confusion400Wait a minute…. “I thought I was told to eat LESS and exercise MORE to lose weight?”


There isn’t one secret that fits everyone’s body to successfully attain a desired weight and physical/mental health status. There are approaches that create a BASIS to initiate the process which, are then, CUSTOM TAILORED to the individual to achieve the desired outcome.

We may appear to basically look the same, but our bodies respond differently based on our genetic composition as well as the LIFESTYLE we have conditioned our bodies to. This means we must discover (often through trial and error) the best combinations of lifestyle choices to achieve our desired goals. In addition, we must be prepared to MODIFY these choices as we age to remain “on path” to maintaining the best quality of health and life.


Both offer a main course and dessert, but both are NOT of equal value to the body!


Diet is THE MOST DIFFICULT part of the process (more difficult than the exercise component {which is difficult enough in itself!}) Choosing low calorie foods and foods we KNOW we will never continue to eat (after weight loss is achieved) is a common method pursued. The BEST method to ACHIEVE FAILURE is to begin a PROCESS you NEVER intend to follow FOREVER! Examples would include:

  • eating salads everyday for lunch

  • giving up ALL desserts while “dieting”

  • giving up “carbs”

  • liquid meal replacements


GETTING OVER THE HUMP,” “JUMP STARTING THE PROCESS” are phrases that people truly believe in, yet produce FAILURE better than 95% of the time. Getting back on a diet you SUCCESSFULLY lost weight with (but didn’t MAINTAIN the weight loss) is another path to FAILURE!

Those who successfully lose weight and MAINTAIN the weight loss eat a VARIETY of foods (80-90% healthy and 10-20% comfort type foods.) Maintenance vs. weight loss simply alters the portion sizes (NOT THE TYPES OF FOOD!). This PREVENTS cravings, urges, hunger imbalances, and reduces the FRENZY that ADDICTIVE UNHEALTHY foods cause. One of the simplest RULES to comply with resulting in reduced cravings is:



Publication3CROPPED450If comfort foods are still desired, eat them at this point. These foods make up the 10% “dessert” category (although they do NOT have to be dessert foods!) If you choose to eat them, you must WALK after eating these comfort foods for 5 minutes (a reasonable amount of time to “enjoy” these foods!)


It FEEDS your body the NUTRIENTS and INFORMATION necessary to support a healthy body and mind FIRST before providing yourself unhealthy comfort foods. Emotionally, it satisfies the ability to eat ALL TYPES OF FOODS without deprivation. You’ll notice, I didn’t say your comfort foods need to be ridiculously small portions. This is because the quality healthy meal will reduce your NEED for the QUANTITY of “comfort foods.” The 5 minute walk will also reduce the FREQUENCY of unhealthy food choices because the effort (on some days) won’t be worth it!

This form of NUTRITION PLANNING is called, “REAL EATING” (not dieting.) It can realistically be performed daily for the rest of your life. It can be modified and customized based on need and success. This is an example of an approach that WORKS (LONG TERM!)


Publication4CROPPED500Daily exercise isn’t REALISTIC! DON’T begin ANY exercise regimen you can’t MAINTAIN FOREVER! This is the SAME concept as eating!!!! Can you create time for exercise, 3 times a week for 20 minutes each time? If you said, NO, you’re lying! If you had a heart attack and the doctor told you that rehab was needed 3 times a week for an HOUR each time (or you would die,) you’d create the time. If you can’t create 20 minutes, 3 times a week, you simply don’t VALUE your life enough to become HEALTHY!

To create an exercise BASIS, start with MOVEMENT! Any kind of continuous movement for 20 minutes will do. Pretty REALISTIC, right? This could include:

  1. biking

  2. walking

  3. resistive exercise bands

  4. home gym equipment

  5. exercising at a health club

  6. hiking/ trail walking

  7. dog walking

If it is hot outside or raining, walk in a mall. If it’s beautiful outside, ENJOY the environment. It doesn’t have to be grueling high intensity (sweat your brains out) exercise that leaves you exhausted (and INFLAMED) from over doing it!

These ideas for eating and exercise are REALISTIC LIFESTYLE modifications that are REASONABLE and DOABLE. The trick is to AVOID USING PREVIOUS METHODS (which people typically turn to) which have UNSUCCESSFULLY kept the weight off (even if weight loss was “successfully” achieved in the process.) Believing, “this time will be different” (using past failed methods) WILL FAIL YOU AGAIN!



If you have any questions, you are welcomed to leave a comment or contact me directly by clicking on the “CONTACT” tab. There is no cost to you and I do NOT sell anything to ANYONE. I have professionally taken care of patient’s needs for over 20 years and now offer any assistance I can FREE OF CHARGE!


you have to be ready to commit yourself to achieve RESULTS. Those of you “thinking” about it should NOT BEGIN the process. Those EXCITED,Ā MOTIVATED and READY to achieve a better quality of HEALTH and LIFE are the target audience capable of SUCCEEDING!



  1. Dr.J., great post! Practical and to the point! Of course I agree with everything you write, I’m living a healthy lifestyle and maintain it everyday. It’s just a way of life for me! šŸŒ… Christine

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    1. You definitely boost my energy levels. It is so nice to see people living the quality of life they choose to live. Truly inspiring! šŸ™‚

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  2. You’re totally right about living a healthy lifestyle instead of setting unrealistic goals. I just love the way you make everything a real life situation in favour of saying a lot of scientific and statistical details that nobody can relate to

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    1. In my opinion, there is no point using “big words” that confuse people and drive them away from one’s purpose to help. Making things “REAL” and relatable helps people identify with the topic and typically gets them involved. It took many years of doctoring to learn these lessons from clinical experience.
      Glad to see you can relate to this concept.

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  3. This is on point Dr. J….personally i believed maintaining a healthy and fit body is not easy but achievable…i have been exercising, eating healthy, run a household with four children to raise not to mention my thyhroid problem; yet looking and feelinh fabulously great at 41…

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    1. I agree with you. It requires REAL EFFORT and WORK. If it was easy, everyone would willingly participate.

      You also prove that responsibilities (running a household with 4 children) and health compromises (thyroid imbalance,) do NOT have to interfere with ultimately feeling and looking fabulous! Where there is a will, there is a way. šŸ™‚

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      1. Exactly..they say i should have been fat and sluggish but…i am not…ā˜ŗ

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  4. Great post, Jonathan. This is completely spot on with my approach to healthy eating and living. Any eating and fitness plan has to be realistic or it’s never going to last. As a cook I really advocate cooking with fresh quality ingredients. Knowing what goes into your food and meals is a huge advantage.

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    1. You prove that cooking can be BOTH flavorful AND healthy! I’ll bet your lifestyle has provided YOU a quality most people simply wish for rather than attain!

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      1. A lovely comment. Thanks, Jonathan. I have worked hard over the years to find that right balance. It’s definitely achievable!

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  5. Hi doc, oh my thanks but hold up now, you mean 20 minutes is good enough 3 times a week? I am here riding myself on to 30 or 45 mins or niet and … Ok now I get it I have to review my plan cause am actually aging and I am pretty comfy with all the trial and errors I have done in that area for the past 38 years. Yuppie I have it now – no more feeling guilty about my comfy food, thanks doc for this post indeed

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    1. 3 times a week for 20 minutes is a number people have a difficult time claiming they can’t achieve. Is it the optimal amount of exercise? NO! Is it a good starting point that may entice people (as they FEEL improved energy and endurance) to gradually in crease the number of days and the length of workout? YES!

      Each person has there own number of days and time allotment they’re willing and capable of SUSTAINING. This is the important concept to take away.

      I work out 6 days/week for about an hour to an hour and 15 minutes. I have made this a PRIORITY and have worked my life around this self commitment. Each person must determine for themselves the time and effort they are willing to commit. The RIGHT ANSWER is the amount of time they are WILLING to invest each week over their lifetime. It is not for me to determine this amount of time; it is up to the individual to decide the VALUE of their own HEALTH.

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  6. I love that you talk about how we have to be able to be flexible and MODIFY when necessary. I honestly think that is one of the most important paradigm shifts for me. I also really appreciate your thoughts on healthy food choices and how it is unrealistic to completely eliminate certain types of food in the long term. For example, I’m never going to completely give up dessert or carbs, but I am going to eat them in moderation.

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    1. Your COMMITMENT to YOURSELF is the first important step in achieving LONG TERM success. “Dictating” practical rules for yourself will prevent feelings of deprivation while encouraging healthier behavior. Your ATTITUDE is going to take you to far. Remember to seek joy and happiness to add extra strength and willpower on your journey.


  7. A fabulous and informative post! What one consumes is the absolute key component to losing weight and keeping it off… I’ve learned that the hard way. One cannot just exercise alone and expect the weight to come off. Oh, and lean muscle is key too… which I need more of, šŸ˜ƒ

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    1. I sell “lean muscle” on my blog site (yes, I’m kidding!)
      People are actually happiest when they achieve a reasonable balance. They may desire greater “perfection” but realize they’re not willing to live the lifestyle required to achieve and MAINTAIN the “look.” Settling for “reasonable” creates a happy medium for most people. Recognizing that life is so much more than physical appearance is very important.

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      1. #truth šŸ˜

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  9. Yet another great, logical, to the point article. I totally agree with everything you have said. I have never dieted my entire life. My food choices have set me on the right path, and my weight is and has been consistent for as long as I can remember. I have always exercised knowing that what I do also can be consistent.. The more healthy eating, the less unhealthy eating is needed, or even thought of. Life is good šŸ™‚

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    1. You define the REAL meaning of HEALTHY BALANCE!

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    1. Your willingness to help share these important messages shows the true character you possess. Thank you for helping “spread the word.”


  11. […] via EAT LESS GAIN WEIGHT: EXERCISE MORE INCREASE INFLAMMATION? WHAT???? ā€” All About Healthy Choices […]

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    1. Thank you for sharing this with your readers.


  12. The only way is this way

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    1. I appreciate your comments. Each person must learn how to adapt to healthier lifestyles. It requires a willingness to LEARN and CHANGE one’s ways in a REALISTIC manner to achieve results without sacrificing one’s life. Until the mind is ready, people will tend to yo-yo over time. They focus on symptoms rather than causes (ex. food rather than behavior!)


      1. That’s true . We try to teach our clients same way to commit for a life change not for a short time period. We were following diets to experience the diet mode.. We lost waight but for a short time to regain and be in a cycle …. then we become life healthy and the body is regulate itself to where helthy is radiating. Thank you for the post.

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      2. We teach our clients the same.
        Life long healthy leaving trough foods as well .. we become healthy.

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