Doctors  may have discovered causes that validate destructive human behavior and the unhealthy patterns we tend to follow, but it doesn’t conclusively define one’s destiny. Relying on the cognitive (RATIONAL) mind and the foundational structures we establish (via quality patterns of behavior) we have repeatedly demonstrated how capable we are in determining (to a large extent) the FINAL outcome.

  • Yes it’s true that sugar and assorted processed foods stimulate centers in the brain responsible for addictive behavior.

  • Yes it’s true that prolonged sitting (from the breakfast table to the car to the place of employment to the car to the dinner table to the TV or computer room) interferes with healthy cardiovascular, lymphatic and nerve function resulting in some form of sickness and/or disease.

  • Yes it’s true that sleep deprivation interferes with metabolic function (ability to burn calories), endocrine (hormonal) function, immune function and many other “functions” necessary for maintaining quality health.

So while these and other negative behaviors initiate a cascade of events that trigger damaging outcomes the individual cannot control (once initiated), we CAN establish for ourselves foundational patterns that “FEED” our essential needs that naturally produce quality outcomes (in most situations.)


Rather than accepting the role as “VICTIM OF CIRCUMSTANCES” that further spirals oneself down a path of degeneration and disease, why not view oneself as a physical structure requiring basic elements to withstand the various threats (ex. environmental, emotional, physical, etc…) imposed by LIFE.

As one begins to understand this alternative path, a new ATTITUDE is created  contributing to developing a pattern of self guidance reinforcing sound concepts needed to gain SELF CONTROL.

Using the cognitive (rational) brain, one CHOOSES these essential behaviors that support this new pathway in living because it enhances one’s quality and function in life.

This logical/rational approach to HEALTHY LIVING is only possible for a majority of our population IF, we ground ourselves in a POSITIVE EMOTIONAL foundation.



Since we know emotions are a strong driving force, we must search and discover from within positive emotional needs that support our goals in life. We must use our rational mind to recognize the reality of obstacles along the way and persist regardless, because we understand our positive emotional needs will be satisfied (both) along the way AND in the end.


We have overburdened our emotional brain physically and chemically to such a point, we have lost site of any positive emotional goals we once desired. At this point the research claiming:


brings comfort explaining why SELF CONTROL is no longer attainable. Neural (brain) pathways “atrophy” (waste away).  The brain begins to function with less energy reserves. By following destructive pathways it already knows, it uses less energy. Unfortunately, these pathways have already created enormous amounts of self harm (ex. poor dietary habits, sedentary behavior, lack of sleep).  This becomes a vicious cycle resulting in researcher’s (AGAIN) claiming:







Believe it or not, I am a simple thinker! Rather than trying to re-invent the wheel, I choose to use quality SIMPLE “wheels” with PROVEN track records. This means I believe in reproducing existing emotions that produce quality outcomes. Overcoming emotional FEAR caused by admitting FAULT in behavior is achievable once the individual recognizes they are NOT admitting failure. Instead, it is a willingness and desire to accept responsibility necessary for achieving behavioral and attitudinal changes.

What 4 words produce a course correction leading individuals to discovering POSITIVE EMOTIONAL experiences producing and supporting LONG TERM RESULTS?

  1. PURPOSE – People who are purpose “driven” naturally strive and achieve POSITIVE EMOTIONAL outcomes.

  2. PASSION – People who live life PASSIONATELY create an internal “fire” that drives positive emotion and behavior. Passion incentivizes and motivates one to pursue one’s purpose even in the face of challenges and obstacles. Passion leads to ongoing growth and personal development; assets needed to remain vigilant and focused in a positive manner.

  3. PERSISTENCE: – Once purpose is discovered and passion drives one’s energy forward, persistence becomes a concept easier to apply. Positive emotions create substantial increase in energy availability.  This “reserve” provides the necessary “fuel” to PERSIST and achieve one’s goal(s) even in the presence of strong “head winds”.

  4. MEANING – When we consider the various attributes that add MEANING to life, it reinforces the foundation we build upon. Positive lifestyle behaviors become more natural because we recognize them as essential components (needed to achieve our PURPOSE)  rather than SACRIFICES removing joy from our lives.

I have discovered these four words applied to life separate a great majority of those who enjoy the fruits of life and those who suffer the “pains” of life. Believing the researchers who claim:


removes your ACTIONS as a contributing CAUSE to a life lacking fulfillment. It provides an explanation adding “emotional” comfort, but in reality, cuts your own legs out from under you crippling your ability to alter the path your on.

I have never met a person who has chosen to utilize (1) PURPOSE, (2) PASSION, (3) PERSISTENCE, and (4) MEANING and failed to achieve a new plateau in life achieving greater VALUE, QUALITY HEALTH, ABUNDANT JOY and TRUE HAPPINESS.

Is pursuing and achieving these 4 words (out of 470,000 words in Webster’s dictionary) worth the effort, if it results in greater SELF CONTROL, a PATH OF CHOICE and a self directed QUALITY OF LIFE?


I live this life I share with you. It doesn’t require wealth, popularity or good looks. All it requires is the effort in fulfilling these four words.


Won’t you consider joining me? It’s your choice to remain existing in a life where “IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT” or move to an existence where saying, “YEAH, IT IS” provides an option to dictate LIFE’S TERMS?



  1. I found this post very useful. I can reflect on my lifestyle better now that I had the good fortune of reading this. Thanks a lot.

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    1. Any message of mine that helps people place their lives in better perspective enabling them to alter patterns that may be harmful, is an article worth writing.

      Thank you for sharing your comment with all of us. Hopefully, this will inspire other readers to open up and make changes to their lives creating greater opportunities in their future.

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  2. This hits home Doctor Jonathan and very true that we have sometimes unacknowledged reasons for bad decisions. I used to over eat continually and started to realize it, then I’d step back and ask myself – what do you really want – to eat this ring-ding Jr. Or wear smaller clothes. The answer was to not see my belly hanging over my pants… Then I started to cut back and eventually I realized that I needed a combination f nutrition and exercise. Which is exactly what you have been saying too. Thank you for a wonder, thought-provoking article! Wishing you great health!

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    1. In these articles we write, the trick is discovering the words or messages that “wake up the reader’s mind”. Most people know if their health is compromised or the likelihood their lifestyle may compromise it. Knowing isn’t typically enough. It takes something that INSPIRES CHANGE to alter harmful patterns of behavior. Tapping into different personalities with different inspirational needs makes the task challenging. This is why I write about similar concepts from many different ANGLES. I have found this approach creates the best results.

      Thank you for sharing your motivating personal story. I’m sure many people will easily be able to relate.


  3. Your ‘hit ya’ between the eyes’ truth is so empowering. I am always grateful for the added knowledge I receive from the wisdom you take the time to share! Hugs to you for doing so, (yet again!!)

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    1. 20+ years in practice taught me “coddling” resulted in poor results. Now this doesn’t mean one should exclude compassion and empathy from the dialogue. CARING and sharing with the patient what was necessary to help them “stand on their own feet” seemed to achieve the best results for the greatest numbers of my patients.

      It wasn’t easy walking away (retiring) from my “family” of patients. They will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart. They helped me grow as a PERSON, as much as they did a clinician!

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  4. It is not only my fault…it is my responsibility. The doctor may do his job right or wrong, but ultimately I have to step up or give up. I have chosen the latter in both cases and am teaching same to my sons so they have better options/make better choices than I did growing up.

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    1. LISTENING to ALL people willing to share opinions and advice is a tool for LEARNING. It provides information to be deciphered by the individual and applied as the individual seems fit. Information should NEVER be used for indoctrination to impose on another. Self empowerment is the key to avoiding this outcome.


  5. Of course its our fault !! great post….again thank you Jonathan for putting into easy guidelines for us. Your wonderful. xx Kathy

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    1. According to my wife, there are days I’m just OK! 😀
      Hope you and the gang are well. 🙂


      1. She would know better than me….LOL but I will still think of you as wonderful….LOL xx

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  6. Very well said Jonathan. “It’s not your fault” seems to have become a cultural mantra of the west, where nothing an individual can’t be blamed for anything he or she may have done to damage their life. It’s far past time for reckoning of truth to make a comeback.

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    1. It’s also an Industry builder. “It’s not your fault…you need my help…” concludes the sentiment. The patient feels “relief” and the doctor increases patient retention.

      In my opinion, the more you need to see a doctor, the less effective (in general) the doctor’s care is.

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