Publication1 CROPPED 700What contributes to one person’s view of life as dark, lonely or isolated and another person’s view of life as bright, boundless and full of undiscovered opportunities?


What draws the MIND in one direction or the other? Is it more natural to view life as existence with a simple goal of self preservation or to view life as an endless pool of sensory stimulation redefined through infinite possibilities and experiences.

The child’s mind develops without preconceived awareness. The child experiences life and then learns from these experiences.

The adult’s mind often lacks flexibility and is self limited by preconceived awareness. It lacks (figuratively) peripheral vision and auditory attentiveness. It has a tendency to confine life to certain boundaries to minimize anxiety and other painful emotions.

To see life and all it has to offer, we NEED to retain part of the child’s brain while growing and developing the adult’s brain. If we sacrifice the child’s brain, we lose the driving force to LEARN and EXPERIENCE; if we sacrifice the adult brain we lose STABILITY and the drive for MOTIVATION.

Our perception of these four terms and the priority we give each one determines (to a large extent) our ability to SEE LIFE.

If your “VISION” of life is falling short of expectations, see which brain (child or adult) is out of BALANCE. Are you under or over utilizing your LEARNING and EXPERIENCES or sacrificing STABILITY for misguided MOTIVATION?

As you allow these natural brains to express themselves and interact with one another, an emotional weight releases, providing greater opportunity to SEE LIFE and enjoy it from BOTH the child’s and adult’s perspective.


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  1. I personally can see myself liking both views. They are both beautiful and can represent an emotion or a feeling at that moment. Whether a glorious sunrise over a clear sea, can glorify the beginning of a new day, a fiery sunset on dark waters can bring calmness and nostalgia to the inner self.

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    1. Love your comment. When I created this picture my thinking was very different from what you saw. I like your interpretation better. Thank you for sharing your vision and opening my eyes to a better view of life!

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  2. Perception accounts for 90% of our stress i believe?

    I like to think mine is balanced and that curiosity is paramount.

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  3. Hummmm it would depend on my mood I suppose…..however I see beauty in both pictures…nothing like a great sunny day or a great rain storm….I always, well most times try to see the positive side of life at all time….I see positive in both pictures…I worked with a gal who only saw the negative side no matter….it was hard to be her friend, but I kept at it…..I don’t think she ever saw just how negative she was….life is so much easier trying to be positive and kind….I hate how quick the negative side comes out in people and I have seen how fast jump on that wagon…I sit here shaking my head no understanding peoples choices sometimes…good post….kat

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    1. Many people don’t even realize they focus on the negative. I saw so much of it growing up, it impacted my life and helped guide me in a better healthier direction.


      1. Its amazing at how easily people swing in the negative direction these days….I try to always be kind to others…..however I do have a breaking point myself…..

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        1. Agreed. I think we all have a breaking point.

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  4. It is all in the way you preceive things. It the glass is half full or half empty story. I try to look at the positive as much as possible but sometimes it can be difficult. When I get to that point where I have nothing but negativity going on I stop and try to pull myself out of it. Most of the time it works but someimes it doesn’t. When that happens I try to find out what happened to get me there.

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    1. You provide such good comments. Your method can be (and probably will be) used by others that find themselves in your situation. You didn’t use the word, so I will supply it for you… you look for the ROOT CAUSE!
      You are one smart lady! 🙂

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      1. Thank you!! I was not always like that but I had to change and I did and am still doing it 🙂

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        1. Those seeking a better life are continually undergoing transformation. I look forward to reading about yours and sharing mine.

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  5. Hmmmm for me I definitely do try and see the positive, and if something negative happens try and find a positive out of the negative. It works mostly, but in some instances it doesn’t, and I just do not see the positive (well positive enough for me). In saying that, I do try and make the best of a situation. This may sound all contradictory but the bottom line is I make the best of a situation as I possibly can. 🙂

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    1. It’s difficult to turn all experiences into “rosy” outcomes. The goal is to approach negativity with the willingness to seek positive components and use them to maximize potential results.

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  6. I used to be very negative about things but was fortunate enough to have learned about the magic of perception after learning about and how to literally change my thoughts It’s very true everything you say here, but I’d just like to add that it’s important to remember how difficult it can be for those stuck in negativity to see anything else. It’s all many have ever known and like the proverbial fish in water, they have no idea that’s what they live and breath in all day long.

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    1. You’re so very right. Stepping out of oneself and OBJECTIVELY seeing REALITY can be scary and difficult. Support from family and friends is a good starting point for many.

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