Age-Quotes-75Every single one of us (if we are fortunate to be blessed with longevity) has the CHOICE to determine how our lives will evolve from our working years to our retirement years. Health certainly plays a major factor which contributes to our physical and mental capabilities and sometimes imposes unfortunate compromises on these choices. To a large extent, our willingness to assume responsibility and live a lifestyle designed to maintain a healthy body and mind provide greater opportunities as we head into retirement.

I recently saw an article entitled, “Tech Aid For Retirees.” I started to laugh when I saw the picture that accompanied this article.


It made me begin to realize the mindset our society has constructed when envisioning the aging process. When a pill box is considered a “tech aid” for retirement, we have created a VISION of sickness and dysfunction for those living in this age category. WHY? Are those in there 60’s or 70’s or even their 80’s supposed to assume life has lost its joy because we no longer function as we did in our 20’s and 30’s? Does age in and of itself remove the qualities and values in life we have lived and believed in? Where does this notion come from that “SENIORS” can only experience a “limited” lifestyle because their chronological years prevents them from achieving a truly satisfying one?

My blog site is called, “All About Healthy Choices.” The articles I write share concepts, ideas and solutions to achieving the quality of life DESIRED. You can’t buy it; you can’t simply read about it.

Quality is achieved by LIVING IT!


It’s about making choices; some of which are pleasurable and some of which aren’t. It’s about understanding the decisions we make TODAY, DRAMATICALLY affect the lifestyle choices of TOMORROW.

I have always believed in the philosophy, “if you think you can or think you can’t, you’re probably RIGHT!” If you think and believe the pillbox is the future exciting “technology” you look forward to, it probably will be. If instead, you envision a life of experiences filled with activity and shared with people that bring love and meaning to your life, this becomes an alternative possibility as well.

20140416-065610Now I’m not saying that a happier life comes from clicking your “red shoes of glitter” (The Wizard of Oz) three times and making a wish. It requires work, effort, the willingness to LEARN and the willingness to incorporate the various components necessary to achieving and maintaining a healthy body and mind. It takes discipline and willpower, but most importantly it takes a MIND that can remain FOCUSED on the BIG PICTURE to provide the incentive to get beyond the recurring obstacles in our way.


Do we want to envision the last 10, 20, 30, or even 40 years of life lying in a recliner having our meals and pharmaceutical “desserts” brought to us as we watch TV to take “hours off the clock” not knowing what day it is or what’s happening outside our windows? Are we planning to use these years researching ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES because our families are no longer be able to take care of our physical and medical needs. Folks, this is REALITY, IF we don’t decide to take the NECESSARY STEPS to increase our chances of creating an alternative and more fulfilling outcome!







  1. Great truth here.
    “but most importantly it takes a MIND that can remain FOCUSED on the BIG PICTURE”
    and therein lies the problem … But they say admitting the problem is the first step in changing it, so I suppose time will tell. I just know I don’t plan on vegetating my time away once I gain freedom from the workplace.

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    1. Anyone consciously aware of their own situation and UNWILLING to simply accept the myth that life’s control over us is too overwhelming should recognize hope exists in achieving a more positive outcome.

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      1. True. Except maybe for those moments when life’s control over us is, in fact, too overwhelming and we need help.

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  2. So many have accepted the inevitability of that very full pill box. It breaks my heart to see folks like my MIL, at 87, taking 20-25 prescriptions daily. They are like chemistry projects gone awry.

    Important post, Doc, thanks. ☺

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    1. Unfortunately, this is the path that many believe is “normal.” As long as a health care system and manufacturing industry thrive from this belief, it becomes difficult to convince the consumer an alternative more fulfilling lifestyle is available. Drugs have a role in disease care; it should not, however, be viewed as the first and/or best option in all cases.

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  3. Well, growing old is much better than the alternative.

    Every new decade of my life offers new challenges (along with little aches and pains). With experience comes wisdom and the appreciation of the little things in life. I am enjoying my life more today than when I was 18. And I have promised myself to make the sacrifices necessary to live longer and enjoy a quality life.

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    1. I think you will find life to be exceeding enjoyable (even with the aches and pains) with that positive attitude. I experience such joy when I see people willing to pursue life from that perspective.

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  4. What a beautifully forward thinking post! Having observed both sides of this lived out in my own extended family, I know that I want to be on the proactive, healthy living side.

    The focus of this piece is really important, Jonathan! The decisions we make today will mark our realities twenty and thirty years from now.

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    1. Hopefully, for many, with a life abundant in joy, family, friends, spiritual balance, good health and so much happiness!

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  5. To me it does not matter how long I live but the quality of life is something more important. One should appreciate the little things in life to achieve happiness and gratification. That’s what matters the most.

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    1. Most people seem to agree that quality of life takes precedent over quantity of life. If people would consider taking more personal pride in the care of their minds and bodies, it is likely they would experience better chances for happiness and fulfillment.

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  6. Every day is a chance to live life the way you want. You can either choose to be happy or wallow in self-pity. The is always to think in a positive way.

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    1. Only for those who recognize that each day offers opportunities. Those viewing each day as just another struggle, are blinded by obstacles and other distractions. It takes desire, determination and persistence to get beyond the “NOISE” to see this amazing world in a positive light. It is very much worth the effort, however!

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  7. I have nominated YOU for the


    1. Thank you for the nomination. It went to my spam folder. Sorry for the late response.
      I no longer participate with the blog awards because some readers expressed concern that they imposed on their time and effort. Please accept my sincerest appreciation for the nomination. It is a humbling experience when fellow readers express their belief in the value I try to offer through my articles. Thank you so much.

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      1. Understandable Thanks for your response

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  8. Such a great post – as always. I’ve seen people make both good and bad decisions on this.


  9. Sandhya · · Reply

    Great post as always! So true – We have to make healthy choices to keep active, eat well and have good friends!

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    1. Thank you. I think we might need to take it one step further. We need to implement healthy choices into a healthy LIFESTYLE to evolve as we age rather than simply grow OLD!

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      1. Sandhya · · Reply

        True! I agree.

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  10. great post…..make you think about the rest of what life we have ahead of us….striving to make it the best I can….thanks jonathan

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    1. …and how we CHOOSE to live it!…


  11. Love the photos and the article! The best is yet to come

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      1. Always something to think about Jonathan!

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  12. Very good age is just a number.

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    1. Glad you enjoyed the article. Age IS just a number IF you take care of YOURSELF!
      Have a wonderful week.


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