Publication1CROPPEDWith a tagline like, “HELP MAKE TOMORROW POSSIBLE” you almost have to wonder how we’ve survived without the assistance of the pharmaceutical drug:


This commercial (seen regularly on television, heard regularly on the radio and read regularly in many magazine publications) plays on our emotions by including the song, “The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow” to emphasize the beauty of this medication.  It’s only 1 minute long; take a quick look.

This commercial proudly touts its success for “keeping more people out of the hospital for serious heart disease than the leading competitor on the market.”

Of course, this drug also warns about its potential “down side” (side effects) including:

  • DEATH to unborn babies

  • ANGIOEDEMA (a potentially serious allergic reaction with rapid swelling of the face, tongue hands, feet or abdomen.)

  • Sudden onset of SERIOUS LOW BLOOD PRESSURE causing nausea, dizziness, fainting, muscle weakness and visual impairment.

  • KIDNEY PROBLEMS (including little to no urine output as one such side effect)

  • DANGEROUS BLOOD POTASSIUM LEVELS capable of causing dangerous and deadly heart rhythm imbalances.



Not surprisingly, there’s a better way to:


without ANY negative side effects, without requiring ANY medical intervention, without requiring ANY health insurance coverage and without requiring ANY additional out of pocket expenditure. All it requires is LIVING a lifestyle we were designed to follow:

  • Eat healthier

  • Incorporate exercise into your lifestyle

  • Reduce stress by learning how to channel it

  • Drink adequate quantities of water

  • Get proper sleep

  • CREATE time for family and friends

I guarantee this approach improves your chances for STAYING OUT OF THE HOSPITAL better than ENTRESTO and EVERY OTHER DRUG on the market!

It really comes down to 2 basic questions:





  1. The name of entresto sounds like playing on words: to trust or interesting. Either way since the alternative sounds too much work, for most people popping that trustworthy pill is easier even if the side effects might prove to be interesting.

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    1. The “perceived’ easy way out FREQUENTLY winds up not being so easy. 1 prescription becomes 2 which becomes 3 or 4 WITHOUT achieving GOOD HEALTH. Attempting to create and/or maintain stability using pharmaceutical drugs is NOT the same thing as LIVING a HEALTHY LIFE. Over time, this becomes more and more obvious.


  2. Not sure anyone could argue anything against what you have said!

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    1. Thank you for your comment. I welcome your comments and responses regardless of whether they support or oppose the messages I share. As physicians, we need to share our research and knowledge to educate each other as well as the public. Our various perspectives helps the consumer make better informed decisions for themselves.


  3. I think the best way to “make tomorrow possible” is by avoiding prescription drugs like the plague.

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    1. People do not understand that “prescription medications” are NOT HEALTHY. EVERY drug comes with side effects that disrupt normal physiology resulting in an ongoing competition within the body. As a result of taking these drugs over the years, toxicities build up resulting in damaged livers, kidneys, hearts and brains. Yet we claim on death certificates these same people died from “natural causes.” There is NOTHING NATURAL about these pharmaceuticals!

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  4. we need to take control of our own healthier lifestyle, meds have too many complications and risks .. thanks Dr J

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    1. Agree completely. Getting people to feel an urgency to do so, however, is quite challenging.

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      1. yes I have never understood this reluctance for self care … most will spend hours and thousands on their appearance but health ..?? have wondered if there is a subconscious death wish, as in not active suicide just plain old neglect 😦


  5. Another excellent post! I love those pharmaceutical ads. The side effects they list are often as bad or worse than the condition they are supposed to correct.

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    1. If the consumer would be willing to open his or her eyes to the reality that prescription medications are often prescribed as the RESULT of BEHAVIOR rather than any underlying genetic condition they were unfortunately born with, the need for these harmful drugs could be significantly avoided. Once the prescription writing starts, it rarely stops. More and more medications are prescribed over time. People need to understand this means growing health problems. Just because a problem is “stable” doesn’t mean it’s no longer a problem.


  6. I always find the list of side effects ironic.
    Another great post! Well done!

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    1. The consumer doesn’t truly believe these prescriptions are dangerous. They think they’re listed as a legal requirement rather than a true warning based on ACTUAL outcomes.


  7. What a scary ad…I just didn’t like it 😦 Why would you take that drug after listening to the side effects. I would hazard a guess they thought people would be so enamoured by the song they didn’t listen to the warnings. A great post and well done for highlighting the side effects 🙂

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    1. We are inundated with pharmaceutical ads on a daily basis and their “not so subtle” insistence to ask physicians to prescribe them. If people truly understood the damaging side effects along with the growing quantity of prescriptions written, they might realize “popping” the pill really isn’t the “easy way out!”

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      1. I am so pleased I don’t watch TV…. I only download programmes I wish to watch and they are ad free thank goodness. The ad you had on your post was quite enough for me and certainly did not induce me to even wish to think about taking it..why people watch these and take heed is beyond me at times. Rant over..lol..I really am not a fanatic 🙂

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        1. People take them because they WANT TO BELIEVE they can maintain their damaging lifestyles if they take these “wonder” drugs. They base their health on lab values. They don’t realize how LIMITED lab values are in measuring the scope of TRUE HEALTH.

          If they couldn’t walk a flight of stairs without requiring a break, yet their doctor told them their health was “excellent” (based on lab values,) the loss of functional stair climbing would be viewed by the individual as “normal” based on the aging process, rather than a SIGN of REDUCED HEALTH.

          We are NOT raised understanding what GOOD HEALTH is. It is NOT simply the absence of disease. Until we’re willing to begin teaching and learning the process of healthy living from childhood, we’ll continue to witness our own diminishing health based on lifestyle choices. Blaming the “aging process” simply reduces personal responsibility and guilt.

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  8. Great post, Jonathan. Scary the side effects of some of these drugs. I know how I want to achieve my tomorrow!

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    1. I just chose this drug randomly. The concept that commercials advertise these products as life “enhancing” reinforces the false belief how important they are for our lives. LIFESTYLE is more important than ANY of these pharmaceuticals. There is a place for prescription medication; we have simply over valued its place and under valued our role and responsibility to maintain good health.

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  9. This post is the perfect example of: “Keep it simple, stupid!” 🤓 Love all of your sage advise!👏🏻

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    1. Thank you so much, Dawn.


  10. Thanx for making people understand, ‘ we did survive and can survive without pharmaceutical drugs’. We always seek solution from drugs for our lifestyle mistakes.

    We need to see our bodies as ‘whole’

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    1. Well stated. Much of our error in thinking starts very young. We are raised with a model of disease care and ignore the importance of ACTIVE wellness care. We are NOT taught the importance of lifestyle. Even if we know what what to, many choose not to. Without a serious awakening, this path leads to self destruction.

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      1. Sorry to extend this conversation, but Ayurveda uses a perfect word for the statement you made above which is major cause now, knowing what to do but not choosing it to do – pradnyaparadh… Pradnya means intellect and aparadh means crime or fault. So doing the wrong things knowingly is what Ayurveda calls an intellectual crime.

        Thnx for the reply!

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        1. No need to apologize. I welcome all ideas and concepts that help put forth a better understanding of the issues we face in health care. Your cultural background adds a dimension that is “foreign” to traditional western culture. It is important to share this to encourage new thinking and new perspectives that offer different approaches to addressing health care problems that continue to grow across the globe.

          Thank you for sharing your time with us.

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  11. I hate those drug commercials. One night I sat and watched a video for a couple of hours and everytime the commercials came on you saw at least one for some drug. To be honest I don’t think I paid any attention to them but when I started to listen to them…the side effects were worse then the disease​ they were try to alleviate. It is amazing how people will do anything for that magic pill.

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    1. People actually laugh at the side effects. They do not believe medications that cause such outrageous complications would ever be found on the market. Unfortunately, they’re wrong!

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  12. Fortunately until now, I had not seen that ad (I am not one for commercial’s) but I definitely would rather go the better lifestyle way than pop a tablet into my mouth. Sad to think that so many people do believe ‘this is the way to good health’ if only they realized they are not doing themselves any favours !

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    1. The post I’ll be publishing tomorrow mirrors these sentiments. I hope people become more willing to give this idea additional thought to overcome their dependency on pharmaceutical prescriptions.

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