vert-girl-on-horseNow there’s a bold title based on the fact that I typically offer my information and help without asking for any financial compensation! Is this a change of heart?


The money I seek is for a charity that offers children with critical diseases an opportunity to experience (along with their families) a “dream vacation come true.” Since 1986, this organization has welcomed more than 154,000 families from all 50 states and 76 countries to their village (an 84-acre resort with 168 villa accommodations, unique entertainment attractions, whimsical venues, and fun activities for children of all abilities.) “Give Kids The World” is the name of this organization. They pay EVERY expense associated with providing these children and their families this amazing experience.

bonaventure 4 cropped500On February 9th, 2018 I will be participating in rappelling 32 stories down the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Orlando, Florida. The person in the picture is NOT ME! I am NOT a climber or mountain rappeller. I have ZERO experience in this field. I AM, however, an advocate for improving the quality of children’s lives, even if this quality only produces a final moment of joy and happiness.

In a chaotic world focused on atrocity and divisiveness, I offer you a moment of SANITY and GOOD WILL. You can achieve this moment by sharing your KINDNESS with others by donating (what ever you can) to this incredible charitable organization. All contributions made on my home page go (in their entirety) to “Give Kids The World.” These donations also happen to be tax deductible.

If you don’t feel like trading places with me hanging 428 feet in the air supported by a rope, please consider instead to reach into your wallet or purse and make a charitable donation. This organization started because a little girl named Amy died shortly before arrangements could be made to fulfill her wish.


Please help me prevent this from happening to other children.

If presidential campaigns can raise BILLIONS of dollars for WEALTHY candidates, let’s step back and consider our priorities and our willingness to step up and support our children in need.

If you’re willing to participate in supporting this effort, please click the red link below:

Dr. Colter’s Going Over The Edge To Benefit Critically Ill Children

The GREEN BUTTON on the right side near the top of the HOME PAGE is the DONATION button. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me.

In reality, this isn’t the excitement:Rock-climbing-hanging-in-air2500


DSC_3494 500

Please be part of this fund raising event. Thanking you in advance for your support.

Dr. Colter’s Going Over The Edge To Benefit Critically Ill Children



  1. Heights are my nemesis and I applaud you and will certainly contribute..You are braver man than me …lol

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  2. Great cause Jonathan ! 🙂

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    1. It sure is, Lynne. Thank you.

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  3. This is coincidence for me Doc, no no way. Listen, I just finished reading the book Forgiveness the Greatest Healer of All by Jerry Jampolsky MD and he share the story of his friend who started this ‘Give the Kids the World’ -and then I click on your post and – bam. so am going to your link and if I can donate by paypal, Lord help me my mite will go just there right now. Thanks so much for all you do, am actually equally drafting a long email to you, forgive me in advance lol

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    1. Coincidence or meant to be?? Thank you again for giving a piece of your heart to this wonderful organization.


      1. Doc, I wanted to say ‘not a coincidence’ lol. Those omissions which can near derail our intentions. One of my dream jobs is to work in a kindergarten or a children’s home. I think that will be my retirement set up. We will be rooting foe you right down that building and nope no Photoshoping hahaha

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        1. I could see many young children benefiting from your guidance, wisdom and experiences. Sounds like a perfect retirement ahead of you.


  4. Good on ya Doc Jonathan! I hope you share videos of the adventure when it’s done.

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    1. I will certainly share the kid’s experiences living in this amazing 87 acre village for a whole week.

      The rapelling…. it’s really only a tool to entice people to donate. Seems a shame people need enticing, but whatever it takes to improve the quality of life for these children, I’ll do!

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  5. You’re a braver man than me! lol… I am generally a bystander when it comes to anything more than a foot off the ground! I hope the kids get the help they need!

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    1. Thank you. I would gladly stand aside to let someone else rapel the hotel. Not many volunteers stepping forward. If is wasn’t for the kids, I would be standing next to you (no more than one foot off the ground!)


  6. Wow! Wishing you the best through your fundraising and challenge. What a beautiful cause.

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  7. Bravo, Doc! You have my support and if we just so happen to be in Orlando in February (to visit our grand-daughter) perhaps I will make my way to the Hyatt to give you a congratulatory hug upon your descent!! Blessings to you for your giving- heart!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support. If you have any difficulty with the website, please let me know. Everyone (including donors from as far away as Africa) have told me the donating process was easy. Glitches happen, however, and I want to make certain these children receive EVERYTHING they’re supposed to. Thank you again for all your kindness and compassion.

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      1. My greatest honor to support you!

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        1. I know your words to the public have placed so many needed smiles on so many faces. I appreciate the person you are and the opportunity for personal and spiritual growth you offer to others.

          P.S. I don’t have a private means to contact you so please pardon me. I want to make certain you were not charged for a donation to the cause I’ve been volunteering my time to . My charity home page at: http://support.gktw.org/goto/JCsGoingOverTheEdge does not show you’ve been credited for your contribution. I give my heart to these kids, but I also feel a personal obligation to protect those kind hearted people (like yourself) reaching out to offer their financial assistance. Please let me know if a mistake has been made on their part.
          Thank you again for offering your (much needed) support.
          Have a blessed Thanksgiving with your family.


  8. What a great cause, your very brave…but I agree the kids have to come first, always!! Have fun…Kat

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  9. What a wonderful cause!

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  10. Amazing! Wishing you the best through your gathering pledges and test. What an excellent reason.

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    1. Thank you for your will wishes.
      I hope you might consider extending yourself if possible with a donation or willingness to share this post with your social media contacts. Any contribution demonstrates KINDNESS and is greatly appreciated.

      Thank you for taking the time to read this and for offering your kind sentiments.


  11. Reblogged this on Retired? No one told me! and commented:
    Please spare a minute of your day to read this and or donate/reblog as Dr J is doing something I wouldn’t as it involves going of the top of a building..heights are my nemesis… It is for a worthy cause and he has made the first donation and it is to help Children who are our future …So please, please help if you can xxxx

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    1. So, so very kind of you Carol. Hoping your reblog elicits emotional reactions translating into financial support for these wonderful children in need.


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