In the United States we recently had an election. Platform differences between Republicans and Democrats included how to deal with:

  1. Social Security

  2. Medicare

  3. Health Insurance

  4. Veteran’s health care

  5. Taxes

…as well as other topics…

Are these not the same topics that have been discussed each and every election for the last 40+ years? What makes us believe that this election will somehow produce the “REAL” solutions that all previous qualified Presidents were unable to solve? The new president hasn’t even taken office, yet I am willing to bet these same unresolved topics will be part of the next campaign in four years when the next presidential election is held.


This same principle applies to HEALTH. The “new science” and “new health recommendations” include:

  1. The essential health need to limit prolonged sitting. “Sitting is the new smoking.”

  2. Our diets should be higher in fat and lower in carbohydrates.

  3. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) burns more calories and strengthens heart and lung function better than other methods of exercise. Then we have:

  4. Too much exercise can reduce life longevity!

  5. Eating GMO foods provides the same nutritional value as non GMO foods.

… and the list goes on…

In the 1970’s dietary recommendations were LOW FAT, HIGH CARBOHYDRATES. Scientific peer reviewed studies qualified this nutritional lifestyle as HEALTHY and BENEFICIAL for the consumer. Today we learn that many of the authors were paid by the food industry (especially those manufacturing SUGAR) to reach these conclusions. So why do we believe that HIGHER FAT is now the unbiased “FINAL ANSWER” to our nutritional dilemma? Is it possible we’re a little:


I predict in 20 years that NUTRITIONAL RECOMMENDATIONS will again change proving today’s science just as flawed as the science 20 years earlier. Here is the problem (from MY PERSPECTIVE:)

We are pursuing HEALTH the same way we are told NOT TO PURSUE THE STOCK MARKET!! We are CHASING the “latest and greatest” new information that only reveals a relative SHORT TERM TRACK RECORD! Does this mean we should ignore all the advice of the experts making these recommendations?


It means we should consider how to incorporate a MODERATE COMPOSITION of their ideas into a WELL BALANCED REALISTIC LIFESTYLE.

You see, there is no ONE REAL ULTIMATE SOLUTION. Regardless of the “new” scientific findings, humans are not programmed to behave like emotionless machines. In most cases following extreme lifestyle changes (nutrition, exercise, etc…) may provide benefit, but the likelihood of making a lifetime commitment to a radical approach isn’t worth the effort and potential TEMPORARY RESULTS. It makes more sense spending the time and effort creating a HEALTHY BALANCE that is ACHIEVABLE LONG TERM!

Stop basing the reality of life on the latest “studies.” It is likely in time it will be refuted anyway. Let’s not make life more complicated than it already is! Let’s take SCIENCE, COMMON SENSE and the COMMITMENT each of us is willing to make to achieve a level of health acceptable for our lifestyles. This thinking and approach removes JUDGEMENT and creates REALISTIC expectations based on the individual’s personal self commitment.

In my opinion, the MAGIC BULLET is:


in all essential categories that contribute to our HEALTH (physical as well as mental) and LIFE.

I am yet to hear our scientists, doctors and nutritionists claim that this approach is dangerous and likely to compromise one’s quality of life.



  1. Love this! I get irritated when people want my secret and they seem disappointed when I don’t have some mystery diet to rapidly lose weight. Yes, I eat carbs. Yes, I eat fats. Yes, I eat protein. I just eat lower amounts in a balance that I feel works for me

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    1. Sounds an awful lot like my magic bullet; MODERATION! Keeps life REAL and provides enough room to avoid the feelings of “guilt” for not eating PERFECTLY. Since we are NOT perfect creatures, it seems silly to pursue PERFECTION. Moderation satisfies life on multiple levels resulting in a healthier and happier outcome (as you are learning through personal experience.)

      I hope your readership explodes in numbers. This is a great method to reach so many in search for truthful answers.

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      1. I hope that, too! I enjoyed that we posted on similar topics on the same day. Moderation is the key!

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        1. Without a doubt!

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  2. Great post! These same government funded studies brought us the food pyramid , ozone depletion, global cooling, global warming and now climate change. They admit they got it wrong(with the exception of climate change). It appears the mission is to keep the populace confused. Can you imagine the jobs and profit loss that would occur if everyone started making healthy choices? Thank you for informing the public. We must all do our part. Until later, your friend Bill

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    1. The network of people willing to take the time and effort to share new perspectives on questionable ethical and moral behavior by the elite participants in the traditional health care system is growing. The focus should ALWAYS be based on the consumer’s best interests. This adds credibility to the message and avoids “discrediting” techniques BIG BUSINESS (including the Healthcare System, Big Pharma and the Government) uses to dissuade the consumer from alternative viable ideas and complementary health care recommendations.

      Businesses do what they do (in many cases) to SURVIVE. It’s unfortunate that the consumer has to be on the receiving end of potentially damaging recommendations by traditional healthcare to sustain their business model.

      Keep sharing your valuable information to help create a more informed consumer to make the BEST possible healthcare decisions for themselves and their families.

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  3. Love the quote….great post….hope life is treating you well…and your weather is tolerable….kat

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    1. The quote put a smile on my face so I thought it might do the same for others! 🙂
      Weather is quite tolerable.

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  4. Another wonderful post! Reminds me of a fun little-ditty…”keep it simple, stupid.” But even when we fail in our attempts at being “so smart,” we can learn so much. I’ve given in to fad diet-plans in the past only to discover moderation is indeed the key for me. Thanks for the affirmation!

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    1. The two words I encourage people to use is: (1) REALISTIC, (2) LONG TERM. Don’t start a program (whether it’s eating OR exercise) at a pace you can’t maintain FOREVER. Slow and easy (although requiring patience) leaving room for HUMAN “cheat days” and missed workouts must be recognized to achieve long term results. Most people use unrealistic approaches and then beat themselves up for FAILING.

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  5. Great post and I’m in total agreement about moderation. Moderation is a topic I’ve been thinking about a lot lately, although I haven’t posted anything about it directly. Keep up the good work/information, Doctor Jonathan!

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    1. Thank you very much. Enjoy your Thanksgiving! (NOT synonomous with eat too much!! 🙂 ) Good luck on the earlier suggestion about holiday eating I offered as well.

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      1. I hope your Thanksgiving was great as well! I don’t think I overate (too much), but did eat a bit more than I should have. However, my husband and I are both trying out your suggestion and it seems to be helping quite a bit! Thanks! He even said he couldn’t believe how full he felt!

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