Everyone knows that exercising and consuming quality foods are key components necessary for healthy living. Why then do professionals who study exercise and nutrition disagree on which exercises and which foods contribute to healthy outcomes? The following are some examples.


STATEMENT:  LEGUMES and GRAINS are healthy plant foods and should account for a significant portion of what is eaten.

  • TRUE: They provide carbohydrates for energy and contain good sources of fiber for intestinal health.

  • FALSE: These foods contain Lectins (plant proteins that bind to carbohydrates.) Some of these grains contain Agglutinin (a type of Lectin) that causes serious digestion issues resulting in intestinal toxicity and bowel inflammation. Ultimately this can lead to “LEAKY GUT”  and SYSTEMIC INFLAMMATION.

STATEMENT:  FISH should be consumed 2-3 times per week as part of a healthy diet.

  • TRUE: Fish is an excellent source of protein. In addition, high “fatty” fish including salmon, mackerel and sardines offer good sources of omega 3 fats which protect heart health.

  • FALSE: Much of the fish we eat today is farm raised. They are fed cheap sources of food that are harmful to the human body when we cook and eat these fish. Fresh water fish also pose dangers from chemical contamination as well as heavy metal contamination; both of which are harmful to humans.


STATEMENTCARDIOVASCULAR EXERCISE is a beneficial form of exercise.

  • TRUE: It is a form of exercise that strengthens heart and lung function by conditioning the heart to more efficiently “do its job” with less effort.

  • FALSE: Cardiovascular exercise can prematurely age the individual by causing oxidative stress (an imbalance of harmful free radicals that attack healthy cells produced during exercise) REDUCING energy and REDUCING function.

STATEMENTRESISTANCE EXERCISE is a beneficial form of exercise.

  • TRUE: It is a form of exercise that increases LEAN MUSCLE, improves function and slows down degeneration.

  • FALSE: Resistance exercise can easily contribute to joint damage, muscle damage and spinal injuries. Shoulder (rotator cuff) injuries, tendonitis, and spinal disc herniations (as well as other inflammatory injuries) are commonly seen with resistance exercise training.


This type of confusion causes the average person to respond one of two ways.

  1. It creates a “deer in the headlights” FEAR response and prevents ANY ACTION taken to improve quality of health.

  2. Gives people EXCUSES to follow “desirable” destructive patterns rather than improving quality of health.


The answer is found in the complexity of the human being. We (basically) have the same anatomical parts, but the physiology and function is so very different. There is NO ONE RIGHT METHOD that satisfies EVERYONE’S NEEDS. This doesn’t mean achieving GOOD HEALTH is a “crap shoot.” It means learning through trial and error with our own bodies determines what works best.  This produces the results we need to live the lives WE CHOOSE!




  1. We start with COMMON SENSE! It doesn’t always work, but it provides a meaningful starting point.

  2. We create a GAME PLAN. Don’t approach the concept of GOOD HEALTH from a perspective that only addresses ONE COMPONENT. (Ex. If weight loss is the goal, DON’T look at the “PROCESS” as ONLY DIETARY.) Sleep, water (hydration,) exercise, stress reduction, etc… all play a role in LONG TERM weight loss AND MAINTENANCE. Attempting to achieve the goal through ONE COMPONENT may cause SHORT TERM changes, but will rarely (if ever) achieve LONG TERM RESULTS.

  3. We re-evaluate the GAME PLAN monthly/quarterly (you decide) on a SPECIFIC DATE (you plan ahead of time.) This helps with ACCOUNTABILITY. If on target, simply continue. If off target, determine what factors can (REALISTICALLY) be change and set a NEW DATE for re-evaluation.

  4. We repeat the PROCESS until the goal is achieved. AT THIS POINT, the GOAL shifts to LONG TERM MAINTENANCE. Set a NEW DATE and re-evaluate whether the PROCESS of MAINTENANCE is succeeding or not.

This approach will help achieve your GOALS. Having reliable sources to turn to for assistance when needed adds a “tool” to your arsenal. It helps you stay on track which, in turn, motivates better results. The authorities may know the science and technical reasons behind “GOOD HEALTH” but ONLY YOU are capable of CONTROLLING THE OUTCOME.





  1. Very interesting!

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    1. Thank you very much.

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  2. “re-evaluate” is key. even for the “helpful meds” the doctor likes to get. bodies change – needs change – and then there’s the case of new allergies (the ‘why’ of which I’ve never understood) Being allergic to once favorite foods is never a fun thing to learn, but knowing and being willing to change diet can greatly affect the success in our struggle for “good health”.
    Of course, being willing to even go through the “trial and error” phases is also key.

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    1. Certainly not an easy task. Most things in life that are worthwhile aren’t easy. If it was, everyone would gladly participate.

      It might be easier if people were taught AND PRACTICED a healthier lifestyle earlier in life.


    1. Thank you for passing this message forward to your readers.

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  3. Another great post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and expertise.

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    1. Always a pleasure. Have a wonderful weekend.

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  5. Wonderful article! Health should be individually tailored as a persons needs are. Those with autoimmune disease have different needs than those with cardiovascular damage. Besides the commons sense factors ( soda, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, not sitting on the couch for 14 hours a day watching doctor phil) there are individual needs to be met. Thank you for this insightful post. Reblogged on

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    1. Thank you for your thoughtful comment. I appreciate you sharing this message with your readers. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  6. This is so awesome and instructive…what a balanced perspective…food for thought, and fodder for mental muscles…thank you so very much 🙂

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    1. People can usually exercise their own bodies if they choose to; it’s the mind they sometimes have difficulty with. I like to generate some neural activity! 🙂

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  7. I love this! When I was first getting into weight training I heard so many different things from different people and personal trainers. I agree that everyone has a unique body type so what works for someone may not work for another and the same goes with food. As far as what foods are good for a person, I think it is mostly moderation-too much of anything can be a bad thing.
    Thanks for your articles!

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    1. Achieving true moderation helps make weight loss and weight maintenance a LONG TERM reality. I completely agree with you.

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  8. I’m loving this information! I’ve already typed up my second blog post that is asking questions about this very topic! Thank you for the INVALUABLE information.

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    1. Always a pleasure.


  9. very informational….always good to read and reread……thanks…kat

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  10. Always interesting and eye opening! Thanks!

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    1. Always a pleasure.

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  11. Great information as usual!

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    1. Thank you again for all your support.

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  12. Oh yes ! I could not agree more 🙂

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  13. Love all of this!

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    1. Love sharing all my information with you!! 🙂


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