Have you ever noticed when a question is asked on a controversial topic, the respondent rarely (if ever) provides a direct answer. Why do you think that is? Is it because:

  1. the truthful answer is unclear

  2. skirting the question avoids potential backlash

  3. the truthful answer is POLITICALLY INCORRECT!

When the consumer is asked for their role in reducing health care costs, the question is met with:



  • They point their fingers at health insurers assigning accusations of blame.

  • They point their fingers at doctors assigning accusations of blame.

  • They point their fingers at pharmaceutical companies assigning accusations of blame.

As the country lays in limbo while congress attempts to re-write health care policies, who is asking the questions:



DEFLECTION is no longer a viable option.

Publication3CROPPED600We must be willing to spend tax payer DOLLARS to help those who can’t help themselves. We must be willing to spend tax payer DOLLARS on FREE education so people understand their personal health needs and responsibilities. We must be willing to spend tax payer DOLLARS on community programs that supply poor communities with access to REAL FOOD, RECREATIONAL EXERCISE and SOCIAL PROGRAMS for personal development.

It is certainly understandable the poor may lack necessary resources to make good informed personal health decisions. What legitimate excuses exist for people with good access to quality resources CHOOSING non-compliance to healthy living in favor of PERSONAL LIFESTYLE PREFERENCES?

business-man-thinking-1Maybe we should consider following industry standards for non-compliance:

  1. If a person CHOOSES to purchase a home only later to find they’re unable to afford the mortgage payment, they’re evicted and left on their own to find alternative options for housing. THERE IS NO DEFLECTION!

  2. If a person CHOOSES to avoid filing tax returns and is unable to pay taxes owed, their bank accounts and salaries are garnished. They are left on their own to discover solutions for their financial crisis. THERE IS NO DEFLECTION!

  3. If a person CHOOSES an unhealthy lifestyle resulting in chronic disease, medical services are provided whether the person can pay for them or not. Personal responsibility to alter these damaging LIFESTYLE CHOICES are largely ignored. Unpaid bills are DEFLECTED to “society” to handle. A nation nearly 20 trillion dollars in debt can no longer afford this approach.


No one wants to hear this TRUTH. HEALTHCARE PROGRAMS cannot be cost effective if required to pay for people CHOOSING self abusive LIFESTYLE habits.

This problem must be turned back to the individual for answers. If they are unwilling to seek help and assistance, society must allow them to ACCEPT THE CONSEQUENCES. It is not society’s responsibility to prolong existence so that greater harm(s) can come to these people. This is a REALITY we must accept to help people understand how serious this problem is if we’re going to successfully CHANGE future trends and outcomes.

If it is important to our society to support an individual’s right to choose how to LIVE, we must also be willing to support an individual’s right to choose how to DIE.

This concept may sound cold and cruel, but the RIGHT TO CHOOSE unhealthy living prevents society from IMPOSING necessary changes for achieving healthier outcomes. Until now, we have supported the concept, “the consumer has the right to ANY LIFESTYLE CHOICE and society will accept responsibility for any outcome (including financial responsibilities.) If society determines we must continue to support the right to LIFESTYLE CHOICES, we must begin holding the individual physically, mentally and financially responsible for their decisions?

Hopefully, this reality will help awaken peoples ATTITUDES encouraging POSITIVE LIFESTYLE changes resulting in healthier outcomes.



  1. Good post, Dr. J. Push for positive lifestyle changes! 🌺🌷🌸 Christine

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    1. Always trying to push the limit to help people see a better REALITY.

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  2. Sadly this is ongoing, no matter which country one lives. It’s a constant battle. All we can do is hope and pray that things turn around, people become aware, take responsibility and see a better reality. Great post Jonathan.

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    1. Various countries have various cultural differences. It’s a shame that deceitful practices to separate people from their money is a common theme we share worldwide.

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  3. This is an excellent post, I’m sorry I missed when you originally published it. Personal responsibility plays a huge role in determining the direction of ones life, but our ever increasing government creates strong incentives for people to turn away from this in the interest of vote buying. It’s disgusting on all levels, yet especially in health care because of the sheer tragedy of unnecessary illness, suffering and death this causes. Government programs and spending could be so much more effective and affordable if it were targeted towards those that truly need it, with self empowerment as its central focus. We are very far away from that in this country.

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    1. Excellent comment. You have discussed a BIG cog in the wheel. The consumer is blinded to these facts. One of the problems in communicating this reality is probably caused (unintentionally) by advocacy groups. They tend to denounce their opposition in such a manner, they are viewed as “extremists” rather than consumer advocates.
      Our country is currently demonstrating a tremendous lack of skill conversing. Viewpoints have swung to extremes creating a lack of any common ground. “My way, or the highway” mentality has lead to increased violence and has fueled radical behavior. Have we forgotten the lessons our own civil war taught us? Must we face additional atrocities before we’re willing recognize that divisiveness weakens us and unity strengthens us?

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      1. Sadly enough I think we are in the beginnings of our own Civil War, 21st century style. Where that leads us is unknown.

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        1. Not quite sure why atrocities are needed to convince people to follow better paths. Why isn’t the PAIN of DAILY hatred enough to convince people to seek alternative options?

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  4. Would you be OK if I cross-posted this article to I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simplyg trying to add more content diversity for our community and I liked what you wrote. If “OK” please let me know via email.


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    1. I have sent you an email along with the link. You are more than welcome to share any of my articles you believe can benefit your readers.


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