Drugs for lifeEven though I do not watch much television, I have recently noticed that advertisements for pharmaceutical drugs seem to be getting more air time than any other category of commercial (including beer and pizza!) Obviously the cost of airing these commercials are clearly offset by the profits generated as the consumer gains greater awareness of the availability of new drugs. These commercials frequently recommend to “ask your doctor if drug “X” would be “GOOD FOR YOU.” As a doctor, I can assure you the answer is NO!ย I can make this claim without even having to know the name of the drug. This does NOT mean pharmaceuticals never offer value. There are cases where pharmaceutical intervention is necessary and potentially life saving. This, however, is not the same thing as “being good for you.” I am NOT playing a game of semantics when I make this claim. It is important to recognize that something is good for you IF it supports the health and function of the body WITHOUT HARMFUL SIDE EFFECTS. A drug may even be necessary for survival, yet not qualify as something “good for you.” To demonstrate the point I will provide an example:

A job that requires 11 hours of work each day, six days a week, and pays an annual salary of $2,000,000 provides the financial needs to sustain an upscale lifestyle. If the motive for this job was to afford an expensive lifestyle, this job would appear to accomplish its goal. The question that follows is, would this job be defined as “good for you?” On the surface, the answer seems clear. Most people would answer YES. What if I included the “side effects?” If this job resulted in family breakdown, cardiac problems, isolation, depression and ultimately divorce, would you define this job as “good for you?”ย  It still affords the upscale lifestyle, but at what cost?

LiesWhen we look at drugs and how we use them, we need to realize they are NEVER “good for us.” They may be a necessary part of our lives, but that doesn’t offset the potential damage (also known as side effects) that ALL DRUGS CAUSE. In addition, most people taking medications take multiple medications. When multiple drugs are taken, the synergistic effects (effects that dramatically escalate unknown outcomes) can cause even greater complications. Typically, this type of situation is remedied with even MORE DRUGS in an attempt to offset the complications or reactions. We have become a society seeking:


Television and pharmaceutical ads have amplified this outcome. We need to begin to recognize that lifestyle plays a major factor in the development of symptoms. The solution to this dilemma will NEVER be found in the formulation of a new drug. The answer, although more “difficult to swallow” (excuse the pun), resides within each of us. We must be willing to recognize the responsibility we OWE to OURSELVES! Who cares more about your health and your welfare than YOU? Until we are willing to face this reality, the drug companies will gladly produce commercials showing the joy and happiness that result from the use of their medications.

SymptomsJust remember, as you watch these commercials with their celebrities that accept lucrative contracts to promote these drugs, remember to listen to the “by the way” side effects which may include:

  • amnesia

  • enlarged breasts in MEN

  • death

  • testicular atrophy (shrinkage of the male scrotum)

  • cancer, stroke, dementia

  • suicide

  • hallucinations

  • coughing up blood or vomit that resembles coffee

  • anal leakage and uncontrolled bowel movements

  • birth defects

  • uncontrollable tremors

  • infertility

  • cardiac arrhythmia

  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome (no cure) causes the upper layer of the skin to separate from the dermis typically around the eyes and lips that can cause cancer and or blindness

  • diabetes

  • spontaneous rupture of tendons

  • rectal bleeding

  • psychosis

  • hepatitis

  • bone fractures


img_77874367656848Providing the body the resources it needs IS “good for you.” Exercising, hydrating (with water,) eating a balanced lifestyle, getting good quality sleep, channeling and reducing stress and seeking physical, emotional and spiritual balance IS “good for you.” You can’t substitute good healthy lifestyle habits with drugs. Medications are intended to be used as an adjunct; NOT in place of healthy living. Any doctor that insinuates otherwise is simply WRONG!

Can we now agree that drugs are NEVER “good for you.”

Why not consider changing your lifestyle before taking the advice from the next TV commercial paid for by pharmaceutical companies suggesting you ask your doctor if taking ANOTHER DRUG would be “good for you.” You may find that taking back control of your health is more empowering and more beneficial than contributing to the ongoing profits of BIG PHARMA. I’ll bet EVERYONE would agree that the benefits of this new lifestyle would truly be:





  1. My son says that he believes there are new television channels being created for the express purpose of targeting baby boomers with new drug therapies because they experience more health related ailments due to their age. I believe it. We donโ€™t get cable out in cow country, but recently a channel was added to those we are able to pull off the antenna and it is for older shows. It seems like every commercial break is for a drug to meet the needs of older Americans, and there are a lot of them. The side effects they mention take up half the commercial break and include cancer and death. Scary!


    1. In many cases it is about selling a product (a drug) and generating profit. Where the pharmaceutical industry would like us to believe the motives are altruistic the reality demonstrates otherwise. People ask me to back up my opinions rightfully so. Well, here is my proof. We have over 50 different cholesterol lowering medications on the market; we have ZERO that address autism. With 75% of the population overweight and many of those maintaining elevated cholesterol levels there is significantly more money to be made producing and selling this type of drug even though autism has skyrocketed. Drug companies are in business to MAKE MONEY. It is a FOR PROFIT business. Just because it directly impacts human life does not remove its primary motive; generating revenue! In my opinion, they are not bad or evil. They are businessmen doing what big business does throughout the world. They are finding ways to convince the public that synthetic drugs equate with better health and selling the concept for profit. I simply disagree with their premise. As long as we are willing to let OTHERS be responsible for our health, the problem will continue.

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      1. I agree. Pharmaceutical companies are not evil for what they do, but are in it to make a profit. That’s what businessmen do. They send each coin out the door with the promise that the lil darlings will bring their friends back with them when they return. Still, I am thankful for those drugs that have been developed to help people live longer and better lives. Without my synthetic hormones for my thyroid, I would be in big trouble about now. :/

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        1. People have a tendency of viewing Chiropractic Physicians as anti-drugs. I certainly cannot speak for my colleagues, but I can comfortably agree with your sentiments that prescriptive medications have a positive role when prescribed properly. I fault the healthcare system for giving up on the patient. Dispensing medication and allowing the consumer to believe that it is a “necessary” component of their life forever, when other viable healthier options may be available and chosen if informed, is poor doctoring. If the patient chooses prescriptions over life style modifications, then I feel the doctor has done his or her job well. I still believe it is the physician’s responsibility to explain to the patient the LONG TERM potential damaging effects the prescriptive medications cause. Hormone replacement therapy may ease menopausal symptoms, however, cancer (as a side effect) is an unlikely option the patient would choose. How many patients truly believe that their prescriptive medicines can cause cancer? Most believe the FDA would protect them and remove them from the market. This is certainly not the case in this category of drug.

          The main thrust I want people to realize from this article is that prescriptive medications do not release us from personal responsibility for our own health. Medication does not provide carte blanche to continue to do all the wrong things that damage our health (with less “visible” evidence.) So many people are under the illusion that prescriptive drugs “FIX” us. They don’t! At best they assist us in maintaining a state of diminished health. The steps we personally take to provide the essential components needed to maximize our health provide the ONLY chances for a TRUE FIX!

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  2. You sound like my Chiropractor and he told me to get rid of everything and he could fix it. Since none of the doses of anything I take have had to come down I don’t believe he can fix everything. I would love to stop taking all these meds, especially the psych meds, but I don’t see it happening. Now if I lost weight and ate better, some of these could be lowered. I lost 40 lbs at one time. My blood sugar and my blood pressure went down. My only pain medication is Meloxicam/Mobic 15 mg. It is not strong and not a whole lot of use and the Rheumatologist doesn’t like prescribing it, but I like to move at least a little bit. The psych meds are worse and miss a dose and all hell breaks loose. they can’t even regulate my thyroid meds.I would like to stop all these meds.

    The whole left side of my body hurt yesterday and the adjustment hurt terribly. And he always pushes my Fibro tender spots and I scream. I watch my language, my daughter doesn’t. She really lets it out. She has everything I have and we started young. She is 35 or so.


    1. I do not oppose pharmaceuticals. I oppose pharmaceuticals if they are prescribed unnecessarily or inappropriately. I believe doctors have a responsibility to reinforce the message to their patients that they MUST participate in their own health to improve outcomes and not simply rely on medication. It is too easy to prescribe a drug and walk away leaving the patient clueless on the steps necessary to no longer need the drug. That, in my opinion, is not the sign of a good caring physician.

      There are many Chiropractors that believe pharmaceuticals have no place in health care. I vehemently disagree with that belief. However, l also believe that pharmaceuticals should only be used when necessary and only as long as it takes to resolve the issue. Naturally, some conditions require ongoing medication

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  3. Wow, you have been dishing out some tough love lately. We don’t watch to much TV in my house, but when those annoying pharmaceutic commercials come on, I scratch my head. The long list of side affects truly frightens me. In a nutshell, your saying its not MORE acceptable to take medicine for high blood pressure when we can exercise, eat right, and possibly reduce the need for medication. I am guilty as charged. (Although, I did take a proactive step by stopping percocet). Thanks for sharing this. I have to readjust my way of thinking. Have a happy and healthy holiday.


    1. The people who read my articles realize the information I provide is solely for the benefit of the reader. This is one of the reasons I do not attempt to sell any type of services or products. I do not want the skeptic to be able to point out ANY underhanded motive. I want their conclusion to mirror my altruistic ones. I truly wish to see people living healthier happier lives that meet ALL the criterion THEY choose for themselves. I believe each of us has a reason for being here. I value my belief and my mission to help those looking for guidance and wishing for help. I will go to great lengths when I see a person as committed to themselves as I am to them.
      Wishing you only the best and hope my words have a positive impact on your life.
      Smile and enjoy life during this holiday season. (Feel free to keep smiling beyond this “expiration” date! ๐Ÿ™‚ )

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      1. You are definitely impacting my way of thinking. All the best to you and yours.

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  4. Great post.
    So true.
    I have curtailed ALL of my pharma’s and feel so much better for it.
    I love the line a drug for every symptom, but wonder if they now think of a symptom for every drug they make….

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  5. I have decided to make you the poster child for most improved health. You have made so many successful changes to your life with phenomenal results. Stay motivated, stay happy and reap the benefits of quality living.

    Hope you’re having a chance to spin and enjoy the outdoors on that new bike of yours!

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    1. HI there, that is very kind! Thank you!
      As for my bike, you may have missed the post where I discussed the chaffing on my bottom being so bad that I literally took the skin off!
      Saw the Doc last night about something else and asked his opinion. A sharp intake of breath, vaseline advice and a giggle telling me I won’t be riding for a couple of weeks was all I needed to hear!!

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      1. Please accept my apology for missing your painful post. It sounds like a few adjustments to that bike may be in order to change the angles to reduce the chaffing. A different style of seat could also help. Now you can observe the amazing powers of the body as you witness healing right before your very eyes without any cognitive effort on your part. Truly an amazing design.

        Have a wonderful Thanks Giving.

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        1. No sweat, you have a great day too whilst I hobble around trying to keep the cheeks of my backside apart…!

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  6. I don’t believe in quick fixes, either! I’d rather suffer from sweat and heavy breathing (I’m talking about exercising โ˜บ๏ธ) than the risk of the side effects of drugs that do not have to be taken if your life is in balance. I understand that drugs are necessary for some, but if you can first seek ways to discipline yourself into losing weight and attaining a better diet? Why not do so?

    Thank you for another wonderful reminder to really learn to love and be good to yourself instead of just settling for the easy way out. ๐Ÿ’

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  7. Couldn’t agree with you more. BTW the other kind of sweating and heavy breathing counts toward fulfilling one’s exercise requirements for the day. Burning calories with a smile on your face is not a bad option! ๐Ÿ˜€

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  8. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    I wish pizza would cure ALL my symptoms! Lol! Sadly, I am certain it would be the cause. Drugs have made a difference on my life in a good way, however, I have had to be my own health advocate and insist on NOT taking drugs some doctors have felt I needed. Not every problem deserves to be medicated. I hope this makes sense…๐Ÿ˜ I always enjoy reading your blog! I wish I had more hours in the day!


    1. Pharmaceuticals have helped many people achieve a better quality of life. My objection only exists when a drug is prescribed without any follow up by the physician explaining the patients role in their own health. Many times a drug may only be necessary to overcome an obstacle impeding a healthy process. To offer medication (as an answer) to all health problems does a disservice to the patient. It reinforces a message that the patient has no control over their life and needs third party intervention to remain healthy. It makes the patient feel powerless and a prisoner within their own bodies. Patients need to be informed of their roles and responsibilities on an ongoing basis until the message is clearly understood. A good doctor would rather be consulted for information and guidance than providing additional medications.

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  9. You know what is really annoying Doctor? sometimes, pharmaceuticals and some people who gain a little knowledge about drugs try to prescribe others the same drug they were prescribed with for the same problem. what they do not understand is that the same drug which worked for them might not work for the other person. Forget the issues like drug allergy, Every body is different and every ones immunity and other factors like environment, gender varies and so will the drug for each person varies . It is always wise to consult your Doctor.
    Great post, doctor. Very Informational. Thank you for sharing.

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  10. First, feel free to call me Jonathan. I think television and advertising creates this illusion that lay people know the best pharmaceuticals for every malady. You are absolutely correct. Different meds will affect different people differently. Although doctors are a source of information, I recommend patients go directly to the pharmacist. Doctors are often given a brief synopsis by a drug rep. Pharmacists have better knowledge including interactions. Working with a team of professionals is the best way the patient can learn the various options available. People should NOT rely on TV and other forms of advertising!
    Thanks for your comment. Your words will help other readers of this article.


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