There are so many explanations I hear regarding the causes of disease. They range from:

  • direct contact with “germs”

  • close proximity to sick people

  • vaccinations or the lack of vaccinations

  • genetics

  • environment

Disease is considered “normal” by many people with recurring episodes experienced throughout the year. When people are asked the best defense against disease they frequently turn to their doctors to provide the answers. The answers our doctor’s provide usually include:

  • washing our hands thoroughly (repeatedly) throughout the day

  • covering our mouths and noses when coughing or sneezing

  • avoiding close contact with people showing signs of illness

  • getting flu shots and other vaccinations to prevent illnesses


Our doctors are missing a very large part of the equation regarding diseases and illnesses. They tend to focus on THEIR OWN ROLE and leave out the ACTIVE COMPONENT each person MUST perform to maintain a healthy internal environment strong enough to combat ongoing attacks we face every day.  We are told the answer to disease and illness is found in:

  • antibiotics for bacterial infections

  • metformin and other drugs for diabetes

  • toprol and other drugs for blood pressure

  • plavix and other drugs to prevent blood clots and strokes

  • lipitor and other drugs to reduce cholesterol

The list of drugs seems endless as it becomes apparent they have been developed to address diseases for every organ in the body.

 Our health care system has taken control of our lives and assumed the role of  guardians of our health.

They have convincingly persuaded the consumer the diseases we face are the result of various pharmaceutical drug “deficiencies” needed to restore and maintain a healthy disease free body. The average person believes a blood profile with “normal values” as a result of taking pharmaceutical drugs reflects a “healthy” individual.

This perspective has resulted in an INCREASE in diseases in nearly every category without an end in sight.

With the growing requirements for increased vaccinations and the ongoing development AND USE of countless new drugs:





The answer is NOT complicated. The consumer has not been willing to step up to the plate and take greater responsibility for their lifestyle. It continues to be simpler to turn to our doctors and their chemical arsenal to “band-aide” our problems. We consciously make this CHOICE in place of providing our bodies the support necessary to avoid diseases in the first place. Rather than learn and implement the fundamental principles that promote HEALTH, we choose to abuse ourselves over and over again BELIEVING FALSELY that our doctors will be able to come to the rescue. The problem is, our doctors pharmaceutical answers are INCAPABLE of RESTORING HEALTH to our chronically diseased bodies. Blood work after blood work after blood work reveal this TRUTH, yet our confidence and expectations remain UNREALISTICALLY hopeful in a successful outcome.

*****What will it take for the consumer to realize that blood profiles within normal ranges as a result of ONGOING PRESCRIPTION USE is NOT the definition of:




What will it take to realize that GOOD HEALTH is the natural state of the body that WE COMPROMISE by feeding it garbage, by avoiding ESSENTIAL physical activity, by living stressful lives that weaken the immune system, by depriving ourselves restful quality sleep of adequate duration, by dehydrating our bodies with coffees and teas (natural diuretics) and refusing to drink adequate quantities of  water required for healthy function.


This is why we continue to become a SICKER NATION!

To FIX this problem, we must prevent it from occurring in the first place. We can PREVENT DISEASE (to a large extent) if we choose to ACTIVELY PARTICIPATE in place of relying on the health care system to “undo the damage we self inflict.” Even healthy people run into episodes in their lives where circumstances create opportunities for infections to overcome their immune systems. More often, however, the frequency, intensity and duration of these episodes are dramatically reduced because GOOD HEALTH efficiently combats illness and disease (WITHOUT PHARMACEUTICAL ASSISTANCE in most cases.)

Medications will NEVER allow the body to BECOME HEALTHY. They may be necessary in certain circumstances, but this is NOT synonymous with GOOD HEALTH. If the patient, instead, would be willing to use medications in the short term to TEMPORARY stabilize a health imbalance, they would be able transition from drug use to LIFESTYLE MODIFICATION providing the body the tools needed to RESTORING GOOD HEALTH.

This is the answer to PREVENTING DISEASE.



Now that you know the SECRET, are you willing to TAKE ACTION by “setting a new course” giving yourself a chance to FINALLY achieve GOOD HEALTH?





  1. Exactly. I’ve always been an advocate of good nutrition–even before it was “cool.” Everything our bodies need can be found in appropriate food sources.

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    1. Your thinking is way ahead of the average consumer. I hope my posts continue to reach more people to help enlighten them to these facts.

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  2. Reading your posts, I realized that I use you as my daily ‘vitamin’. Every time you post I feel energized to take greater control of my life. I’m a lot more aware of the ways I abuse/abused myself and take steps to fix it. Thanks!

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    1. I’m glad to know you take these messages to heart. They truly improve the quality of our lives physically, mentally and emotionally. I’ve NEVER met a person that has shifted their lifestyle from UNhealthy to HEALTHY that was disappointed with this decision.

      Keep up the good work and remember to keep taking your daily vitamins! 🙂

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  3. Your posts are always an eye-opener and such a delight to read! 🙂

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    1. I appreciate your feedback. More and more people are coming around and seeing the real benefits of taking CONTROL of one’s health and life.

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  4. Sandhya · · Reply

    So true about the ‘band aids’ provided by many doctors. many times the root of the problem is not even thought about.
    I am all for exercising and eating right! Great post, as always!

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    1. Not only am I glad you liked the post, but I’m even more glad you seem to follow an approach that increases the quality of health and life.

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      1. Sandhya · · Reply

        Thanks so much!

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  5. Wonderful advice in that last graphic. Too bad, it doesn’t happen more often. ☺

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    1. I promise to keep sharing these messages; it is up to the readers to decide the value they provide. If they agree with my approach, the last graphic WILL HAPPEN MORE OFTEN! If the consumer begins demanding it, the doctors will be forced to accept this new paradigm!!! This is the road to consumer self empowerment.

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  6. my valiant soul · · Reply

    So informative.Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Always a pleasure. I’m glad you found the post beneficial.

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  7. I agree with ‘youmeanme’s’ comment. Stick around for us!!

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    1. I appreciate the encouragement. I look forward to sharing as much as I can while attempting to avoid putting everyone to SLEEP! (Health information is not known for its source of entertainment.) 🙂

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      1. Maybe a little humor mixed in?

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        1. How dare you accuse ME, a doctor, of potentially having a sense of HUMOR!! 😀
          I do try to incorporate some light sarcastic humor along with self effacing humor. Fortunately, none of my readers have claimed narcolepsy as a result of my postings! 🙂

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          1. Cool down Doc, I read every post!! 🙂 Needed an excuse to send at least one humorous piece over to you.


            1. Glad you sent it over. It will give fellow readers a good laugh!! Also wanted to make certain you were aware I was kidding with my response. I appreciate anyone that adds quality to my postings and humor certainly qualifies. Thank you for sharing it. (FYI- I love dessert food. Can’t keep it in my house, because I would be all over it!)

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              1. You and me both!

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  8. Totally agree! Well said!

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    1. Thank you, Claire.

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  9. Definitely a better line of defense – and a line of defense it would be best if everyone implemented long before it comes to going to the doctor with a problem!

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    1. I agree with you completely.

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  10. Love the message, love the graphics, and appreciate the reminder to keep at it! Thanks, Jonathan!

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    1. Love your encouragement and your wonderfully positive attitude toward life.

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  11. Brilliant post ! Prevention is better than cure !!!

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    1. Thank you Lynne!

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  12. Your suggestions are correct. Most people believe they are healthy if their blood pressure is controlled by medicines. Or their cholesterol under control by meds.

    We need to do a better job of educating future generations. Perhaps then we can break these false notions.

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    1. It will require participation in our education system to incorporate health curriculums (which is likely to face an uphill battle.) In life, I have learned worthwhile causes are rarely easy to achieve.

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  13. Such an enlightening post. It’s true, sometimes it is easier for some doctors to just give prescriptions without digging deep into the symptoms of the patient concerned.

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    1. Unfortunately, this is the typical approach BOTH doctors and patients have come to accept as “normal” health care. It doesn’t address the underlying problems and doesn’t teach the patient what they need to do to RESTORE HEALTH rather than simply MANAGING DISEASE.


      1. It’s sad really.

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  14. Hello my friend….I have missed so much on here…so I am going to dive in and get to reading….hopes all well in your world….its hot here, but we do live in the desert…LOL getting acclimated to being back and finally feelin rested….xxkat

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    1. Have been traveling myself and didn’t have access to a computer. Almost ready to get back in the groove.


  15. Great post….I truly believe in prevention….I refuse all those test myself, I feel if I put myself through those that they may spark something that didn’t needing sparking…if you get my drift, I had a fine needle biopsy of my thyroid to check a nodule I found and it sparked it into growing….they told me that this could happen, but I needed to know if it was cancerous or not…it was benign but then after it started growing I still had to have it removed because it was reeking havoc in my throat… sister had just had a cancerous thyroid removed….so better safe than sorry….but 90% of the earths population have nodules on there thyroid…prevention first, but these invasive test to just rule out your healthy or not without any warning signs I believe are crazy….however I did go through the annual paps and all that as a women…..but they weren’t that invasive as scopes and other devices being prodded into your sleepy body…..good article….kat

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    1. It sounds like you made a wise decision with an unfortunate complication. These things do happen, but you are better off knowing a malignancy doesn’t exist.

      I’ll bet it feels good being back in the dessert!


      1. Yes, it was one of those no brainer decisions you have to make at certain times of your life…with having to accept the reality after, no matter what it brings…in my case it was all positive in the end…and yes my joints are so happy to be back in the heat!!! kat

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