I frequently write about the importance of SELF VALUE. Some of us believe this concept is a “given.” This couldn’t be further from the truth. In this article, I’ll attempt to prove it!

Parameters need to be established to define SELF VALUE. I will use the following:

  1. Involvement

  2. Challenge vs Acceptance

  3. Actions

INVOLVEMENT: A person possessing a high degree of SELF VALUE is more aware of their surroundings and the impact it may have on life. For example, if a newspaper reported a story about local water or food contamination, this type of person might begin a “google” search on the topic to see if the story had merit. If it was determined to be a legitimate potential problem, the person with SELF VALUE would proceed to the next parameter.

CHALLENGE vs ACCEPTANCE: They would investigate to see if this contamination posed a threat; and if so, to what degree. They would find credible independent sources that would define the potential danger to understand the real level of threat. They would NOT simply listen to local, state or federal authorities willing to accept responsibility for policy decisions. They would want to hear from experts expressing their independent views. After all, if the authorities were wrong who would likely pay the ultimate price? If the controversial subject was minimized, ignored or rushed through a process to avoid additional attention, the person with SELF VALUE would move on to the third parameter.

ACTIONS: They would meet or talk with these authorities to improve their knowledge on the subject. They would want to make certain their interests (as consumers) were PRIMARY when policy decisions were determined. If special interest groups had conflicting agendas, the person with SELF VALUE would separate themselves from the situation (if possible) to avoid possible harmful repercussions. In other words, instead of standing among the crowd of conformists, they would stand out and take ACTION!





Whether the topics are:

  • fast food

  • genetically modified organisms (GMO)

  • tap water

  • pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides

  • heavy metals in the environment

  • pharmaceutical drugs

  • sedentary living

  • alcohol use

  • obesity

have you incorporated (in your life) the three parameters defining SELF VALUE? Each of these topics pose potentially serious health risks. Have you really taken the time to INVOLVE yourself; to CHALLENGE or ACCEPT the risks, and finally, create a plan of ACTION (if appropriate) to minimize the impact these topics would have on the quality of your life?

If the dangers of these topics do not create a legitimate FEAR, there is a good chance you do not recognize SELF VALUE. Since many of us already face daily challenges in life, it might seem easier to minimize the importance of these topics. After all, they certainly do not seem to interfere with daily living.



Just like magic, what you think you see, is merely an ILLUSION.

  • …you think you see… FAST FOOD, but reality reveals hydrogenated vegetable oils (trans fats) and carcinogens capable of destroying life in such a gradual manner, we accept our disease as fate or bad luck.

  • …you think you see… PRODUCE in grocery stores, but reality reveals genetically modified organisms contaminated by chemical toxins grown in soil depleted of minerals and other nutrients.

  • …you think you see… TAP WATER, but reality reveals clear liquid with varying levels of fluoride, chlorine, lead, arsenic, parasites (giardia and cryptosporidium) and 300+ other chemicals of which 202 are UNregulated (according to the Environmental Working Group.)

  • …you think you see… PESTICIDES, HERBICIDES, INSECTICIDES, FUNGICIDES, but reality reveals sources of liver and kidney disease as well as likely carcinogens.

  • …you think you see… HEAVY METALS, but reality reveals poisoning as a result of industrial exposure, air or water pollution, foods, medicines, improperly coated food containers, or the ingestion of lead-based paints.

  • …you think you see… PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS, but reality reveals a synthetic chemical causing secondary harm to the body that becomes an ongoing requirement for maintaining chronic diseases.

  • …you think you see… SEDENTARY LIVING, but reality reveals a lifestyle that produces harmful effects to the body and mind resulting in a loss of quality living.

  • …you think you see… ALCOHOL, but reality reveals a liver toxic substance that produces as much emotional damage as it does physical damage.

  • …you think you see… OBESITY, but reality reveals a condition resulting from significant imbalances in some combination of emotional, physical and mental well being ( in most cases.)

By not participating in the three parameters (INVOLVEMENT, CHALLENGE vs. ACCEPTANCE, and ACTION) we have sacrificed a component in our life crucial for:


We call this component SELF VALUE. Without possessing this essential component, we have become THE EXPENDABLE CONSUMER also known as THE “HUMAN” LAB RAT.


Disease is no longer defined by bacteria or virus; it is defined by what an individual is willing to allow themselves to be subjected to. The diseases we face today are the result of a combination of lifestyle, environment and our willingness to accept unlikely “truths.” I share this reality in hopes of eliciting deep emotional feelings including anger, resentment, frustration and FEAR. Sometimes it takes confronting these emotions to create an awareness necessary to overcoming our patterns of “helpless acceptance.” If we remain a society of zombie like participants willing to accept these ILLUSIONS, history will teach our future generations that we accepted our “role” and lived our lives as:



  1. True words. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. The beautiful thing is there’s always a better option.

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  2. Great post.

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    1. Thank you so much.

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  3. […] via THE EXPENDABLE CONSUMER — All About Healthy Choices […]

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  4. Well said again Dr J! I prefer the term self-WORTH

    … and the most expendable consumer, sadly, are those who enlist for they will surely meet their demise well before we rot ourselves away from the inside.

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    1. I certainly hope not although I understand your sentiment.

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      1. You, I and their families would NOT be deemed expendable but our govts most certainly do! None of their offspring register for service …

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  5. Excellent post! When we truly value ourselves we seek nothing but the truth and the best life option.

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    1. If people saw themselves with greater self worth and self value they just might respect their health as well.
      Thank you for reading and commenting on this topic.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this message.

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  6. so true…..thanks for the great post..

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  7. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

    Our self-value is in direct proportion to our healthy choices. This is a very important post I hope many more people come across.

    Thank you for this, Jonathan.


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    1. I like the way you think. Thank you for reading and commenting. Have a great weekend!

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      1. Health Mastery Movement · · Reply

        You’re welcome! And thanks, my friend. I hope you have a fantastic weekend, too! 🙂

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  8. Excellent thoughts on self value, a subject that affects every area in our life, from living healthy, to making partner and career choices. A deep evaluation of self and the realization of the enormous power one has over the direction of their life is a freedom like no other.

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    1. …if one recognizes they have the ability to have this kind of CONTROL over their own life!… “THE EXPENDABLE CONSUMER” is an integral component in maintaining our current existence. Although I love my country, the United States places greater emphasis on monetary policies than the VALUE of individual lives. I am NOT an idealist, but the reality of a “leveling;” a “balancing” between these two components is achievable if we CHOOSE to make this a priority rather than CHOOSING “POWER” and satisfying SPECIAL INTERESTS.

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  9. So true! Very good information. Thank you 🙂


  10. Great post, so much to think about! We do need to take care of ourselves and be totally well educated!

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  11. The Twentysomething Social Recluse · · Reply

    So true! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    1. Glad you enjoyed it!

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