What do you believe plays a more important role in the development of healthy children?

Eating healthy, exercising, playing in a social environment with other children, getting adequate sleep, drinking adequate amounts of water, family love, spiritual guidance


Receiving up to 72 Vaccinations from the age of 0-18?


If we stopped vaccinating children do you believe more children would die from:

complications of measles, mumps, rubella, influenza, polio, diphtheria, tetanus, etc…


Complications of cancer, obesity, type 2 diabetes, etc…


The point of this post is NOT to suggest we choose between creating healthy lifestyles for our children or vaccinating them. It is to prove that most parent’s BELIEFS (versus their ACTIONS) are not on the same page. We recognize how important lifestyle habits are to achieving better chances for healthier outcomes, yet place much greater emphasis on vaccination treatments.

Is it because vaccinations are fast and easy? We don’t bring children into this world to make our lives easier, so why are we choosing an easier path that doesn’t achieve the goal for healthier outcomes?

If parents are FORCED to vaccinate children to help them live “healthier lives”, why don’t we FORCE our parents to exercise them, feed them healthier diets and satisfy more important lifestyle habits required for healthier child development?

How sad is it to realize we don’t care enough about our children’s lives to make the hard decisions. Implementing healthy lifestyle habits into our children’s lives requires significant EFFORT. Vaccinating our children is basically EFFORTLESS.

Is it fair to our children to raise them with this ATTITUDE. Until we accept the realization that the vaccine needle doesn’t satisfy our entire responsibility as “concerned parents” with the health and vitality of our children, our negligence will continue to contribute to the increasing rates of disease our children face today.

This leaves us with three options:

  1. Not to care and continue following the same destructive path so our children can develop and suffer impaired health (and loss of quality of life).

  2. Feel overwhelmed, do nothing and therefore, follow the same destructive path so our children can develop and suffer impaired health (and loss of quality of life).

  3. Decide our children deserve BETTER including the RIGHT to grow up and experience the health and love they’re entitled to.





  1. Hmm, no bragging but for me it is the lenses on the left all the time. Vaccines are only advisable here and I don’t know even more than 6 which my boys could have taken. My mama says she had only 1 as a kid and 1 got 3 she goes. Many parents are still so suspicious of vaccines and even several different meds out here. So, maybe it’s your society’s culture and lifestyle? Good to always learn about different worlds

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    1. Up to 72 vaccines, yet rank somewhere between 56th -60th in 1st year child mortality numbers. If people stepped back and analyzed essential lifestyle habits that supported healthier outcomes, they would see the secondary role vaccines play. Lifelong BEHAVIOR is more responsible for quality health than ANY vaccine.

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  2. Great, much needed post! This would probably offend a lot of parents that don’t give the requisite attention that should be devoted to planting a physical fitness seed in their kids, but one that’s needed to be listened to as it’s approaching a critical level of importance with the skyrocketing levels of obesity.

    As JFK remarked, “Physical fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity.”

    It’s so sad nowadays how you never see kids playing outside anymore, and how less and less gym time on average is devoted to physical fitness. When I was younger all the neighborhood kids were outside doing something active all day. Even with the introduction of Nintendo, outdoor playtime trumped all else, and you would never be caught inside gaming, but nowadays it’s the opposite.

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    1. I’m not known for “sugar coating” my messages, however, I try to remain respectful and professional in the delivery. I back my contact with credible sources to remove my personal biases.

      This information is offered out of LOVE. I care about people and want them to experience the best possible quality of life. If they choose to use my information, wonderful! If they choose to ignore it, they have that right. I have NEVER heard ANYONE complain about the benefits achieved following these strategies. I have heard plenty of people complain that have chosen to follow lifestyles designed for self destruction.

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      1. Good takeaway, I’m with you! Hard to dispute that form of evidence : )

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  3. 72 vaccines are you kidding me ??? Mine had 4.. and the first lens…I cannot even begin to imagine what all of them are supposed to be for… I would be appalled if I lived there and was expected to vaccinate my child to that level..I would move…I am not totally against vaccines but I would want to know exactly what they were being given and make an informed decision based on that…That figure just blows my mind … 72…

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    1. In the U.S., congress passed a law removing ALL liability of injuries from vaccine manufacturers. The countries with the lowest morbidity and mortality of infants and young children provide AT LEAST 50 percent fewer vaccines. There is NO justification for the quantity of vaccines or the vaccine schedule (which can expose a very young child to 6 vaccines in 1 office visit.) No one knows the synergistic effects of these vaccines and the potential dangers of the ingredients including mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde, etc…

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      1. Sounds like the US government is firmly in the pocket of big pharmas and not on the side of its countries health..shame on them

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        1. Shame on the consumers as well for silently standing by and accepting these mandates. No government should have the right to tell its citizens what medical treatments they must subject themselves to. The consumers don’t follow these measures necessarily because they believe it their value; they follow them because someone else is PAYING for them! Another example of the power of money and its control over behavior


  4. […] via HEALTHY CHILDREN FROM AN ADULT PERSPECTIVE — All About Healthy Choices […]

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  5. Nice piece of Information thanks

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    1. Always a pleasure. Thank you for sharing my article with your readers.


  6. Just a question Doctor. While I am a huge believer in the physical fitness lens, because I wish that better information and education was available to me as a child, I also had vaccinations. I do think that vaccinations for something like chicken pox is necessary. Honestly, I remember only a few vacinations as a child and don’t remember what they were but I do believe that because children pass everything around so quickly, that they were necessary.

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    1. The chicken pox vaccine was developed as a convenience for PARENTS and time lost from work. Natural exposure to the wild chickenpox virus provided LIFETIME immunity. Since the vaccine was introduced, you will notice that shingles has become more prominent in adults. Adult exposure to children succumbing to chickenpox STRENGTHENED their immune response reducing their risk for adult onset shingles.

      When I was a child, parents held chickenpox “parties” to expose other children to the virus. The risk of serious complications from this virus is small.

      Until people understand that responsible personal behavior plays the LARGEST role in overall health, relying on vaccines will continue to produce poor results. Type 2 diabetes, autoimmune diseases, autism, obesity, cancer, etc… impact more lives today than any of the diseases we vaccinate against. Take a look at one of the “scariest” viruses we vaccinate against, (the polio virus) Take a quick look at this article and see if it challenges your thinking (based on belief rather than ACTUAL DATA.)


  7. I think in a third world situation where society is not able to supply children with adequate nutrition, sanitation, clean drinking water and physical fitness amenities, vaccinations may be a necessity. But 72 vaccinations? Wow!

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    1. You make a very valid point. The concept of vaccines are excellent. The components in these vaccines create the unknown dangers we see. If the goals worldwide were based on natural improvements in hygiene, food sources and lifestyle habits, vaccines would take a back seat to improved health quality. We tend to forget that vaccines do not prevent childhood obesity, type 2 diabetes, childhood autoimmune diseases, and childhood cancer. Technology will never replace personal responsibility and intelligent decision making.

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  8. Good grief that is a high number of vaccines !!! kids there must be pin cushions over the years. It is a bit over the top I think !!!
    Healthy food and lifestyle is key and I am sure if that is implemented from day one, end results would be excellent.
    This way a parent knows exactly what is being consumed into the body.

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    1. In the U.S. people couldn’t care less how many times they’re vaccinated. As long as a third party is paying, they will gladly extend their arms. Consumers have been taught NOT TO THINK or challenge those credentialed professionals. It will continue to be to their detriment, unfortunately.

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  9. Thanks, Dr. Jonathan. Another vital post shedding light on the realities of our inaccurate expectations of the medical system. Knowledge is so important and as parents, the onus is on us to be well-informed (when possible. I realize some just simply don’t have access to solid information).

    Also, it would be wonderful if medical professionals were as adamant about behavioral change as they were about vaccinations.

    Always enjoy your posts! Thanks.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. The medical system places time emphasis in areas that generate passive revenue. Behavioral changes require greater time without adequate financial compensation. Until doctors become willing to view their patients as PEOPLE rather than sources of revenue, this business model will remain in place. It serves the profession and the individual practitioner in a lucrative manner.

      I’ll bet doctors regularly vaccinate themselves. I believe this because it appears they have developed a strong immune response to ethical and moral conduct! A very sad commentary.



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  11. Interesting and clear perspective on a complicated discussion. Thanks for sharing!

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    1. Thank you for your courteous comment. I write these posts to help challenge people’s concepts of reality. I look forward to interactive comments to open my mind as well as others to new ideas. This is how we grow and develop as quality human beings.


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