VACCINES: May or May not SAFELY protect children from Viral or Bacterial infections, but will NEVER safeguard children from today’s CHRONIC DISEASES


This statement by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. does NOT support OR oppose the concept of vaccinations. It simply PROVES that vaccines alone are NOT enough to prevent the growing rates of childhood chronic diseases.




1. Understanding the role NUTRITION plays in supporting health AND combating disease. This requires LEARNING nutritional needs of children and IMPLEMENTING strategies to assure their NEEDS are being met. Nutritionists and registered dietitians (NOT PEDIATRICIANS OR FAMILY PHYSICIANS) offer expertise to help design quality plans for you to provide to your children.

2. Understanding the role EXERCISE plays in supporting health AND combating disease. Whether children actively play outdoors alone or with friends and/or participate in structured exercise programs, (ex. gymnastics, after school sports, martial arts, etc…) physical MOVEMENT on a regular basis is essential to support childhood health AND combat childhood diseases.

3. Understanding the role STRESS REDUCTION plays in supporting health AND combating disease. This requires realizing that stress (whether peer pressure, combative parental pressure, sibling pressure, academic pressure, etc…) is a REAL problem children face without experience or knowledge how to balance and reduce these challenges. Chronic stress in children weaken their immune systems making them more susceptible to recurring diseases.

4. Understanding the role WATER plays in supporting health AND combating disease. Children are more likely to choose juices, energy drinks, soft drinks or “sport” drinks rather than plain NECESSARY water. It is critical to make certain children obtain adequate quantities of water DAILY. The following 2 links can be used to see if your child is consuming adequate quantities of water. Enter your child’s weight in the first link. Use the second link to convert mL to ounces to determine your child’s minimum daily needs.

Your Child’s Weight (use POUNDS) 

Conversion mL to ounces


5. Understanding the role SOCIAL INTERACTION plays in supporting health AND combating disease. Whether it’s youth groups, religious organizations, family time or social media time, these forms of social interaction help develop childhood attitudes with positive and/or negative repercussions. Social interaction teaches children to LISTEN, LEARN, discuss RESPECTFULLY and understand various PERSPECTIVES to better TOLERATE and accept the RIGHT of differing opinions. This approach creates diversity and expanded thinking while doing so in a CONSTRUCTIVE manner.

6. Understanding the role EMOTIONAL SUPPORT plays in supporting health AND combating disease. Children need ENCOURAGEMENT to grow and try new things. They NEED their parents to express confidence in them and their ability to do things by and for themselves (in addition to working together with their children.) This helps a child LEARN self-discipline and responsibility; vital character traits needed to provide smoother transitions from a state of dependence to inter-dependence to a state of self reliance.

7. Understanding the role SLEEP plays in supporting health AND combating disease. A child’s body needs adequate “recovery” time to repair and rebuild itself. If a child doesn’t regularly sleep on average 6-9 hours daily, their body weakens compromising function and ability to remain healthy. Regardless of “appearance” on the “outside” endocrine function, immune function and organ function becomes compromised resulting in eventual harm to the body and/or mind. When the sleep deprived body can no longer adapt, SYMPTOMS finally manifest becoming clearly apparent. Preventing the damage that sleep deprivation causes is easily achieved by creating adequate sleep time for the child.


In my career (as a physician), I have seen most families comply with vaccination schedules for their children. I have ALWAYS supported my patient’s decisions regarding vaccinations (whether they participated or abstained) if they were willing to take the time to do their due diligence in researching the benefits and risks associated with vaccine treatments.

In most cases, however, I have NOT seen the same compliance with the 7 STEPS listed above. I truly believe most parents love their children. I would like to believe they simply lack the awareness of just how important these seven steps are in determining their child’s health and welfare.





are you primarily relying on medical treatments (ex. vaccinations) to solve chronic childhood diseases for you? You can’t vaccinate a child against Type 2 Diabetes, Obesity, A.D.D., A.D.H.D., Autoimmune Diseases, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Depression, Epilepsy and Cancer. You can, however, avoid many of these chronic conditions through Lifestyle behaviors (by following the 7 steps above) that support the body and mind and prevent the CAUSES for the onset of many of these conditions.


Show your child you love them (through ACTIONS rather than merely “words”) by diligently following these 7 steps. It’s the ONLY method I know as a physician to reduce the chances of adding your child’s name to the list of children suffering UNNECESSARILY from the growing rates of chronic diseases facing them today.



  1. I can conveniently look at my sons in the eye and say I follow those seven steps as best as I can because I believe those will help you be holistically well than any vaccine can. I stopped home teachers after school and David’s grades have instead improved. I need no more proof. Sometimes pushing for excellent grades, focus like they were … sitting still and etc is detrimental beyond measure in the long run. Secondly, reading and learning so much from selfless write ups like yours doc, leave it strictly on my conscience if I don’t make the best choices I can for my boys including no TV during school because am not always there to monitor. Let them play all they want outdoors, thank God ours is a safe community both at home and school.

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    1. Obviously, there is no one size that fits every situation. Following your heart and doing the best you can is intuitively realized by children. They may “want” to follow a different path, but deep down realize your guidance offers a better long term option for them.


  2. This is very well stated Jonathan. I think too often we rely on just the basics when it comes to medical care, as in see the doctor once a year and don’t worry about things if no symptoms are present. There is so much we can prevent just by following your common sense guidelines whether it’s for our children or ourselves.

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    1. Thank you, Tricia. I have a difficult time understanding how people continue to accept lies repeated over and over by agencies and businesses with financial vested interests. With resources so readily available today, laziness just doesn’t offer a viable explanation.

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      1. What’s become painfully clear to me lately is that most people really don’t care about truthful information no matter how easily accessible if it goes against their accepted version of how they want things to be.

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        1. Also Known As….burying one’s head in the sand! Avoidance rarely (if ever) proves an effective solution to problems or concerns.

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  3. Um McDonalds, of course! haha! I’m just kidding!! It’s all encompassing and as the parent or parents, we have a responsibility to teach our children the importance of healthy habits. Children learn in part by watching what their parents do.. So not only do parents need to talk the talk, but they also need to walk the walk. I always encourage people to include their kids when it comes to their workouts, when it comes to making meals, etc.. Have your kids engage in the activities with you. Not only do you get your workout in, but you also are teaching your kids an important habit and lifestyle choice, and you get to spend some quality time together.

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    1. You suggest great choices for parents. Most do not believe (or don’t want to believe) their role is essential in their child’s health outcome. Parents (in general) do not want to “walk the walk”. Big Industry has created a path of “least resistance” (greater conveniences) at the COST of function and quality of life. So why don’t people change? The path is gradual. We’ve even extended life expectancy. Of course, most people are unaware that we’ve dramatically REDUCED HEALTH expectancy. People live longer less capable of functioning and enjoying quality living.


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