LISTEN CLOSELY: Pills and injectables DO NOT CURE chronic diseases!


For sixty years, Martha Ann Lillard has lived with an iron lung to sustain life. An infectious disease overwhelmed her childhood immune system causing irreparable damage. This unfortunate outcome was not based on any personal lifestyle choices she made. Although she lives today, it is important to recognize that 60 years of iron lung therapy has not CURED her disease. It has provided an option for EXISTENCE.

Publication2cropped500Chronic Heart Disease, Chronic Type 2 Diabetes, Chronic Gastrointestinal Disease, Chronic Vascular Disease, Chronic Obesity, Chronic arthritis, etc… are common conditions we face today as a result of LIFESTYLE CHOICES. Although a “confining” iron lung isn’t required for these chronic conditions, “confining” daily medications are believed necessary to sustain EXISTENCE. These pills and injectables (like the iron lung) are typically required for life. One of the biggest differences between the iron lung and the pills/injectables is PERCEIVED convenience. Neither produce correction. Neither restore health. Neither create motive to improve SELF VALUE.

In reality, how convenient is a pill or injectable that causes secondary complications to health? How convenient is it to spend money on these drugs in place of spending it on vacations or personal items of choice? How convenient is it to make certain luggage isn’t lost during travel because daily medications are required? How convenient is it to make certain doctor visits are scheduled (possibly in place of more enjoyable luncheons with friends) because refills are needed?



Pills and injectables (for most self induced CHRONIC conditions) are not an alternative solution to lifestyle needs, but rather an unfortunate RESULT of neglecting one’s physical and mental needs. These pills and injectables become a burden and crutch that FAIL over time. They create a means of EXISTENCE (similar to the iron lung) and possibly just as confining as we face the self imposed limitations resulting from our lifestyle choices. Joints weaken, mental clarity dissipates, emotional pain becomes a prominent focus, life loses its zest as daily boring repetitive patterns of living create a sad, yet satisfying need for stability.

Publication5cropped400This is the solution that pills and injectables provide to so many people suffering from self induced Chronic Diseases. If this doesn’t create a sense of confinement, I’m not certain what would.

Unlike the iron lung patient, many chronic disease sufferers can reverse their conditions. This, however, can only be achieved if one accepts personal responsibility and commits to essential lifestyle habits that support quality health. This is NOT synonymous with living a lifestyle of PERFECTION. It is a REALISTIC lifestyle that “feeds” the body and mind its essential needs FIRST before indulging in non essentials!

Is it possible that pills and injectables may remain part of this new life? Yes. They won’t, however, be the basis of your health needs as they are (likely) today. As the mindset learns to control actions, passion and purposeful living replaces less desirable repetitive harmful patterns in life. This path leads to better choices resulting in greater SELF VALUE and improved FUNCTIONAL LIVING.

Until this TRUTH is accepted, our society will continue to “handcuff” itself to pills and injectables.

Martha Ann Lillard’s quality of life continues to rely on her NEED for her “iron lung.” Chronic disease sufferers are often fortunate because they can CHOOSE among several options to achieving improved health.

Publication6cropped600Will the ANSWER to your problems in the future be more pills and injectables or a better approach to living life?  



  1. We need to be responsible to ourselves about our health. Which also means to live more healthy, than we maybe were raised to do.

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    1. This concept needs to be supported by families, doctors, recreational youth centers, schools and religious institutions. This is how we can change the future and improve the quality of their lives.

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  2. An important message, Dr.J. People need to know there’s a better approach to living life. As health improves through a healthier lifestyle, pills & injectables can be reduced & even eliminated over time. It’s the getting started and maintaining that healthy lifestyle that seems to be very hard for many. I’m sending energy and good thoughts for your followers who “get” your message.🌷Christine

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    1. Interestingly, it’s only hard because we’re not RAISED with this necessary natural approach to life. I believe the long term solution must begin with child rearing and reinforced through schools, youth recreational centers, religious institutions, and doctor’s offices. This will permit the attrition of destructive lifestyle patterns as they’re replaced with quality lifestyle choices.


  3. You know my answer…
    A close friend of ours suffers with arthritis and popped a tablet three times a day for many years. He was like a druggie popping a tablet after each meal. Now he exercises his fingers (he has gone back to playing guitar everyday), goes to the gym, does some weights and cardio, has changed his eating habits and he looks better and he says already it has helped and best of all no more tablets !

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    1. If only these words in your comment could reach the many ears that need to hear them! It is those people that have lived the pharmaceutical plan for life that recognize the failure in its premise. I receive emails from followers explaining their transition to better health and the gratitude they feel for the “new lives” they’ve discovered. There is no better feeling than helping people understand the power within their own bodies to heal and reverse the damaging patterns that would have destroyed them.

      Thank you for sharing your friend’s story.

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  4. “Until this TRUTH is accepted, our society will continue to “handcuff” itself to pills and injectables”. This sums it all, we musn’t also wait for big pharma to tell us this or other stakeholders with big pecuniary and other interests in our ‘health’. Each individual is responsible to accept this truth and make choices to act on them. People love magic solutions and pills are pushed as those. When in a malaise – easier tendency is to go see doctor, get prescription and there we go. I tried that for 2 years with terrible rhumatoid arthritis which saw me climbing my stairs sitting down and pulling with my bottom up – that era still hurts me some because I used to fill I wasn’t meds compliant or just needed more meds or a different kind of meds. The mental effects were equalling without pity. Today, am 360° transformed and on no meds. I laugh when some ask me if am sure am well now or if am sure it was even real I was sick.

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    1. Our bodies have amazing plasticity and can transform states of serious dis-ease into states of quality health and function. I don’t doubt the pain you experienced. I question the alternative fork in the road you chose to AVOID relying on pharmaceuticals. I believe these drugs would have resulted in further pharmaceutical dependency and a deteriorating quality of life. Your decision has proven that personal fortitude, VALUE, commitment and a willingness to support emotional and physical essential needs offers better chances for better outcomes.

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      1. Hi Doc, maybe it’s my interpretation of current slight nervousness; but I don’t quiet get your point with this line: “I question the alternative fork in the road you chose to AVOID relying on pharmaceuticals.”. I also want to state that I have had episodes of ‘back to writhing or my articulations – and freezing feelings even in terrible heat etc’ but am no longer scared to death and and quick for meds. I have taken an anti-inflamatory and para every now and then but I know what keeps me more in health – and it’s definitely not any pills or injectables

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        1. Please excuse my misstatement. It was supposed to read I DON’T question the alternative fork in the road you chose to AVOID relying on pharmaceuticals. BIG mistake on my part. Typing 100’s of email responses per day sometimes results in these type of errors. Please pardon my mistake.


          1. Aw doc, when I later reread the comment I could guess you didn’t mean it that way, hence a word was missing. It was a emotional and even mentally shaky day for me. I made quite a few typos too even in my comment to your comment hahaha

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  5. This is an eye opener and so very true.

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    1. Glad to see you find this information beneficial. Would you mind sharing with all of us any changes you’ve incorporated as a result of any of the information you’ve read in any of my past posts? Sometimes people become interested in sharing ideas when they see other people sharing the changes they’ve implemented in their lives. Thank you as always for being an important part of my blog site.


  6. You’re right that pills can become a crutch and ironically aren’t as convenient as they might at first appear to be. As for the iron lung, wow, I hadn’t heard of that woman who has had that her whole life.

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    1. Sharing real stories with readers helps to emphasize many of the points I discuss in my writings. It creates more of an emotional attachment rather than a mere academic lesson. Emotions often play an important beneficial or harmful role in many lives.

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  7. To be honest I never learned what much about health and what an unhealthy diet/lifestyle could cause or just how serious they could be. I knew I had diabetes for about 20 years, but I lived in denial. I didn’t know that by not exercising I was setting myself up for chronic pain although earlier than most people start suffering it I wasn’t interested. To be honest I wasn’t interested in life itself.

    I had untreated bipolar disorder and no idea what it was doing to my way of thinking. Life sucked and I didn’t care enough to find out why until I had a mental breakdown.

    I am not past the point of fixing things and having a life worth living, but it is a struggle. Fixing it all at once makes it harder. If I had started eating healthier when I first got diagnosed with diabetes I may not be on insulin now.

    If I exercised more when I was younger (child, young adult) I may not be in the physical shape I am in now.

    From what I have learned, sugar is a main part of most of my ailments. If I had cared enough to learn this and not drown myself in it I may not be in the pain I am in now or suffering from diabetes or even not be so bad mentally.

    Now at 61 I am trying to change my whole life. None of that was important in my house growing up so I never developed an interest in fixing anything.

    At least my children are.despite my disinterest, working on their physical selves. They are determined to not end up like me although one of my children has every single thing wrong with her at a young age just like me. She needs to get herself in gear and work harder at it or she will just get worse.

    Thanks for another informative article.

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    1. Sharing your message might wake up other readers. You are honest about your lack of awareness and outright neglect. You are also right that it isn’t too late to improve the quality of health and life.

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      1. I hope I help others with my honesty. I am currently battling my diabetes. I have slipped occasionally, but not much. I just try not to concentrate on what others around me are eating.

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        1. Sounds like a good first step.

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  8. […] LISTEN CLOSELY: Pills and injectables DO NOT CURE chronic diseases! […]

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    1. Thank you very much. I appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on this article.


  9. I’m in awe. Most doctors I’ve talked to are all about prescriptions not prevention. I’m encouraged by your message. I totally agree with what you wrote. We have the ability through lifestyle choices to make a big difference. -Thanks!

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    1. Glad to share a perspective your not accustomed to seeing. It is my personal belief attained through BOTH clinical experience and research. Honest doctors know the benefits and the limitations of pharmaceuticals. The problem is twofold:
      1. Pharmaceuticals are a lucrative business.
      2. People choose to avoid personal responsibility and are willing to fool themselves blindly believing that pharmaceuticals are an acceptable alternative.


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