What is the first thought or question that comes to mind as the day begins? Is it one that deals with potential conflict or one that deals with potential pleasure? Do these thoughts affect the way you approach the rest of the day or is the outcome all that counts?

Life is NOT just about “end results.” It’s about the PROCESS utilized to get to the END RESULT. Most people don’t think in these terms because they typically focus on the outcome. In reality, it’s difficult to get from an IDEA to an OUTCOME without a GAME PLAN to orchestrate a course of ACTION. This is typically why “wants” fall into “wish buckets” more often than “result buckets.”

  • “I want to lose weight.”

  • “I want to be healthy.”

  • “I want to get out of debt.”

  • “I want to own a home.”

  • I want to be financially secure.”

These are some of the most common “wants” in life. They are listed as 5 bullet points. Most people view these as 5 separate and distinct “wants.” This view of life makes accomplishing these “wants” so difficult. Can you imagine how much time and effort it would take to establish an ACTION PLAN to address each individual “want?”

In the following diagram, a more effective approach would FIRST address the overlapping area (“D”) that shares a commonality of “wants” from ALL three circles.


By constructing a new mindset to discover changes needed in order to answer section “D’s” requirements, the individual creates an ACTION PLAN that addresses ALL THREE CIRCLES AT THE SAME TIME.


  • Circle “A” wanting to lose weight

  • Circle “B” wanting to reduce debt

  • Circle “C” wanting to become financially secure

Circle “D” might include the following BULLET POINTS (changes) that apply to circles “A-C.”

  • PATIENCE: A person with greater patience is less likely to be REACTIVE. Rather than dealing with anger and frustration by going on a shopping spree or treating oneself to pizza and ice cream, the person with patience will look at the big picture to rationally see if the response fits their LONG TERM NEEDS. Anger and frustration can be addressed in a healthier, less costly manner. One example might be meditation. This would reduce STRESS HORMONES (that interfere with weight loss,) avoid unhealthy eating that interferes with weight loss and unnecessary monetary expenses while pursuing a path toward ACHIEVING a DESIRED OUTCOME (Circle’s “A-C.”)

  • DEFLECTION: With a similar example that produces anger and frustration, an individual can deflect their emotional response by delaying (if appropriate) their response in favor of an activity, event or location that creates a sense of calmness. Playing sudoku, doing a crossword puzzle, going for a walk, playing or listening to music, etc… Riding out the “storm” in this manner creates a clearer mindset to handling life’s complicated situations. Deflection helps (1) get the mind off eating, (2) get the mind off external sources used to relieve stress (ex. massages, pedicures) and redirects the answers to come from WITHIN THE INDIVIDUAL increasing CONTROL of their lives.

These are just two examples showing how Circle “D” addresses many different areas of concern WITHOUT having to address each and every circle individually.



Decide for yourself what areas in life are holding you back from achieving the goals you seek. Then look for your circle “D’s” concepts and ideas that would place you on a path toward achieving your goals. You will find this approach more effective and more SATISFYING than simply “WANTING” over a lifetime and experiencing DISAPPOINTMENT instead.

As a doctor, this was my approach to addressing disease. Rather than go through the litany of diseases and determining a customized plan for each disease, it made more sense to find the CIRCLE “D” that patients did or didn’t do that lead to dysfunction and disease. Whether a person worried about cancer, diabetes, obesity or heart disease my CIRCLE “D” included lifestyle behavioral changes that reduced the chances for ALL DISEASES. My CIRCLE “D” included, (1) realistic exercise, (2) realistic healthier nutrition, (3) proper hydration, (4) proper restful sleep, (5) stress reduction, (6) proper nervous system function for proper communication throughout the body. These six components were major factors I determined to be ROOT CAUSES of nearly ALL DISEASES and DYSFUNCTION. Of course there were other factors as well, but getting patients started on addressing just 6 components in life prevented the patient from feeling overwhelmed. Just like anything in life, the better they got at addressing these components, the greater CONTROL they began feeling over their lives. As gradual changes were added to the ACTION PLAN, resistance to the concept of change DECREASED. Their new sense of well being and increased energy helped motivate the desire for new positive CHANGES.

We all possess a CIRCLE “D.” The good news is, it doesn’t require unusual intelligence or money to locate it and apply its content. The only TOOL needed is the creative mind within each of us where the ANSWERS CAN BE FOUND. The only other requirement is the willingness to devote some TIME to ONESELF. When the individual decides to team up with rather than compete with their individual human assets, a new attitude is revealed. With this new attitude comes a new foundation that supports this new approach to achieving DESIRED RESULTS. This replaces the old approach of “WISHING” and FAILING.




  1. Reblogged this on disue.

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    1. It never gets old thanking you for sharing these messages with your readers. Thank you again! 🙂


  2. Very sound advice. Everyone should have a plan “D’.!

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  3. I believe everyone already possesses a plan “D.” Discovering it and finding a method to implement it seems to be the biggest challenge people face today. Creating TIME for oneself to introspect and discover these truths is a great starting point. It’s all part of the PROCESS of learning about PASSION and PURPOSE that delivers MEANING in life.


  4. Liked your 6 points for circle D, as a Patriot and Conservative I always thought America had the best healthcare in the world, but as I educated myself we have some neat designer drugs and state of the art surgery, but as a people are we healthier than other countries? The answer to that question is a resounding NO! We are about as a healthy as our kids rank in education among developed countries! Doc what percentage of health problems do you think are directly caused by poor eating habits, lack of exercise, drugs(legal and illegal) and alcohol,stress filled lifestyles, and high risk activity?

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    1. The variables you mention are a string of causes leading to the diseases we face today. People generally assume direct causation for disease. In most cases, they are WRONG. Disease is typically the END PRODUCT resulting from repetitive diversified “insults” to the body. We destroy our bodies by knowingly harming ourselves. We then claim to be recipients of unfortunate circumstances. We turn a deaf ear and blind eye from reality. Those smart enough to realize this have much better chances of living a life of quality and better health.

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  5. If the day before was hectic and I ran out of time, then the first thing I think about is what to do in order to catch-up.
    If yesterday was productive and complete, I think about what I should do the extra – to sort of get ahead of the game.
    This may be exercise, taking care of the house or my exercising – no specific project.

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  6. Your answer is one commonly expressed. If you think about it, this also means you “live” in the past (thinking about what wasn’t accomplished) or “live” in the future (“getting ahead” of life.) One of the most common areas overlooked is the PRESENT! Living in the PRESENT helps reduce STRESS. It gives you the freedom of CHOICE rather than always WORKING to “catch up” or WORKING to “stay ahead.”

    Just thought I’d point this out to give you something to consider.


  7. You may already suspect that my “D” would contain my time spent with God, either in prayer or deed. Thank you for reminding me how life-giving He is (for me) in every aspect of my life!! Hugs & Blessings for all the “good” you offer to others.

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    1. I appreciate your commitment as well as the kind words you share. Thank you for taking your valuable time to read the articles I hope provides a new perspective on health and reaches those in need. Wishing you and your family much joy, happiness and good health.

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  8. Oh, how I have missed your generosity and wisdom….you are such a light, and I am privileged to bask in the warmth of your glow 🙂 Given my field of education (social work), a parallel that springs to mind is Bowen Family System Theory–and, the contention that (positive) change in one family member engenders change in all other family members…so, all it takes is for one person to take action, and resistance is futile…change will occur whether other family members choose to engage in deliberate change or not (eg. attending therapy sessions). I just love the way you write…you are so articulate and clearly/easily understood…it is a testament to your gift for engagement that you know just how close to put the dots together, making it easy to follow your train of thought. I loved everything about what you had to share…it takes what might be daunting, and reveals how do-able higher pursuits really are. And, your examples are fantastic and relateable. Thank you for sharing 🙂

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    1. I have decided your comments are the SOLUTION to depression. They are always filled with positive warmth and enormous energy. I have decided to organize a fund raising event to raise enough money to make certain you have a backup computer in case your current one dies. 🙂 WordPress can’t afford your absence again! 🙂

      Hopefully, those in need of solutions find their way to my site as well as many other wonderful sites offering ideas and solutions to improve their quality of life. It is easy to get lost in a world filled with distractions. Providing new perspectives (often out of mainstream circulation) potentially offers better alternatives with healthier end results.

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      1. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate your gracious response…to know that my words are making such a positive impact is an honour I could never take for granted….thank you! And, did I mention that your sense of humour is among your many attributes?) 🙂

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      2. P.S. Relatively speaking, I don’t have many Facebook friends (by choice), but, for what it’s worth, I gave you a shout out, and provided the link to your blog. Thank you for being you…authentic, generous, compassionate, and kind 🙂

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        1. Greatly appreciated. I don’t care if you have 5 friends or 5000 friends on Facebook; reaching out means the world to me. Thank you.

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  9. Kendra Thompson-Phillips · · Reply

    Love this article

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    1. Thank you so much Kendra. I appreciate you taking your time to read it.


      1. Kendra Thompson-Phillips · · Reply

        you’re welcome

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  10. Excellent !!! Very interesting post !!! 🙂

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  11. Thank you Lynne. Just trying to help simplify problem solving using tools often unheard of.

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  12. as always another great post….thank you…..loved this one….kat

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  13. Your blog is amazing! It’s clearly a labor of love.

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    1. Thank you for the very kind words. Your impression is spot on! Thank you for adding your voice.

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