toxic-gutThe latest and greatest research regarding overall health is focusing more on the intestines these days. The “gut” (more specifically,) the small intestines is where food is reabsorbed and utilized for feeding the cells of our bodies. This has lead to the discovery of just how important the bacteria in our digestive tract really is.
We have over 30+ trillion cells in our bodies. Sounds like a pretty big number until you compare it with the 300+ trillion bacteria that reside in these same bodies! Without this bacteria, we would NOT be able to absorb the nutrients in food necessary to sustain life. Therefore, bacteria has a vital role in our existence.
Our diets determine the colonies of bacteria we house within our bodies. Vegetarians, Paleo followers, Mediterranean followers all have DIFFERENT FLORA (bacteria) in their intestines. Our bodies amazingly adapt to the type of diet we provide it when these foods contain good quality nutrients and come from good quality (preferably organic) foods. Interestingly, diets high in processed foods, preservatives, toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, chemicals and food coloring all cause extensive damage to the bacteria we rely on for good health. Damaging the good healthy bacteria weakens the immune system (approximately 70-80% of the immune system resides in the intestines.)
The other major culprit that damages our gut bacteria can be found in our pharmacies. Both over the counter and prescriptive medications (especially antibiotics) damage large amounts of bacteria creating an environment where “bad unhealthy bacteria can opportunistically grow and proliferate. This can lead to mild symptoms including diarrhea, bloating, abdominal pain and nausea or SERIOUS HEALTH CONDITIONS including ulcerative (bleeding) colitis, infections and cancer.
Feeding our bodies what they need is NOT an optional suggestion. It is a requirement for improving the chances for a healthier more productive life. Most people do not look at food critically and abuse its consumption. The damaging effects become cumulative. In most cases we are unaware of the damaging effects our food consumption causes because our body’s have great adaptive capabilities to withstand great levels of abuse. Only foolish people need to experience symptoms proving to themselves the damaging effects a lifetime of abuse causes. Our lifespans are relatively short. Does it make sense to live the last 20 years, 10 years, 5 years, in a bed, in a recliner or in a wheelchair because we didn’t want to ingest, vegetables, fruits, healthy starches, healthy grains, healthy beans, healthy meats, healthy fish, etc?… Should the quality of our lives be ruined because we refused to walk, swim, ride a bike, lift weights, participate in dance and other aerobic classes? Rarely do I talk with people that tell me they wish to live a life of misery as they age. So why don’t people change their behavior? The only conclusion I can reach is they don’t believe it will happen to them. Most people seem to believe that NOT FEELING BAD is basically the same thing as FEELING GOOD.
We need to stop making excuses. Stop blaming costs and the inconvenience of food preparation. The following picture illustrates what impoverishment in the United States vs other countries looks like.
Obesity-PovertyCartoon-thumb-350x252_233_168There are certainly many people with eating disorders that are NOT self induced, but this article is meant for those who continue to sabotage their own lives. It is time for you to recognize the tremendous value you offer and the contributions you can make to improve the world you live in. It starts at home, however. You must learn to combat this destructive behavior and replace it with one that provides good health and opportunity to enjoy life. Maintaining the current course (with or without symptoms) will likely result in damage of the intestines that may NOT BE REVERSIBLE. The following pictures show some graphic reality that EVERYONE needs to see.
Small Intestines

                              HEALTHY vs DISEASED






Three of the four examples are common findings typically producing NO SYMPTOMS. If you tried guessing which picture was the one that produced pain, it was the inflamed ileum. That means cancerous colons (3rd most common cancer resulting in over 50,000 deaths annually) can be PAINLESS until the disease advances beyond the point of cure. How difficult would it be to receive a terminal diagnosis along with a recommendation to undergo aggressive chemotherapy (poisoning) and radiation (burning) to potentially extend one’s life by months without any quality of life. What food is worth this outcome? How much do we have to enjoy sedentary living to end our lives this way?
Are fast food and junk food diets really worth dying for? Isn’t an 80%-90% healthy diet, 10-20% comfort food diet a reasonable solution. Isn’t it reasonable to consume a healthy meal FIRST before any comfort style foods are ingested? This simple concept would provide the body with the nutrients it needs while providing the individual with the comfort food they desire. Implementing plans as simple as this can reverse the current dangerous course many people are traveling.
As graphic as this article has been, I hope it provides enough impact to help those needing a new direction. The intestines play a vital role in good health and must be provided the nutrients needed to develop and maintain a healthy gut bacteria. These healthy gut bacteria protect us from opportunistic infections as well as environmental toxins we can’t control. Please talk with a nutritionist or physician qualified to offer nutritional counseling. There is a compromise within each of us. Your life’s quality and longevity may depend on it.
Feel free to ask me any questions you may have. Everyone benefits from learning and implementing new strategies that result in healthier outcomes.


  1. Ack!!! Now you are playing dirty. After those pictures including that first one I don’t want to eat yuck. Of course that will only last for a short period of time (til my next meal). Parasites? Really? Oh I feel sick thinking about it. Maybe I will go on a no food diet.

    I have to do a blog post on bipolar and nutrition. Haven’t done any research yet, but I am sure it will read like one of your posts. Healthy foods and hopefully no parasites cited.

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    1. I’m going to continue to show reality until people make an honest decision. They have the right to live any lifestyle they choose; I simply want to make sure they truly understand the ramifications.

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      1. Meanie, how much grosser can it get?

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  2. An interesting article and from what I know correct ,since living here my diet has changed drastically , one because you don’t get the processed foods etc that we were bombarded with in the UK. Two I have more time to cook and prepare although I have never bought ready made sauces etc. But as I no longer work have time to make my own buttermilk, kombucha etc. But a good article thank you and at least maybe now my family won’t think I am totally bonkers..ha ha 🙂

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    1. Retirement reveals opportunities on many different levels. It sounds like you already know the relevance of real food. Having the time to manage one’s life and health is a luxury that retirement offers. Surprisingly, most people do greater damage to their health in retirement because they have more time to socialize. Alcohol and food are two essentials for many social gatherings. I certainly do not believe in abstaining from comfort style foods, but I also don’t believe in over indulging on any regular basis. Retirement gives us time to learn how to BALANCE our lifestyles. If we succeed, better health, purposeful living and happiness is the end result. Cheers!

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  3. “Not feeling bas is basically the same thing as feeling good” Well that’s it in a nutshell, isn’t it? We are the society of now so whatever feels ok now, must be alright, right?

    It’s hard to look at those pictures and not be at least a little alarmed. Glad you’re putting this stuff out there.

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    1. I’m not really sure we’re in tune with our feelings and emotions. We somehow believe the absents of something equates with its opposite. (ex. If we don’t hate someone it doesn’t mean we love them.) I question whether people are fearful of emotions. Those unable or unwilling to open their hearts in fear of possible pain are missing out on many wonderful experiences that life offers.
      Problems in life are best resolved through action, not avoidance. I will continue to present the benefits of healthy living from multiple angles until I find the piece of the puzzle that fits into the individual’s mind. I know I can’t save the world, but I can increase AWARENESS and let the world decide for itself if it is ready and willing to change.

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      1. Awareness and education are good but you are correct I think in your belief that perhaps we are not in tune with our emotions on stuff like this. More and more people are though and blogs like yours are a great resource for them/us.

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        1. I sometimes feel like a late night info commercial. As they are seen over and over, the consumer eventually takes action and makes the call to purchase the service or item. I hope my repetition catches people in the right moment to take action and modify their ways to create a better life for themselves. The good news is, the price that I charge for my messages, experience and knowledge is $0.00. Hoping this “price” adds additional motivation to act!!

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          1. Lol….but wait, there’s more! 😉

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  4. I’m so used to seeing photos of good vs bad lungs that I was really taken aback from these intestine pics! Fascinating and gruesome but so preventable.

    Interesting approach. I do enjoy your boldness to attempt to empower people to lead healthier lives!

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    1. Thanks Rose. People are wonderful, but they are a tough group to convince that change is important. I have spent most of my adult life “spreading” this message. I understand most people’s reluctance to change their lifestyles. It remains difficult, none the less, to watch people go through gradual failing health unnecessarily. Someday (hopefully many moons from now) when it is my time to move on, I will make sure my tombstone includes the phrase, “He Never Gave Up.”

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  5. You wrote: …why don’t people change their behavior? The only conclusion I can reach is they don’t believe it will happen to them.

    I think there is another conclusion you can also draw: They just don’t know! I blogged about that today with my Three Goals Thursday update. As a young woman and bride, I didn’t know that I could CHOOSE to live, eat, move differently. That is why I am so thankful for bloggers like yourself that beat the drum of self education and improvement on a regular basis. I did not know. Many are in the same space I was before I learned what I now KNOW.

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    1. You’re absolutely correct. I’ll bet my focus has been on the nay believers. Hopefully more people fall into the category you mentioned and can gain a new perspective and a new quality of life by incorporating some of the recommendations found on the various sites teaching healthier and happier pathways. I appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness including me and the contributions I may have made to assist you on your journey. You are driven as well as persistent; two qualities that help people achieve goals. I wish you continued success in the future.

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  6. Wow! What a great post.
    That really does explain things for me being poorly over the years versus hardly being ill since changing my diet. Yes I have had stomach upsets and viral infections but only one or two in the last year. When I ate processed foods all of the time, I would be ill at least a couple of times a month.
    I am so glad I now reside in the whole food foodstuff section and cook everything from scratch.
    Boo processed foods, you are much worse than I ever thought!

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    1. Our bodies have amazing capabilities to maintain health if we simply provide it the needed “information” (GOOD NUTRITION) required. You are a living testament. Thank you for your important comment. As people see “real people” have gained real health benefits from modifying their lifestyles it will help motivate others to jump on the band wagon.


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