH from this new perspective and believed if I shared this perspective, I could potentially help people achieve a better quality of health and LIFE. This lead to start of my blog.

      I still believe in science and research and enjoy spending my time immersed in studies. Today, I simply recognize that traditional “doctoring” only satisfies a COMPONENT in the process of discovering ROOT CAUSES of sub par health. By integrating the various components required for healthy outcomes the complexity of the human body takes on its innate function and naturally restores (and maintains) GOOD HEALTH.

      I hope this explanation provides you a sufficient answer.

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