WEIGHT LOSS without focusing on weight loss

  • Brand New Ending“I just need to find the latest diet to jumpstart my path to successful weight loss.”
  • “Eating a plant based organic diet will reduce body weight.”
  • “High protein diets have helped me lose weight in the past.”
  • “The Mediterranean diet is a healthy plan for weight loss.”

Yes, yes, yes and yes. Many have spoken these phrases and many have accomplished weight loss.


You would think that losing the weight would be the most difficult part of the task. It’s not! I am not minimizing how difficult it is to lose weight. Weight control requires as much energy and focus as ANY FULL TIME JOB. I place weight loss in the same category as earning a million dollars; everyone would like to possess it, but what are people really willing to do to make it a reality? There are a multitude of reasons for weight gain. To succeed in weight loss, it all starts in the brain. Are you looking to find a path where you can take control and responsibility for your decisions? Would you like to feel a greater sense of self worth and prove to yourself that you are a valuable entity in this world, or do you simply want to prove another diet has failed you? Your mindset has to be prepared for the journey your about to begin. If you are not willing to approach this undertaking with the same intensity and zeal as you would attempt to escape a burning building, your mindset will keep you from achieving the goal. The good news is your FOCUS will no longer be on  WEIGHT LOSS!

Focusing on weight loss has rarely achieved LONG TERM WEIGHT CONTROL, therefore it makes little sense to make it the focus. Focusing on weight loss is STRESSFUL and adds to the difficulty. Instead, the focus will shift to a PROCESS encompassing, (1) Passion, (2) Friends and or Family, (3) Movement, (4) Hobbies, (5) Support for OTHERS, (6) Goals and Accomplishments.

  1. Passion: Most people rarely consider the concept of passion. We think in terms of responsibility and necessity. Passion is the one word every successful person in life talks about. It is their motivation, their driving force that makes each day a new opportunity waiting to happen. Real passion is more effective and powerful than a morning cup of coffee. It helps create a sense of fulfillment day after day. It is the essence that wakes us from a night of sleep excited for what lies ahead. You must find your passion. Give yourself a chance to figure what would elicit this kind of POSITIVE emotional  response. Since this is likely a new concept, take time to determine what your passion or passions in life truly are. Then, follow your passion. It will create a whole new outlook on life!
  2. Friends and or Family: Life is easier to deal with when a supportive network is available. This network should be used to share POSITIVE news and actions as well as negative news and difficulties. It is important that they are respectful, honest, caring and non judgmental. You will know if you have a “good network” when thinking about them puts a smile on your face and joy in your heart. Accomplishing changes in life is less daunting with this type of support system.
  3. Movement: (Notice I did not say exercise.) Movement is essential for life. Anything that’s lives that stops moving dies. Sedentary lifestyles need MODIFICATION. Chairs and couches will be our first line of attack. For every hour of sitting or laying down (during waking hours), we will get up and move for 1 minute. If at work, you can stand and walk in place (marching), walk down hallways, walk outside a building and back in, etc… THIS COMPONENT IS VERY IMPORTANT. It is a baby step leading to eventual exercise as one progresses forward. By the time exercise begins, a whole new mindset will make the task easier and achievable. Ultimately, you will get to choose what type of exercise, how often and how long. This puts you in control which makes any task easier to accomplish successfully!
  4. Hobbies: These are activities that are simply FUN. They help balance life’s stressful situations. They redirect focus away from stress, anger and frustration without conscious effort. They fill gaps in our lives when there is nothing to do. They reduce our time in front of the television; a place where self pity and comfort eating go hand in hand.
  5. Support for OTHERS: Just when you feel like one more pressure will put you over the edge, think about those that would give anything to have the opportunities in life available to you. THEN TAKE ACTION. One method is volunteering. Soup kitchens, hospice facilities, animal shelters are just a few examples. This helps reinforce several important aspects. (a) it reduces your own pressure gauge by redirecting the focus onto others and their needs, (b) it increases self worth, (c) it improves the world we live in.
  6. Goals and Accomplishments: Begin to set small achievable realistic goals. Make certain you give yourself adequate time to succeed.  As you achieve the goal, set a new one. Repeat WEEKLY. The purpose is to reinforce the feeling of success in accomplishing goals over and over. Do not make them too challenging. Remember, we are working on creating a new mindset.

If you focus on these six points, the emotional component of food addiction dramatically reduces. They change one’s attitude and create a positive outcome reducing the typical “self destructive behavior” we see today. You don’t need me to tell you to eat more vegetables and fruit and less fried foods, fast foods and processed foods. You already know this. What you will find with following these six steps is a new ATTITUDE that naturally combats self destructive behaviors including yo-yo dieting.

I’ll bet it’s refreshing to hear about a weight loss plan that WORKS

and doesn’t mention FOOD!

I welcome your feedback and any personal experiences that have lead to a POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION. This will help you fulfill step 5: Support for Others.


  1. Reblogged this on Tessa Can Do IT! and commented:
    A much nicer way of explaining weight loss and exercise. I need both.

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  2. There is always a way to lose weight but when it comes to implementing it, people are lazy. Going on a diet will not help lose weight but herbal pills for weight loss will definitely help. It is the best way to lose weight.


    1. I respectfully disagree with your assessment. Weight control has many variables associated with it. The food source can have addictive qualities similar to nicotine. Behavior also plays a role. I don’t believe that 70% (approx. percent of Americans overweight) of the United States population is lazy. I also disagree that herbal supplementation is the magic bullet. This issue has many different components that need to be addressed for long term successful results.
      Thank you for reading my post.

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    A very sensible approach to weight loss. I wholeheartedly recommend this post to all my followers….


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