What Is The Value Of Individual Life


At what point in life do we begin facing a reality that reveals the PURPOSE OF REPRODUCTION has changed from perpetuating a species, to growing enormous wealth for the large industries and manufacturers of the world. We no longer look to develop and create products and services that enhance the quality of our lives. Instead, we develop and distribute products and services that add to the destructive patterns of individual behavior. Much of the growth of our economy is based on the destruction of human life without the slightest personal sense of ethical and moral responsibility. We justify in our minds the right to gain from human suffering because we offer a service or product they desire. In the world of business, this is achieved through R&D (research and development.) If we removed this terminology and threw political correctness in the toilet, the reality of this “business model” would be called:



The pusher is an interesting role because the organization behind it can be seen as DESTRUCTIVE OR BENEFICIAL. Two classic examples of these organizations might include manufacturers of our processed foods and manufactures of our pharmaceutical drugs respectively. In these examples, we see the manufacturers of processed foods producing products with ingredients that promote addictive behaviors and we see the manufacturers of pharmaceutical drugs producing the “medicines” to offset these addictions. In both cases the R&D behind their products is based on increased market shares and business revenue.

It is NOT based on what’s in the consumer’s best interest.

Think about it OBJECTIVELY for just a moment. If the consumer ate a healthier diet and followed a healthier lifestyle, how much FINANCIAL IMPACT would this have on the food and pharmaceutical industry? If the livelihood of their businesses was in jeopardy, how far do you think they would you go to make sure it survived AND THRIVED? How far would you go if your family’s life or lifestyle depended on it?

We support these two large industries out of (ADDICTIVE) “want” and (PUSHER) “need.” The food products are designed to be cheap to satisfy our budgets and feed our addictions.” As the damage begins rearing its face with clinical lab findings (ex. elevated blood sugar, elevated cholesterol, elevated liver enzymes, etc…) the “good guys” (also known as the “medical pushers”) offer “solutions” with drugs that aim to return lab findings to normal values.

The result is a continuing “food addiction” with an added drug “need” to maintain a chronic state of sub par health.

Look at how much independence we have lost as a result of food addiction and pharmaceutical reliance. These food addictions justify our medical “pushers” to continue to supply us with their drugs:


Can you see how BOTH industries benefit and grow as long as we continue to:


Sometimes we need a better understanding of the BIG PICTURE to help motivate us to reverse damaging patterns of behavior. For most of us, we already know (to a large extent) what we are supposed to do. Maybe if I can show you how big industries are INTENTIONALLY producing products WITH ADDICTIVE INGREDIENTS (ex. SUGAR) known to damage our health and show you the “good guys” (the doctors using the pharmaceutical industry’s products) have NO INTENTION of helping restore good health to your body WITHOUT ONGOING USE OF THEIR DRUGS, I can produce enough emotional ANGER to provide motivational incentive to change your THINKING AND BEHAVIOR. Look at the GENIUS in their game plan that initially “feeds” you cheap foods that make you sick followed by a “solution” of lifelong drugs that help MAINTAIN YOUR SICKNESS.


Aren’t you better than this? When did you give large manufacturers permission to harm your body with addictive ingredients in their processed foods? When did you tell doctors and drug manufacturers that you wanted to be placed on drugs the rest of your life? If the food industry has NO REMORSE for causing such horrific problems and the drug industry continues to play the role of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by “pushing” the drugs while claiming to be supporters of good health,


PAIN is often a greater motivator than academic understanding. I hope I have caused each and every one of you enough EMOTIONAL PAIN by revealing an honest perspective that causes you to take the time needed to reflect on your own life.  You must determine how much longer you want to supply your hard earned money to help the wealthy in the FOOD and PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES purchase their expensive material possessions while you remain chained to addiction and the destructive path this lifestyle leads to. Both industries will continue to show their “appreciation” to YOU, the consumer, by increasing supplies available. Is this what you believe the world needs; more addictions and more drugs?!



  1. Important information Dr. J.! Do think people know this and ignore the facts. Addictions are addictions that promote denial. Not sure what message will reach them. It’s a vicious cycle! Just know that I’m on your side of the good healthy eating and lifestyle living! I’ll just be a silent example!
    Have a Happy Father’s Day and a great week ahead! 🌅 Elizabeth

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    1. That is exactly what I believe. I think people want to hide from the truth because INITIALLY it seems easier. In reality, confronting the truth increases self empowerment allowing for better personal decisions when facing optional paths in life. Where the medical community encourages a herd like approach to health, I encourage individual thinking to permit each person to determine for themselves the best course to follow.

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  2. Excellent post, again, Jonathan! I had a marketing profession long ago who warned the class that staying in the marketing field and working for large corporations would require us to “sell our souls”. He went on to describe all the manipulations and psychological games that are played in pushing goods on the consumer.

    That lecture made me rethink my career goals. Sometimes all it takes is making people aware, something you are doing weekly here.

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    1. It’s interesting, the skills we use to market and advertise can be developed for the BENEFIT of society just as easily as for the DETRIMENT of society. If the reason one chooses to learn these skills is for personal (financial) gain at the expense of the consumer it becomes possible to accumulate great wealth. To quote an unknown author, “I once knew a man that was SO POOR, the only thing he had was money.” Money can never be the source of fulfillment. If a person CHOOSES a life of enrichment, one must look WITHIN one’ heart and soul for answers.

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      1. Amen to that…

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  3. That last quote is SO good. Thanks for the intro to E.L. Cole.

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    1. My pleasure. When I found it, I knew immediately it completed this article.

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  4. Frank Fusco · · Reply

    Great article Doc! The addiction rehabilitation industry has turned into a billion $ market as a result of the information exposed in your article.

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  5. True words but can we hear them?

    My understanding is that the multi nationals whose pockets were hurt by the anti-smoking campaign went on to buy out the food manufacturing companies and continue to add as much sugar as possible … no laws defining how much they can use!

    Hence soda drinks are cheaper than water – why?

    Sugar laden foods are cheaper than healthy ones – why?

    Busy now but you are motivating me to publish my ‘pusher’ poem, written more than a decade ago about pharma companies pushing their meds and medicos being the ‘paid’ dealers – the lucrative kick backs they get …

    wake up people … you are caught in their net and they will drag your HEALTH and WEALTH down!

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    1. Whether people agree or disagree with your arguments, you will force people to think and re-evaluate their positions. This is a necessary and important step in the process of change.

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    1. I enjoyed your post. Apathy remains the biggest obstacle. Until people witness or experience the harmful side effects you mention, they will likely BLINDLY follow the medical model of drug therapies to mask symptoms.

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      1. Yes, seldom does modern medicine address causes, they aim at symptoms to keep us as repeat customers …. it is the consumer mentality! sheeple?

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  6. Time to rise up and take back our health and our lives. You make so many important points, but this post has the bottom line: we are lining the pockets of pharmacy and business interests at the expense of our health and lives.

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    1. I couldn’t have said it any better! Thank you stating the message so succinctly.

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  7. And just to prove your/my point this was published today – babies food laden with sugar …

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    1. This is an excellent example proving our point. The people behind these companies have no conscience. For those readers unclear about this issue, Heinz was promoting a food product for toddlers and claiming its “all natural, no preservatives, fruit and vegetable based” ingredients were a healthy choice for families. They seemed to exclude the fact the product was 60% sugar! It appears no one is safe from Big Business when it comes to their OBSESSION to sell the consumer regardless of the dangers or health risks associated with the product.

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  8. Great article…really covers the issues…well said….kat

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    1. I appreciate your feedback.


  9. Amazing information that more and more people should be aware of! So glad that you are putting it out there in a way for us to realize that we do have the power to make wiser decisions.

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    1. Thank you for all your support, Nena.

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  10. Regrettably, in the past, I have been the PUSHER. I’m still the ADDICT with regards to sugar, but getting better step by step. If only there weren’t so many, repeat MANY choices with which to satisfy a junkies need. :/

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    1. Finding alternatives is difficult, but achievable. It comes down to reinforcing (in your mind) you are worth more than the “pleasures” achieved by satisfying destructive behaviors.

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  11. With each passing day I retreat more and more into making my own everything…my own soaps, lotions, serums, bug spray, etc. and of course foods. It really is tiresome to have to read labels when purchasing anything that comes packaged. Truly it’s stressful! And then not only do I have to worry about my family, then there’s the pets. Don’t get me started on the pet food industry. It would be nice to be able to buy things knowing the manufacturer has our best interest in mind instead of how addicted they can make us and how much money they will make as a result. So sad. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

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    1. I completely relate to your comment. Recognizing this truth, however, gives us choices. We can take control of our lives (and our pet’s lives) or accept the role as despondent consumer and succumb to the harm many of our big industries provide us by following the path of “least resistance.” There are ALWAYS choices.

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  12. I love the passion of this post. The Establishment is desperate to undo the Affordable Care Act. It’s willingness to use propaganda outlets to promote lies is astonishing to me–The fact that people
    accept these outrageous deceptions as normal would shock previous generations who gave their lives to prevent this kind of degradation of human life.

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    1. People are under the misconception it is easier to “FOLLOW” than “LEAD.” Energy, time and effort is better spent “standing up” (respectfully) and becoming part of a SOLUTION seeking positive CHANGES than complaining and following a system designed to satisfy the needs of the institutions rather than the needs of the people. The system relies on the “SHEEP HERDING” mentality.

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      1. The idea of the leader as savior is completely at odds with self-government.

        The whole point of a democracy is that we ‘hire’ someone to represent our
        interests as a nation in our domestic and international affairs.

        We hire this person by voting.

        People complain about cynicism in politics but they ever connect this cynicism
        to the unrealistic expectation that one person can change a corrupt system by

        They complain about gridlock but fail to vote in the mid-terms.

        They complain about crooked politicians but don’t bother to fact check
        their sources and essentially let a corrupt media tell them what to think.

        In fact, right wing media is so corrupt and has so little respect for its audience
        that it blatantly lies to them.

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        1. Your assessment is spot on. The masses only become involved when the “PAIN” they’re suffering (ex. unemployment, health care costs, etc…) exceeds their tolerable limits. It makes more sense to include one’s voice (as you say with the power of the vote) to remind our elected officials their job is to represent our needs; not the special interest groups funding their campaigns.

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          1. Exactly. My prayer is that we will evolve to the point that we speak out against an injustice when we aren’t the direct recipients. I find it outrageous that we’ve had a ‘problem’ called homelessness for 40 years and it STILL isn’t being treated as the symptom of decay that it is.

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  13. Reblogged this on Art by Rob Goldstein and commented:
    Great post from Dr. Jonathan

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    1. Robert, thank you for sharing this article with your readers. I appreciate your help, understanding and compassion to realize the value these messages can bring to many lives.

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