Suicide is defined as:

“the act or instance of taking one’s own life voluntarily and intentionally”.


When we choose to avoid essential lifestyle needs:

  • regular quality nutrition adequately portioned

  • regular exercise

  • daily adequate quantities of water intake

  • regular channeling of stress in a positive manner

  • regular adequate sleep

  • regular quality social interaction with family and friends


in favor of life threatening options:

  • regularly making poor food choices

  • regularly choosing sedentary living

  • regularly satisfying hydration needs with soda, fruit drinks, energy drinks, etc…

  • regularly accumulating stress internally by avoiding confronting its cause(s)

  • regularly interfering with the body to recover, repair and rebuild itself through adequate sleep

  • regularly sacrificing quality social interaction with family and friends

we’re making conscious decisions to harm ourselves by increasing our risks for diseases resulting in premature DEATH.

Choosing to live a harmful lifestyle that makes one highly susceptible to multiple chronic diseases destined to result in premature death, satisfies the definition of SUICIDE (as stated above).

The main differences between intentional unhealthy lifestyles and suicide are:

  1. The increased physical and mental suffering we’re willing to subject ourselves to.

  2. The rate of speed we choose this premature death to occur.

Unless you’re “voluntarily and intentionally” trying to die prematurely following these destructive lifestyle patterns of behavior, maybe it’s time to better understand and accept the reality of the choices you’re making.

How can a nation ever hope to attain a status of “GREATNESS” if it’s growing population of people continue to “voluntarily and intentionally” act in ways that (prematurely) KILL THEMSELVES?





  1. Unfortunately, so many of us are. Another great post.

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    1. People (in general) do not truly believe this. In their minds, as long as they don’t experience significant symptoms, they’re just fine. This attitude is a leading cause of chronic disease. Chronic disease may not dramatically shorten life span; it will however make the last 10-20 years more debilitating than most realize. These years often become more of a prison within one’s own body than a life of joy and happiness.

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      1. I can attest to this, working as a psychologist working in nursing facilities. At times, it is lifestyle that leads a person to live out their last decade or two in a nursing facility.

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        1. Without question. Unless people are willing to believe this TRUTH, they will become part of future statistics EXISTING in nursing facilities without quality of life. What is the value of longevity without quality?

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  2. Honestly, I just wish we could slow down. The other day, I was feeling overwhelmed and I honestly just wanted to be still and quiet—reading a book or laying in the sun—without feeling guilty or lazy. There’s too much guilt over what we “don’t” do. Slowing down… being more intentional…

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    1. Your comment just came right in time in my life

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    2. This is part of the “stress reduction” component I discuss dealing with creating healthier outcomes. Achieving better health is not only about doing…it’s also about taking time away from “doing”.

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  3. It comes down to valuing life…our life. Many don’t see their worth & purpose which leads to not loving themselves enough to self-care.
    Hi, Dr. Jonathan! Missed reading your posts. Hope you are well, blog friend 🙂

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    1. Stated beautifully.
      Nice to see you again as well! Hope life has been treating you well.

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      1. Thank you:) It has been great so far over here. How are you?

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        1. Living the dream and enjoying (nearly) every moment! 😀

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          1. The best way to spend each day:)

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  4. Not only the country, the individuals themselves. After all, who make up a country? I guess you wrote for your country and its people, but it applies to all countries and their people. I want to look at the man in the mirror, in my case the woman, and tell her honestly that I apologize for picking up a knife in February 2009 to attempt suicide. It is for this reason above all else, that I commit each day not to attempt suicide again indirectly by making any life choices detrimental to my holistic wellbeing. Thanks for this post and all doc

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    1. It’s difficult getting people to see various truths in order to use them to redirect their lives. Most people are unwilling or unable to see the reality in their destructive ways until it’s too late.


  5. Hard hitting and to the sugar-coated pills from this doctor…

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    1. I may not be able to change behavior, but I just might be able to help people second guess their poor decisions. This, in my opinion, is the first step in behavioral change.


  6. We need to upend our values, educate our children and parents to think critically of advertising and our way of life.

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    1. Children will typically follow parental discipline when they’re young. Parents, however, are undisciplined because many CHOOSE to satisfy WANTS over NEEDS. Both should be addressed, but adults need to recognize that NEEDS must be satisfied FIRST!

      Although education is important, most people already know that vegetable and fruits are important; exercise is important; sleep is important; adequate water intake is important. They CHOOSE, however, to ignore these components until enough PAIN/SYMPTOMS incentive a change in behavior. How sad is it to ignore REALITY? It’s not EDUCATION, it’s ATTITUDE!


  7. interesting post 👌 I recently posted specifically about suicide and I would love it if you could give it a read and leave a comment of what you think 💪

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    1. Thank you.

      I couldn’t find the article you referred to. Feel free to use my CONTACT button to leave me a link to the article you referred to.

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  8. Agreed ! Powerful post Jonathan !!!

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  9. Wow, a little slap of reality…..really great post, hits home for sure!!! Thank you for always keeping it real!! XXkat

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    1. Thank you for being a loyal reader. It means a lot to me!! 🙂


      1. Its I thanking you for all your knowledge and work to help all of us..

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