So many articles have been written suggesting the need to discover the ROOT CAUSES of problems to more effectively address the CAUSES OF DISEASE. We read these articles and support the concept in THEORY, but not in PRACTICE. What FACTOR interferes with our rational thinking as we attempt to apply this concept to HEALTH and HEALTH CARE.

In one word, the answer is:





The parent is the legal and moral guardian of the child. It is the parent’s responsibility to teach AND provide for the NEEDS of the child creating the opportunity for growth and development in a healthy manner. If the parent’s BEHAVIOR deviates from this role, the ROOT CAUSE of DISEASE can partially be attributed to the PARENT.




If the DOCTOR considers him or herself the “provider of health” based on our traditional health care model, their BEHAVIOR also contributes to the ROOT CAUSE OF DISEASE. Although this may appear to read as an oxymoron, the doctor’s role is not to CREATE good health, but rather to SUPPORT the healthy functioning of the mind and body in order to assist the patient to restore and maintain good health THEMSELVES. The MIND and BODY require “work” to thrive. The mind needs to solve problems to grow and become more effective. It also needs “recovery time” to function optimally. The body needs “physical combatants” (ex. exposure to cold and hot temperatures, exposure to germs, exposure to physical stresses) to become more capable of surviving and ADAPTING to various conditions it may suddenly experience.

Traditional health care does not PROVIDE or SUPPORT these essential needs. Traditional health care:

  • address symptoms using synthetic drugs (often for the duration of life.)

  • uses artificial invasive procedures to instigate reactions by the body rather than techniques that support a healthy and natural response.

  • undervalues the patient’s role and responsibilities necessary to maintain a healthy MIND and BODY.

  • .


child-refusing-to-eat-647x395Without proper guidance from the parent and the doctor, the child will follow a path of emotional satisfaction. Whether the behavior results in mental or physical damage, the child’s lack of cognitive development leaves the “decision making process” to the pleasure centers in their brain. Unfortunately, satisfying these centers with addictive substances and BEHAVIORS that promote damage to BOTH the body and mind destroys their lives before they’re old enough to even realize it.


Publication4cropped600Big Agriculture and Big Pharma are BUSINESS entities. Their focus is generating revenue. This, in and of itself, is not bad or wrong. It only crosses the line when these organizations are willing to generate revenue at the expense of the consumer’s health. This BEHAVIOR has become so widespread, it conceals itself within the “DNA” of society and appears as a “normal” way of doing business. Many of these products they produce or create with altruistic claims have been proven detrimental to the consumer who purchases them without knowledge or awareness.




Finally, we see how government BEHAVIOR  contributes to the ROOT CAUSE of DISEASE. As citizens, we are offered the opportunity to participate in the election process. We are not, however, involved (on any level) with electing the members of our regulatory agencies responsible for “protecting our interests.” For example, the FDA’s board of directors is appointed by the Commissioner of the FDA (who is appointed by the President of the U.S.) These are POLITICALLY affiliated appointees with personal agendas (that do not necessarily have the public’s best interest in mind!)

We have three branches of government that provides CHECKS AND BALANCES on the system to prevent abuse by any one level. Since our government regulatory agencies have DIRECT business ties with the pharmaceutical and agricultural industries (without any oversight or independent consumer agency to report to) a clear CONFLICT OF INTEREST exists. This has resulted in the fast tracking of drugs and agricultural products (ex. pesticides) which have (overtime) caused great suffering and even DEATH to the consumer. Lawsuits have been filed and settled with payments in the BILLIONS of dollars for compensation. To prevent recurrences of these types of abuses, what changes to the system have been implemented?


  This BEHAVIOR is another example of the ROOT CAUSE of DISEASE we face today.


When we think in terms of ROOT CAUSE, we must broaden our parameters to encompass as many BEHAVIORS as possible that contribute to the compromised health we experience on a GROWING basis. Focusing on compromised health outcomes (ex. high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, etc…) has not (and will not) improve the health and welfare of our nation. It is only when we begin to REALIZE AND ACCEPT ALL THE DIFFERENT PARTICIPANTS and their:


as MAJOR components in the ROOT CAUSES of DISEASE that change becomes possible.

Although only six different areas of BEHAVIOR have been identified in this article, more certainly exist. We claim to feel “so small” and “helpless” when it comes to CHANGE in this world.


There is no one in CHARGE with greater CONTROL and INFLUENCE than YOU regarding your ACTIONS for yourself and your family. Here is where BEHAVIORAL CHANGES BEGIN. As people begin to realize the power they possess by offering HEALTHIER CHOICES to themselves and their families, Big Business will be FORCED to comply with the masses new DEMANDS in order to maintain their profitability.

Rather than  “demonizing” anyone or any institution, this approach to BEHAVIORAL changes creates a WIN-WIN scenario for all parties involved and a NEW achievable REALITY to FIXING the:



  1. “Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” — Napoleon Hill
    You can heal your life with your thoughts.

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    1. Factually and emotionally accurate! Thank you for sharing this quote. It adds great value to this article. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and contribute.

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  2. I can see where the children learn from the adults and I went so far as to rebel when I became an adult and not eat what I had to as a child. I even let my children eat what they wanted. I am slowly noticing labels and the fact that there are organic products out there. Haven’t gone so far as to try them, but am watching the carb/sugar count.

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    1. I have always told my patients, I don’t care how BIG their strides are, as long as their cumulative total moves them in a FORWARD DIRECTION!

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      1. Baby steps here. Though I went through 2 weeks with no appetite and thoughts of food made me sick. That was the Victoza. We are back to square one with the diabetes meds. I know there are plenty out there.

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  3. So very true, we are the root causes of disease and sadly very few are willing to take action to make and demand the necessary changes.

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    1. Some of this is based on lack of awareness; some based on laziness. It is not for me to judge, but rather to offer a perspective for those seeking a better direction!

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  4. Well said Jonathan! Read just this morning how Starbucks are using Monsanto GM products in their cooking?!?
    You seem shy to tell your readers about the interview you did, so here is a link for those interested

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    1. Lot’s of food stores are beginning to advertise a change in their food policies. Panera is a good example. They will no longer use GMO products or products with artificial dyes and preservatives. For change to occur, SOMEONE must always be FIRST.
      Very kind of you to share the link. An hour of watching me on You Tube will either create additional awareness to promote healthier living, OR…
      be the NATURAL CURE for insomnia! 🙂

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      1. lol you are too humble!

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  5. Eye opening stuff Jonathan and no, I was not aware of the Monsanto connection to many government personnel. You’re so right that we as consumers have much more power than many of us think. In fact we hold all the cards if we are disciplined enough to follow a healthier path.

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    1. BRAVO! Well stated. If we can just convince people they are capable of making these decisions for themselves (using VARIOUS professionals with various sources of credible information) for guidance, healthier outcomes are certainly more likely. Looking at the statistics, our “professionals” in the United States aren’t producing results worth “bragging” about. MAYBE THAT’S WHY MOST PEOPLE AREN’T AWARE OF THEM!

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      1. “our “professionals” in the United States aren’t producing results worth “bragging” about. ” Amen to that Jonathan!

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        1. I don’t understand how doctors go to work and do the same thing on a daily basis WITHOUT SUCCESS and wake up the next morning and repeat the same PROCESS!? It has to frustrating to them as well.

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          1. You would think.

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  6. Written by the Professional you are ! Great article. Great food for thought, and so incredibly true when I think about it.

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    1. The interesting thing is, my messages are typically based on COMMON SENSE. I back my writing with credible documentation, but the reality is, most answers are based on COMMON SENSE.
      I think the average consumer wants to believe “we doctors” have special training required for correcting health imbalances. Since many of the NECESSARY TREATMENTS are found in NUTRITION and other LIFESTYLE CHOICES, physicians have MINIMAL to NO TRAINING in these areas.
      How ironic is it to turn to “US” and witness our search on “GOOGLE for answers when the pharmaceutical options do NOT RESTORE QUALITY HEALTH!

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  7. khushidhaliwalblog · · Reply

    Love this post! Nutrition is often forgotten in treatment, something that was the focus many years before medications came into play to mask symptoms. GMOs are becoming prevalent and drugs are being administered; We’re overlooking the basics to a healthy lifestyle-nutrition, physical activity, treating your gut, balancing hormonal levels, sugar levels, and acid-base balance. If this continues, in the next couple of years, we’ll be more resistant to antibiotics than ever before. In addition, we’re all individual human beings, therefore one treatment plan should not be used to treat the same condition in another individual. To conclude that, someone once told me, ‘A doctor does not become a doctor by simply prescribing a painkiller’. 🙂

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    1. Well said. The art of being a GOOD doctor requires one’s ego to be contained. Arrogance often gets in the way of critical thinking. Doctors should WELCOME patient questions and alternative approaches and concepts. It provides the opportunity to LEARN from the patient and possibly pass this new knowledge on to a future patient who may benefit from it. Those who merely take questions as “challenges” are likely to suffer from insecurity. This is NOT a quality a patient wants their doctor to suffer from. It can interfere with good OBJECTIVE judgement leading to poor diagnoses and poor treatment recommendations.

      I used to explain to patients when I wasn’t certain if my ego was in check, I would go to the local golf course and attempt to walk across the water on the water holes. This helped restore my confidence that I WASN’T HIM. This seemed to reinforce that “being a doctor” was merely my professional title and one incapable of preventing me from DROWNING! 🙂

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  8. When it involves the government, I am thinking Greed/Power is the end goal….great article…

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    1. Show me any state in the U.S. whose government agency activities (in general) are centered on citizen programs and their improved welfare and I’ll find you a Goldman Sachs (type) investing company NOT INTERESTED IN MONEY!


      1. LOL so sad that the bottom line is always about the almighty dollar….seems to only be getting worse….and I agree with you completely….

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