Publication2cropped500Although you may not see or feel the strings, many in society today are controlled by the “medical puppeteer.” We choose not to view our lives from this perspective, but objectively, our actions follow patterns they control. As human marionettes, we’re not interested in the causes of our health conditions and diseases. As human marionettes, we don’t have to use our brains to alter the unhealthy paths in life we follow. All we have to do is remain limp so the medical puppeteer can guide our hands to our mouths to swallow the pharmaceutical solutions they supply us with. It’s almost like each generation has been hypnotized into following this same dangerous pattern.


New High Blood Pressure Guidelines:

Newly released clinical practice guidelines from the 2017 American Heart Association (AHA) Scientific Sessions and co-published in Hypertension and the Journal of the American College of Cardiology by the American College of Cardiology (ACC) increase the total population of people that will now fall under the diagnosis of hypertensive risk. This new guideline intelligently” emphasizes the need for “lifestyle” changes to combat this disease.

Why do I highlight, “intelligently?”

The medical field knows the average person is not about to change their lifestyle. This covers their legal obligations (buttocks) while increasing the supply of pharmaceutical drugs to this new classification of “hypertensive” patients.

In addition, doctors are not given adequate training and education in lifestyle protocols to provide detailed instructions for their patients to follow. To suggest that patients “eat more fruits and vegetables and exercise” has fallen grotesquely short of compliance. Patients are not RELEASED FROM CARE for lifestyle NON COMPLIANCE. They are, however, released from care for pharmaceutical non compliance. The medical puppeteer doesn’t pull the string attached to the patient’s hand away from fast food and other processed substances. He or she, however, makes certain the hand grasps the prescription and carefully maneuvers it to the mouth. The medical puppeteer understands their income is primarily based on the consumption of these drugs; not the consumption of quality foods.

As human marionettes we comply with our medical puppeteers instructions because they’ve convinced us we’re unable to “CONTROL” our health. They instruct us to:

  1. accept their experience without any questions or challenges

  2. fill ALL prescriptions and follow the instructions on the bottles

  3. reschedule appointments, not to see if health is restored, but to see what adjustments may be needed to the prescriptions

This is the medical puppeteer’s

prescription for good health.”

The human marionette’s value to the medical puppeteer is not based on character or morals or deeds, but rather monetary worth and/or quality of insurance coverage. Those human marionettes without financial means or insurance coverage somehow seem to require fewer (if any) follow up office visits or expensive renewable prescriptions. The strings on these human marionettes are frequently left to magically function on their own.

sedentary-mainAs I watch the human marionettes on a daily basis destroy their precious lives taken for granted, I search for WORDS that will awaken sleeping minds. The medical puppeteer is skillful in CONTROLLING these human marionettes. They recognize awakened MINDS will alter their control and ultimately impact their financial security.

You, my friends, create new populations of human marionettes that are trained to function in the same manner as past generations of human marionettes. As long as the medical puppeteer is placed in a position allowing him or her to CONTROL your lives, the human marionette population will remain ENSLAVED to them.

What LITTLE VALUE do we place on our lives if we willingly accept the role as human marionette?


Is the medical doctor the TRUE PUPPETEER or just a MARIONETTE in disguise having his or her strings manipulated by another puppeteer (Big Pharma?)


So, is this just another “interesting” post, or a “boot in the pants” needed to change your THINKING and ATTITUDE? I promise your medical/pharmaceutical puppeteer has no desire to change their THINKING and ATTITUDES and will gladly supply you with their synthetic DRUGS until the day you DIE OR until the day you can no longer afford them (whichever occurs FIRST!)


  1. Yes, the majority of people do want to take a pill to make it all go away rather than put in the effort to lose weight and get fitter. It’s the easy option. A consultant I used to work for always said the best way to treat knee, hip and low back pain would be to wire the patient’s jaws together, but when faced with the actual patient, he then prescribed opioids or steroid injections!

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    1. Turning to the doctor for “healing” in chronic cases is simply a false belief. It seems to remove personal responsibility and creates a source of blame (the doctor) if his or her treatments “fail.” Unfortunately, financial incentives create a conflict of interest for many doctors. Ethical boundaries are often crossed by justifying that patients will simply go to different doctors willing to satisfy their “wants.”

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      1. Absolutely. No pill will cure all ills.

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  2. I was wondering when you might comment on the new blood pressure guiltiness. I’m all for having some sort of bar to set on health standards, but I am a little wary too that these nee target numbers will just mean more people on medication. A friend just told me of her recent visit to the doctor where her blood pressure was measuring a bit high and he immediately wanted to write her a script, with discussion about diet or exercise at all. Thankfully my friend knows she should be eating better and more active and declined that prescription.

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    1. How can doctors talk about LIFESTYLE changes (specifically, not generally) if they receive ZERO education on how to implement this component. They are trained in identifying CAUSE AND EFFECT. If a person has “X” disease, it is treated with “Y” prescription. Is this a valid approach in some cases? Absolutely. It is unlikely the “end all” solution, however, Doctors fall short in this area and are NOT held accountable. Why? Because we, as a society, do not want to commit ourselves to living our lives differently. We choose, instead, to take their pills and continue to destroy our lives (physically and mentally.) It certainly makes the doctor’s job easier and more lucrative.

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  3. Interesting post Jonathan! Yes too easy to take medication for every ailment and no emphasis on changing lifestyle!

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    1. If doctors realize LIFESTYLE is a major factor in their patient’s diseases, why do they invest so little time in correcting this important part of the equation?

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  4. Interesting post, Dr J from which I glean the fact that unless doctors change and get more training or have staff with nutritional training that they work hand in hand with, to be enthusiastic and support the patient thus encourage changes little change will occur. WHY? I think we know the answer to that one…It needs to come initially from the top, be taught to children in school but positively and with encouragement…Utopia..You can tell that I don’t believe that will happen in any great numbers..It won’t stop me and others who try to show the benefits of healthy not boring eating….Will that be enough? I doubt it! Will it stop me?No! Good try though Doc and if one person heeds the posts you write then that is a result for you and you kudos to you…I enjoy your posts and think you talk sense…None so deaf as those who don’t want to hear…Rant over 🙂

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    1. Thank you Carol. Hopefully, stating a message from many different perspectives will awaken sleeping minds. The time and effort I invest certainly makes my days go by very quickly. In my retirement I have chosen to give people the benefit of the doubt. They’re stubborn, but I still care about their welfare. Hopefully, one day they will care as much about themselves as I care about them!

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      1. I certainly hope so Dr J 🙂

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  5. you leave me sitting here smiling again, I am pretty sure that your wrote this post only for me…LOL well that’s the way it feels…even though my MD is wonderful and is always telling me she will be happy to get me off my BP pills, but I have to put in the effort first, no magic button to push to change what it into what you want it to be….great post Jonathan, and thank you for speaking with me. I have been thinking these last few days and getting my mind wrapped around the change that needs to happen in my life. Thank you…Kathy

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    1. It was a pleasure to talk with you.

      All of us have “issues.” Finding the source of motivation to overcome these issues is a challenging mission. The more we believe in ourselves and the real value we offer our families, our communities and yes, ourselves, the easier it becomes to combat our own “demons.”

      Most of us have many years of unresolved “baggage.” This only makes the battle more difficult. It takes great commitment, fortitude and discipline to overcome the years of self harm. This is why so many continue down the same path of self destruction.

      Everyone wants to experience the best from life; very few are willing to do what it takes to achieve this goal.

      Dare to be different from the masses of people.


      1. It was very nice to get your in put and I am challenging myself to start setting small goals, not looking past that first goal. Day Two and I am walking lighter in my mind and feeling the determination I had before. I will have to tweak the times I exercise as I hurt my back in California and am still getting chiropractic care for it and morning seems to be the hardest to get moving at this time. So after I get my muscles warmed up and a cup of coffee in me, I will be able to move more fluidly.. Nothing but a temporary bump to deal with. But thank you again for taking the time to stalk with me. You are a good man and great mentor, I am very happy and lucky I found you in this vast blog world. very much appreciated. Kathy

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        1. Thank you for the kind words, Kat.

          As you know, we all face obstacles of different sizes, but our determination and commitment often determines the final outcomes. Our paths are rarely (if ever) linear. Self awareness is a major key to understanding situations that cause deviation from successful patterns back to destructive ones. As you know, sabotage is a common word. Get to the ROOT CAUSE of “WHY” and uncover a hidden impediment. Be careful, however, because this impediment is likely some emotional issue/trauma that likely needs resolution before you can truly proceed forward.


          1. thank you, yes, I inherited from my mother the capability to dismiss events in my life. Put them on a shelf and just let them sit in the back of my mind…I have been sexually assaulted by a close family friend, and am just now 50 years later getting to the bottom of it within myself. That single event set me on a very negative trajectory that I was unable to recognize until decades later, it is just in the last 10 years I have been able to sort out what that event did to me. It was the reason I thought so little of my own self worth. I knew it wasn’t my fault as I was just a child, but really it does reek havoc with your mind even if you don’t realize. I am not using this as an excuse, just one of many emotional issues I have been dealing with. Thank you for your kind words and always pointing me in the correct direction. xxkat

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            1. This is a very legitimate part of the equation. I appreciate you sharing this because I am certain MANY readers will be able to identify with you. The important thing is that you have chosen RESOLUTION… a necessary step to overcoming obstacles impeding our goals.

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  6. Brilliant post. I sincerely hope there are many out there that do get ‘a boot up the pants’. This is so important !!!!

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    1. Our medical industry has accepted the role of lifetime drug “pusher” and has been blindly indoctrinated into believing that this is the “best” approach to “health.” Supported by government and Big Pharma, the human population has become the largest body of test “lab rats.” Their refusal to accept this reality will result in many sacrificed lives. Ironically, these sacrificed lives will in no way affect the quality of life of those supplying these (OFTEN) unnecessary drugs.

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  7. Interesting

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