Based on the pace most of our lives seem to follow, I thought I’d share the concept, “ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” and its relationship to BALANCE, HAPPINESS and a LIFE WORTH LIVING.

If one of our GOALS in life is to live a meaningful existence filled with purpose and driven by passion, what does it really take to achieve this? It takes:



Many people confuse the concept “ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” with a minimalist attitude. In reality it requires diligence, persistence and commitment to WORK HARD ENOUGH to be certain to “ACHIEVE JUST ENOUGH.”




  1. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: maintaining a standard of health without restrictions and a functional capability to enjoy quality living. By supplying the body with “JUST ENOUGH” it provides the essential needs necessary to sustain healthy living.

  2. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: maintaining a healthy stress level balanced by ATTITUDE and RESPONSE. This requires developing personal strategies to ADAPT and CHANNEL unhealthy stress rather than passively INTERNALIZING it.

  3. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: earning JUST ENOUGH income to permit a lifestyle that affords QUALITY spousal/family TIME, QUALITY community/religious/social (interaction) TIME and QUALITY personal TIME while satisfying financial obligations. This concept helps us to understand that over abundance and excessive wealth accumulation does NOT satisfy life’s true NEEDS. If we had to choose between creating experiences and life long memories or accumulating material possessions, the latter would leave the individual EMPTY. Possessions break and grow old with time; life’s memories and experiences enrich us and remain priceless treasures a LIFE TIME.

  4. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: sharing your heart to the point that people know you really care.

  5. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: sacrificing to the point of another person’s gain while realizing this sacrifice simultaneously achieves personal growth.

  6. JUST ENOUGH” REQUIRES: pursuing ACHIEVEMENT (however, one defines this) without compromising personal ethics, values and morals.



These are NOT THE STANDARDS we are taught and raised with. We are taught to work ENDLESSLY; to overcome anyone or anything that creates an obstacle. Our driving force is SUCCESS, but the parameters used to measure this requires comparisons with colleagues and strangers. We envy those CEO’s fired from their jobs with severance packages amounting to millions of dollars. We focus on their MONEY instead of their FAILED JOB PERFORMANCE to “ACHIEVE JUST ENOUGH.”ย  We misinterpret their FAILURE by focusing on spreadsheets and company revenues rather than focusing on EMPLOYEE SUPPORT. Helping the employee with their needs incentivizes them to ACHIEVE MORE and PRODUCE MORE resulting in company GROWTH!

“ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” creates a NEGATIVE “lazy” connotation to those people who just don’t understand its true impact. It helps satisfy physical, mental and emotional needs by addressing REAL QUALITATIVE ISSUES requiring REALISTIC, yet SUSTAINABLE amounts of effort.

People who pursue “ACHIEVING JUST ENOUGH” are the most likely to achieve a life, upon reflection, WORTH LIVING.



  1. Really like the pictures you have added! Great choice ๐Ÿ™‚

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    1. Making health topics interesting can be challenging. I use humor, memes and quality content to get people thinking. So glad you enjoyed this piece and were willing to take your valuable time to express it.


  2. maureenrose7 · · Reply

    I have no words really to describe how reading this just made me feel…how bout I start with I loved it!! ๐Ÿ™‚ still that doesnt โ€‹cover it!

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    1. Always appreciate your positive attitude and heart felt support. Thank you so much.

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      1. maureenrose7 · · Reply

        You are welcome so much!๐ŸŽƒ

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  3. WOW!!!

    I never thought the idea of “Achieving Just Enough” was, well enough. When I first saw the title I cringed as if being pricked by a needle. But this makes absolute sense. We have given ourselves unattainable goals not because the goal is difficult but because we can never do enough. Thus always trying to attain instead of achieving just enough.
    I think this idea should be taught to students before they go off to college.

    I wish I heard about this years ago.

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    1. The purpose of the title and the article was to provide a positive perspective to a “negative” concept. If people would aspire to the level that meets their individual purpose, meaning and passion, quality living would be highly achievable. We have a tendency to compare our lives to others. This, in my opinion, is a mistake. Success is based on individual needs which commonly differ from person to person. One person may desire to develop a community based garden to teach people how to provide quality nutrition for themselves; another may desire to accumulate personal financial wealth. If both pursue their goals and achieve their purposes, both have SUCCEEDED. It is not for us to judge who’s goal is “better.” Focusing on this approach to life reduces stress and helps us achieve “JUST ENOUGH” to appreciate LIFE and the QUALITY we can attain.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read this article and share your comment about its content. I’m very glad you were able to walk away from the idea “JUST ENOUGH” discovering a new POSITIVE impression to a misconstrued stressful concept.


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