final-new-450I am so blessed. I have had a 57 year life span (so far) to:

  • know what it feels like to be loved by TWO parents

  • know what if feels like to be loved by TWO sisters

  • know what it feels like to experience an outstanding education

  • know what it feels like to have have had jobs and a career opportunity

  • know what it feels like to experience marriage, TWICE!

  • know what if feels like to be HEALTHY in MIND, BODY and SPIRIT

  • know what it feels like to be HAPPY in LIFE

Knowing what it feels like and experiencing all of these blessings comes with a price. You see, it is only possible to “know what it feels like” to experience blessings if you “know what it feels like” to experience CHALLENGES! Experiencing BOTH sides creates perspective and opens one’s MIND to CHOICES.

Some people LIVE their whole life in PAIN, FEAR, ANGER, RESENTMENT, FRUSTRATION and SORROW rather than merely EXPERIENCING IT at some point in TIME. The BLESSING I mention is not so much the END RESULT, but rather the LEARNING PROCESS in TRANSITIONING one’s life from NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES to POSITIVE OUTCOMES.

The following two (3 minute) videos create a greater awareness of “GOOD and “BAD from a different perspective. They demonstrate that “BLESSINGS” are found in situations traditionally viewed as UNFORTUNATE and SORROWFUL. They are powerful and emotional videos that can help you overcome the current limitations you consciously or subconsciously IMPOSE on YOURSELF.


Take the “EXPERIENCES” from these videos and use them to further ENHANCE the QUALITY of YOUR LIFE.



(Thank you David Kanigan from Live & Learn for sharing this first video with all of us.)


  1. Love the video❤. How true it is, that we all need each other. No matter how different in beliefs, culture or colors. Hope that we come to realize the importance of tolerance and acceptance.

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    1. The concept needs to be shared over and over again. We are “creatures” that learn through repetitive habit (both good and bad.) The more we focus on SOLUTIONS rather than simply PROTESTING “ANTI” sentiments, the closer we get to UNITING a meaningful cultural existence.

      Shouting and protesting without a meaningful attempt to SIT DOWN and DISCUSS commonality and mutual CHANGE simply promulgates resentment and more hostility. Creating awareness of problems through protest is important; but it only becomes meaningful if the protest is followed by productive discourse.

      It seems a great majority are interested in SHOUTING (at this point,) but few seem interested in LISTENING!

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    1. These videos literally brought tears to my eyes. They were based, however, on the GOODNESS (not the SADNESS) seen in these snippets. Unfortunately, human nature seems drawn to life’s negative situations. Our news media thrives broadcasting these emotionally draining stories every day. I choose, instead, to focus on the POSITIVE. This doesn’t mean I ignore the negative, it means I simply place it in perspective and minimize its impact on life.

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  2. Your blog always makes me smile. 🎈

    It’s strange when you think of it, but there really are people who’ve never seen a cow, huh? 🐄

    It’s amazing when we stop and think of the things we take so much for granted (like being able to recognize livestock!), and then we contemplate those differences in those who are exactly like “us” but just live differently. The categorizations of demographics (i.e. race, median income) seem so irrelevant anymore, and I sometimes think they cause more harm than good.

    Very deep, cricket! These videos are beautiful.

    Moo! hehe ;o))

    P.S. There’s no way you are 57!

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    1. You have the perfect personality for my writing. You understand the depth in the concepts and add a wonderful sense of humor to their meaning. Life is about finding BALANCE. The closer we get to achieving this goal, the more potential we have to enjoy life. Something tells me you already understand this concept in your own way.

      Yes, I am 57. Interestingly, I simply follow a lifestyle I was taught as a young boy to follow. I was told to exercise, eat healthy, work hard and enjoy life. These are pretty basic tenets, however, their simplicity does produce a FUNCTIONAL and EMOTIONAL quality in living. People (in general) seem to CHOOSE to follow a different lifestyle as they grow up. They avoid the “necessary” lifestyle choices that increase their chances for achieving good health. Good health requires ACTIVE participation. When people begin VALUING their own lives, they will likely be more willing to ACTIVELY participate in becoming HEALTHY AND ENJOYING LIFE! It doesn’t take rocket science; it takes a MINDSET determined to maximize our short time on this planet.

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      1. Here’s to balance!

        though, I feel badly for your team’s impending defeat today! ha! 😜

        You make some very interesting points, too. Healthier choices seem to get overlooked, when it’s so simple to make them. Eat right, exercise, take care of your mind, body, and soul. BREAK bad habits and replace them with…wait for it….healthier choices. 😉

        I’m glad we’ve “met.”

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        1. Had to wait for the results of the Superbowl before responding. Thank you for your empathetic support for my team’s loss. We obviously new we could beat New England and decided rather than making them look like a bunch of “has beens” we offered them a “last hurrah.” Just part of our “SOUTHERN” culture. 😀

          Seriously, sorry to hear about your unfortunate blogging experience. I appreciate your invitation and look forward to reading more of your writing. Have a great week!

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  3. You are so right! We have challenges that teach us and give us perspective

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  4. Very inspiring post. Loved both videos as well. I was at a midweek church meeting once when a pastor did a very similar thing to the first video. The point was that we need to break up the “labeled” groups. In his case he called it the “Holy Huddle.” LOL

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  5. Very clever pastor!
    Sometimes people need to see videos like this to help place life in better perspective. We get so focused on our own lives, (understandably) we lose touch with “REAL PROBLEMS” we never have to (fortunately) face.


  6. Wow! both of those video’s touched my heart and even brought tears to my eyes. So often ‘the negative’ is seen, I see the positive. Thanks Jonathan for this 🙂


  7. fitnesstidbitsblog · · Reply

    This is amazing! I really enjoy your entire blog page really. Great topics!


  8. I have seen the second video…..amazing at how selfish we can be….I love surprising people and doing the unexpected….great post…..share a little love in the world and it comes back tenfold….I am an example of that!!! kat

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    1. …and you deserve it!…
      Discovering the basis of our selfishness is important in reversing this attitude. It’s not based on just one activity or event. It’s likely based on some deep rooted FEARS and a DEFENSIVE MISGUIDED RESPONSE.

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