cannabis-oil450On Dec. 14, 2016 the Federal Register contained an item (21 CFR Part 1308) that establishes a new drug code for “marihuana extract.” This new code (RECEIVING ZERO MEDIA ATTENTION) attempts to make CBD oil (an extract from BOTH HEMP AND MARIJUANA PLANTS) illegal.


There is much controversy over the legalization of marijuana in the U.S and around the world. To keep things simple, I’ll discuss the two main cannabinoid components in question in hemp and marijuana that affect the human brain and body. These are:

  1. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol – compound desired for psychoactive “GETTING HIGH” response).

  2. CBD (Cannabidiol – compound desired for medical and health benefits WITHOUT psychoactive response.)

Until December 14th, 2016 Cannabidiol use was LEGAL as long as it contained less than 0.3% THC. Extracting this oil from hemp produced levels of THC significantly less than the legal limits. To place this amount in perspective, recreational marijuana typically contains levels of THC ranging from 18% to nearly 30%.

CBD OIL has many health benefits including:

  1. Balancing hormones

  2. Reducing anxiety and stress

  3. Reducing seizure activity

  4. Reducing systemic INFLAMMATION (Major factor in cancer, diabetes, cardiac disease, auto immune diseases, etc…)

  5. Improving metabolic activity (assists with weight control and blood sugar levels)

  6. Improving sleep

  7. Managing pain control

  8. Improving skin health

It is important to understand this form of cannabinoid is NON ADDICTIVE and has NEVER been associated with a FATALITY. Since the THC portion produces the psychoactive component (“getting high,”) there is “NO HIGH” using cannabidiol oil extracted from hemp containing these minimal percentages of THC.

The health benefits listed above are achieved without the dangerous SIDE EFFECTS OF TYPICAL PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS. This doesn’t mean that CBD oil exclusively replaces prescription medications, but rather may provide a safer alternative BEFORE turning to drugs with potential harmful side effects. If addictive opioid medication is needed, CBD could reduce the amount required minimizing the risks that prescription pain medications are known to produce.

This post would become too long to detail the health benefits of CBD oil and the chemical mechanisms producing these benefits. For those interested, however, I have included the following LINK (it is long and technical.)


The significance that the Drug Enforcement Agency is altering current regulations regarding this product is important. It means the consumer, once again, is having his or her options to therapeutic treatments redirected to pharmaceutical intervention. The DEA’s claim for this regulation is based as follows:

“This code,” wrote DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg, “will allow DEA and DEA-registered entities to track quantities of this material (CBD) separately from quantities of marihuana.” The move, the Register entry explained, is meant to bring the US into compliance with international drug-control treaties.

  1. Why is this information not reported to the public?

  2. Where is the logic in creating a new federal regulation banning the legal use of a safe therapeutic compound that offers a scientifically proven alternative choice to pharmaceutical treatments?

  3. Can you see the conflict of interests between governmental regulations and the pharmaceutical industry’s desire to control available supplies?

I have never used this product or suggested it for my patients. This, however, does not mean it isn’t a viable legitimate option. My limited understanding produced my hesitation. With better science and explanation regarding its safety and therapeutic value, I would not hesitate today to include this option as a CHOICE for patients. This regulation, however, removes this CHOICE OF TREATMENT while advancing the pharmaceutical industry’s agenda at the CONSUMER’S EXPENSE.

In case you’re not clear about potential conflicts of interest, I provide some examples:





Can you see why it is so important to educate yourself and remain open minded about the various “TRUTHS” and the limited exposure the consumer is provided?



  1. I have been listening to this about the cbd oil just because at least where I am located it has been legal to use due to a law that was signed into effect by our governor. I’m not completely voiced in the info about it but I have read about all of the good things. Hopefully people will wake up.

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    1. Waking up requires ACTION. Until the consumer is willing to participate in the process of CHANGE, the BIG INDUSTRIES will continue to follow their path toward financial gains at the consumer’s expense. Afterall, the consumer may be “angered” but is willing to follow the “rules” anyway. Big Industry gets to laugh all the way to the bank!

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  2. Unconscionable greed. 😦

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    1. It is greed, but where is the consumer’s responsibility in this situation. Once aware, how many people do you think will take action by contacting congressional representatives, news media, local newspapers, activist organizations, etc… Anger followed by a PASSIVE RESPONSE satisfies the NEEDS of the special interest groups looking to profit off the consumer. INACTION is exactly what the BIG INDUSTRIES rely on.

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      1. Well said. But…

        I think a lot of people are just very tired. Everywhere we turn, there’s more bad news, and more and more outrageous wrongdoing… it gets overwhelming. Especially for people like my husband and me. (We are both on disability for severe PTSD.)

        A case in point is the water supply here where we live. In July of this year, our village mailed a report about our water to all of the residences in this town. Nothing about the envelope or the beginning paragraphs of the letter gave any indication that our water is seriously TOXIC. Buried in the report was the unsettling fact that our municipal water has “higher than acceptable levels”of…. RADIOACTIVE URANIUM! And the required test that had found this problem was done in 2015. Yet we did not get this “notification” until more than halfway through 2016.

        My husband and I agreed that we need to DO SOMETHING, ASAP. Contact our congressman, the news media, hire a lawyer, something!! Drinking water with high levels of uranium can cause various cancers and kidney problems. And for the past two years, my husband’s annual blood work has indicated that things were going south with his kidney function. My recent blood work had indicated the same thing.

        But here it is almost Christmas, and what have we done? We bought a Primo bottom loading self cleaning water dispenser, and several 5 gallon jugs of filtered water. Meanwhile, I worry about how many busy young families in this town, never bothered to read that innocuous looking report.

        It’s not that we don’t care, we care very much. But we are just seriously very overwhelmed by LIFE, these days. Yes, I know how pathetic that sounds. And yet, it is true. This is why I stopped following blogs for awhile, until fairly recently. I was just feeling completely overwhelmed.

        Is there a pill for that? Kidding…

        I am hesitant to post this comment. But I am too old, as a sixty-something great grandma, to be less than totally honest. Even when the truth makes me look really bad.

        I think I am going to do a post about this “apathy due to feeling completely overwhelmed.” And I will ask for suggestions. Something better than just going ahead and burying ourselves.

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        1. I’m so very glad you decided to post this comment. You are just one of MANY voices that feel this way and people need to realize they’re not alone in these thoughts.
          We live in challenging times often filled with concerns that are overwhelming. “Accepting responsibilities” and “taking charge” are concepts that need to be “woven” into one’s life based on one’s emotional and physical abilities. This means that each of us likely possesses different approaches to accomplish these goals. There is no right or wrong way to pursue these tasks.
          Your honesty is important because it shows the TIMING may not be right for you. It is clear you believe in participating and helping people through prayer. It shows kindness and a sincere heart; two qualities this world can use more of.
          I suggest patience while revisiting these concerns with a frequency that DOESN’T become overwhelming. Change is SLOW. Gentle persistence makes many of these tasks easier to pursue with less stress. Sharing and spreading this and other messages that HELP all of us is a great start. Thank you for recognizing value in the message I have shared.
          Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! 🙂

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          1. Dear Doctor Jonathan, I have been wondering what your response to my comment and post would be. I never imagined it would be anything like this. Wow. You ROCK. 😀

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  3. This kind of stuff burns my blood. There is no reason for the federal government to be with holding this type of substance, or any form of marijuana for that matter from people that want to try it for medical reasons. I mean really, what’s more dangerous, smoking a joint or taking oxycontin?

    When a friend of mine was going through cancer treatments her doctor encouraged to try CBD oil because it has anti tumor properties too. What a disgrace our government has become.

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    1. Hopefully I can generate similar sentiment in other people. This information remains under the radar. People just don’t realize how they’re manipulated and controlled. Unfortunately, unless it personally affects their lives, they have a tendency to passively accept these changes that hurt society and benefit special interests.

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      1. So true Jonathan, so true.

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  4. Connecting the dots…Love it!

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    1. Wasn’t difficult to do. What is difficult, is getting people emotionally charged enough to take ACTION to prevent further Big Industry abuses.


  5. Thank you for sharing! Discussions around Regulations on drugs and chemicals are very interesting. Pharma gets a lot of backlash because it is seen as a greedy industry that over charges people. However, the industry manufactures life saving drugs and works with payers to make them affordable. Many politicians put more pressure on these pharmaceutical companies to decrease prices. However, I wonder what that would do to the quality of medicines available in the US?

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    1. It would unlikely affect the quality. Many of these drugs can be purchased in other countries at prices significantly lower than the dollars we spend. The U.S. consume approx. 46% of the prescriptions written. The rest of the world consume the other 54%. Why should there be such a varied dollar amount in the same product in the U.S. vs. any other country?


      1. good point. thats a tough question to answer. i definitely do not have the understanding of global finance to make a distinct conclusion. im sure there are so many factors such as supply/ demand, strength of currency, and even healthcare landscape.

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        1. Thank you for taking the time to think and respond to the question. I want readers to feel free to add their opinions to create dialogue for all of us to benefit from. None of us have ALL the answers. We are more likely to create constructive approaches to ACTION STEPS and GAME PLANS as more of us converse and share ideas. Thank you for your willingness to participate.


          1. you are welcome. isnt that what blogging is all about?? espressjng views and cultivating conversation in an effort to understand eachother and our unique perspectives

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            1. Sometimes people seem to only want comments that agree with the author’s views. I couldn’t agree with your sentiments more. I look forward to the different perspectives especially as they present themselves from around the world.

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  6. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    What an excellent post! I can say from my own person experience I never thought I would be to look for something other than what was prescribed by my doctors but when side effects of the meds started to make me worse off than my fibro I decide to try using CBD oil. Being very sensitive to all things it took a very small amount each day for me to feel like my body was my own again… my asthma was as if I never had the same with my allergies and I was able to stop taking Savella a med use for fibro which had the worst side effects and I stopped taking at the time the anti-inflammatory medication Diclofenac which is bad to take for such a long time..I did not know this..I just kept getting the script filled as they kept writing it for almost 2 years! How I did not ruin my stomach lining I have no idea. I got the best sleep of my life but unfortunately as crazy as it sounds that is the reason I stopped using it. You live alone and sleep that sound made me uneasy but there isnt a day that goes by that I dont miss it! So many positives to using this that I can not wrap my head around why it is not readily available. And no weird side effects! I did not lose clumps of hair like with the Savella my feet did not ever turn blue I did not gain a ton of weight like with the Lyrica its just a sad state of affairs when its proven to do so much good Jonathan..thank you for this post and giving me a chance to remember this all. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for adding your personal experiences so other readers can see the validity and credibility of products and treatment protocols that offer SIGNIFICANT HEALTH BENEFITS WITHOUT harmful side effects. Readers must be made aware that viable CHOICES exist in addition to pharmaceutical options. Your personal experiences will reduce FEAR in other people and give them confidence to try alternative options. Thank you for caring!

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        It’s my pleasure Jonathan thank you so much for the time you take to post all of this needed information for all of us the care that you have for people is very much appreciated 😊

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  7. Very informative!! Thank you for sharing all the import data/research with us!

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    1. Always a pleasure. 🙂

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  8. Very interesting….thanks…

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  10. I read the article about the new “code” and wondered how they were going to use it against us!


  11. You have a very powerful and educational article here. Thank you! ren

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    1. Thank you for reading and adding your comment. After reviewing your site, I see you have quite a bit of education to offer the consumer as well. Keep up the good work!

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      1. Bless you and thanx bunches! ren

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