“I’m not a doctor!”

“How can I be expected to decide the best treatment option available?”

CUTE CARTOONIt’s less complicated than it may sound. All you need to do is ask two simple questions.

  1. What is my diagnosis?

  2. What is the CAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM?

Most people walk out of a doctor’s office with only ONE CONCERN; “where can I get my prescription and pay less?” Most people do not pay attention to the diagnosis believing the prescription will “handle the problem.” If we want to reduce the costs of health care and get healthier in the process, each person MUST ask the two basic questions above. Here is why!

If you (as the patient) are going to be part of the “team” deciding the best course of action to addressing your health problem, you need to know what’s wrong (the diagnosis.) Secondly (and most importantly) you need to have the doctor explain (in simple terms) what is causing this condition in order to ADDRESS THE ROOT CAUSE and FIX THE PROBLEM so the body can return to a healthy state and self regulate itself.

You may be asking, “isn’t this what the prescription is for?” In almost all cases, the answer is




The prescription usually attempts to control a problem WITHOUT ever attempting to CORRECT IT. For example, cholesterol meds, diabetic meds, high blood pressure meds, headache meds, anti-inflammatory meds, etc… ALL address the symptoms without ever addressing the mechanism causing the problem. Most people never concern themselves with being part of the solution, because doctors are willing to take full responsibility for “stabilizing” the patient’s health conditions. People feel they already have enough on their own plate. If a doctor claims a prescription is necessary, it is easier to claim “doctors know best,” and swallow a pill than to commit precious time and effort to participating and finding REAL PERMANENT SOLUTIONS. It is easier for the doctor as well. They have (intelligently may I add)  “lowered the bar” on personal job performance to maintaining chronic disease rather than helping patients overcome these conditions and restoring the body to a NORMAL state of good health.

Would you hire a plummer that provides you a sealant to apply to your plumbing on a daily basis to prevent leaks? Would you rank this plummer as a competent professional maintaining the highest standards his or her profession provides? His/Her diagnosis; a leak, his/her “prescription,” a sealant used once a day to TEMPORARILY prevent leakage. Let’s superimpose this example on a doctor. His/Her diagnosis; high blood pressure; his/her “prescription” a pill used once a day to TEMPORARILY reduce blood pressure. Why are we unsatisfied with the plummer’s incompetent performance, yet perceive the doctor’s incompetent performance as valuable and satisfying our needs? Both professionals have provided very analogous solutions, yet neither one has addressed the ROOT CAUSE of the underlying problem. In both cases, there is a high probability that additional “symptoms” (problems) will surface since the original problem was never uncovered and corrected.

We, as patients, can no longer tolerate this subpar approach to evaluating and treating our health. Our lives and well being will continue to be compromised unless we are willing to challenge the current standards of care.

So, what is our part as patients in this process to help improve the current system? Simple; ask the two basic questions

  1. What is my diagnosis?

  2. What is the CAUSE OF THIS PROBLEM?

AND get answers IN SIMPLE UNDERSTANDABLE LANGUAGE so you clearly know the problem AND SOLUTION required to CORRECTING THE ROOT CAUSE to FIXING THE CONDITION (not simply maintaining a reduced state of chronic ill health.)

Have you ever looked at your health and its management from this perspective?

Now, if I have successfully gained your attention and a new level of awareness, it’s time to identify one other obstacle in our way of improving your health. We have clearly shown a flaw in the current system of care and the new level of shared responsibility (with us) our physicians must NOW be willing to accept. Our final obstacle interfering with our physicians from providing higher qualities of service and achieving better results is:


overcome embarassment 460

That’s right! If you are not willing to take responsibility for your lifestyle and participate in providing your body the tools necessary to achieving and maintaining good health, it really doesn’t matter how committed your physician is to performing his/her job at the highest level possible. From their perspective, if all you want is a pill that helps generate revenue to increase their salaries, they will continue to gladly provide this service. If you are truly unclear, however, about the steps you must take to satisfy your responsibilities in this process, you are more than welcomed to contact me directly.

There are many times in life we get stuck in patterns of behavior we don’t even realize. This article emphasizes one pattern that negatively affects countless lives throughout the world. The good news is, this article also identifies solutions that can improve the QUALITY OF LIFE, IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF HEALTH CARE AND REDUCE IT’S PHYSICAL, EMOTIONAL AND FINANCIAL COST.







  1. Healthy Not Nuts · · Reply

    I agree 100%. I have asked those questions and sometimes, it’s very difficult to get an answer. My conditions were fibroids and cancer of the appendix. VERY frustrating times trying to find doctors to figure out what was wrong and then even more difficult trying to find a real solution. For fibroids they insisted on birth control pills which I HATE and they didn’t work. For the abdominal pain, my Dr at the time diagnosed as inflamation of the stomach lining and prescribed a pill which I took for awhile and I went home and tried to quit different foods to alleviate the problem but then went to emergency room, took out appendix and find out it has carcinoid tumor in it. It was very difficult to get dr.s to answer questions I had but now I’m healthy and I found a internist who is AWESOME and she always has great insights and will even Google stuff right in the exam room so we can talk about it. So, after this long and drawn out comment, my point is, you have to find a Dr who is willing to take the time to seriously consider your inquiries and if they don’t go to another dr. It can be quite a process finding the right dr.

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    1. Thank you for sharing your story. Unfortunately, stories like yours are more common than many realize. As a physician, I know the frustration patient’s experience. The good news is, the concept of Functional Medicine is growing and gaining popularity among health care providers. This approach takes into account the “Whole Person” in evaluating and treating health imbalances/diseases. When pharmaceutical intervention is necessary, it becomes PART of the answer rather than the ENTIRE “solution.” People, however, must be willing to accept greater responsibility for their lives. Patients can’t expect doctors to spend energy and time if they are unwilling to participate SERIOUSLY in the process.
      Thank you again for sharing your story. People need to see reality of real patient experiences to create greater awareness adding validity to the issues I write about. Wishing you much continued good health.

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  2. I love and hate your posts sometimes:).
    I feel like you and my doctor would get along very well.
    I really need to manage my mental health, menu and exercise to maintain my health. If any of those flounder it’s hello illness and pain.

    Thanks again for reminding me of the doctor within- I’m feeling as though I’m on the mend. Now to do the unpopular thing and cancel my evening plans this week so I’m not stressed on evenings and can get all the rest I need.

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    1. A love/hate relationship with me means I’m accomplishing my job helping people identify areas in their lives that need modifications. I know it doesn’t always satisfy immediate gratification, but those willing to “hang in there” benefit in the long run. I truly believe in you and believe you will be one of those people happy with the outcome. Take care of those areas in your life you know you need to address and say good-bye to those recurring illnesses.
      Get healthy and stay happy. 🙂

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  3. I hate when I’m part of the problem! 😉 This is a topic that should be taken seriously and I love the two simple but powerful questions. I imagine them to be very empowering when used as you describe.

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    1. These simple questions help people understand their health concerns and whether they are in the right doctor’s office. I always ask, “who will care more about your health than YOU?”

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  4. Love your analogy of the plumber. You have discussed this topic before on prescriptions not addressing the root of the problem, but the analogy drove the point home perfectly.

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    1. Thanks Andrew. The more people can relate to the subject, the better the chances for positive change in people’s lives.

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  5. love this post….says it all….thanks for always putting in a fantastic style of writing so we all can get it….always the best 2 questions to ask….I know to many people that opt for a pill to fix the problem instead of doing the hard work and discipline that it may take to help your baldy back to its healthy state…..thanks…kat

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    1. Kat, I find it interesting that the pill is NOT DESIGNED (in most cases) to fix the problem, where the “hard work” is designed to. In some cases, both are needed. The pill, however, is not a substitute for lifestyle commitments to oneself.


      1. yes….I agree….sometimes both are needed at least for awhile…kat

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  6. Hard work works….. But it is HARD!!!
    Pill’s mask, but they are easy.
    You are preaching to the converted here Jonathan because I have walked that mile and much prefer the new way of doing things but there are some who stil think a prescription is the answer. Doctors as well as patients.

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  7. I understand your sentiments. I agree that pills “are easy” to swallow, but how easy is it really to “swallow the concept” of taking a pill TO MAINTAIN A REDUCED STATE OF HEALTH? How easy is it to take a pill if you realize the pill (by itself) doesn’t even attempt to FIX the problem and commonly causes secondary complications from the side effects. How easy is it to take a pill knowing your quality of life will NOT experience improvement. How easy is it to take a pill that ultimately affects liver and/or kidney function requiring additional pills to minimize the damaging effects.
    I think it’s only “easy to take a pill” if we do so with our eyes and minds shut to reality.


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