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Doctors  may have discovered causes that validate destructive human behavior and the unhealthy patterns we tend to follow, but it doesn’t conclusively define one’s destiny. Relying on the cognitive (RATIONAL) mind and the foundational structures we establish (via quality patterns of behavior) we have repeatedly demonstrated how capable we are in determining (to a large […]

Understanding Our Naive Fear Of Disease

Why shaking hands is out at the Olympics? “Olympians are told to fist-bump, not shake hands, to prevent the spread of norovirus.” Let’s begin this post by excluding the obvious…when skiers are wearing mittens, how does “fist bumping” offer greater protection from bacterial or viral infections than shaking hands? Clearly it doesn’t, but consumers would […]

VACCINES: May or May not SAFELY protect children from Viral or Bacterial infections, but will NEVER safeguard children from today’s CHRONIC DISEASES

This statement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. does NOT support OR oppose the concept of vaccinations. It simply PROVES that vaccines alone are NOT enough to prevent the growing rates of childhood chronic diseases. . WHAT IS A PARENT’S ROLE IN REDUCING THEIR CHILD’S CHANCES FOR DEVELOPING CHRONIC DISEASES? . 1. Understanding the role NUTRITION […]


What do you believe plays a more important role in the development of healthy children? Eating healthy, exercising, playing in a social environment with other children, getting adequate sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water, family love, spiritual guidance OR Receiving up to 72 Vaccinations from the age of 0-18? . If we stopped vaccinating children […]


Suicide is defined as: “the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally”. . When we choose to avoid essential lifestyle needs: regular quality nutrition adequately portioned regular exercise daily adequate quantities of water intake regular channeling of stress in a positive manner regular adequate sleep regular quality social interaction with family […]


In America, we tend to approach the concept of “health” from a “disease” perspective. We think in terms of health “crises,” health “maladies” (“conditions,”) health “compromises,” etc… The reason we view health from this perspective is because we don’t typically think about our health until something goes wrong. Quite frequently, this is how we approach […]


When it comes to the length and the quality of our lives, there is no plan of action that guarantees results. That being said, there are choices we can make that increase the chances for longer healthier lives. When Babe Ruth picked up his first baseball bat he wasn’t a natural home run hitter. When […]