Publication3cropped400When we search for answers, we commonly use methods that distinguish “right” from “wrong.” This helps qualify the pathways we follow and adds confidence to our decision making. What many of us don’t realize is that it also blinds us from seeing additional alternative pathways that may better suit our needs to achieving successful outcomes.

The concept of “Right” or “Wrong” makes life SIMPLER. It doesn’t, however, make life EASIER. What is right for one person is wrong for another.


We need to begin understanding the term “right” differently. We need to redefine it as:

“an individual decision that best suits the individual’s personality, needs and behavior that achieves the desired results.”

This definition better explains why multiple “right” answers exist and the potential benefits in accepting these various TRUTHS.

We are a stubborn society. We emphatically believe we know “right” from “wrong.”

Our inability to see beyond our own visual field, however, limits our ability to see the various “right” choices that truly exist.


  1. What is the “right” answer to address disease?

  2. What is the “right” answer to address long term weight loss?

If we continue to allow those in positions of power to limit our perspectives by only revealing that which they want us to see, we will never be able to discover the:

Multiple “right” answers that already exist. 


 Maybe it’s time to abandon this limited view to problem solving and begin viewing the ENTIRE PICTURE before us.


Rather than arguing whether this picture represents a DUCK or a RABBIT, why can’t we agree both answers offer legitimate “RIGHT” choices. When it comes to our health problems including our weight issues, we must be willing to look beyond doctors and diets as the only “right” sources to achieving results. We must be willing to view the ENTIRE PICTURE of potential options that ultimately may better align with our individual personalities and needs to achieve the “RIGHT” results desired.


The “RIGHT” option is the one you research and decide for yourself; not the one the advocate or professional imposes upon you! 


  1. I would guess that nowhere else in our culture do larger shades of gray exist than when it comes to individual healthcare, nutritional and lifestyle choices. What works for me, probably won’t work for you and likewise. That’s a powerful message you tie in with navigating treatments for yourself and being your own advocate. So very important!

    There are, of course certain things which we can say with certainty are right or wrong, but that’s another blog post all together! 😉

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    1. Self thinking and self direction using professional OPINIONS as guidance for navigation is definitely the underlying message. Whether it’s a lawyer, doctor, accountant, etc… we should participate in the process to better understand our options than rely on ANY of them to decide for us. Two minds working TOGETHER often achieve better results.

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  2. Doc, your killing me with all of these images. lol

    Got it. To find the “right:” health solution we need to see the whole picture. You drive it home so even a Chimp can understand it.

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    1. I figure if people skip over the words, at least the pictures will grab some interest for a little while. (LOL)

      You’ve brightened my day…if a CHIMP can understand it, maybe one or two humans will follow! 😀

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  3. This is so true Doctor J!

    Seldom there is just only one pathway to success in many areas. I tell training clients all the time when they hear of a new training method, or form of eating, and claim “it’s the best,” I always respond that just like a nature trail in the woods, there are many paths one can take, and they can all lead to the same destination. Some may be better suited fof different people depending on the individual, but like you wrote, things are rarely as black and white as people percieve them to be!

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    1. I completely agree with you and your analogy. Those capable of ebbing and flowing are more likely to achieve better progress and results than those pursuing an approach that violates their core beliefs. Flexibility and the willingness to fail (in the process) only to learn and improve upon the experience, achieve the best results.

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      1. Great verbiage via an added element to think about it, completely agree!

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  4. Great thoughts on an ultimate issue far too many never think about.

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    1. I’ll just keep “respectfully” (and figuratively) slapping readers upside the head with these messages until they take hold and produce actions. They don’t have to accept my thought process; they simply need to think for THEMSELVES rather than rely on outdated ideas and false assumptions.


  5. Another powerful message 🙂

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    1. Thank you, Carol.


  6. Great pics to drive the message in! I agree 100 percent about each person’s path to losing weight being different. What works for one does not necessarily work for the others. I believe in eating healthy (most of the time 🙂 and exercising.It has served me well so far.
    Always enjoy reading your informative posts.

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    1. Thank you for your feedback. Reading what works for other people helps support those looking for better directions in life. Always great to hear from you!


  7. OOH so true there’s more than one right answer! Great discussion here.

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    1. Thank you for adding you opinion to this dialogue. Different perspectives help people formulate new approaches to healthier living.


  8. Another powerful post. I love the double meaning for the pictures….it is so true that what I see may totally different from what you see. I stressed this to my children while I raised them, that there is not just one way to see life and situations. I love the pictures…thanks Jonathan…..kat

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    1. I’m more of a visual learner, so I thought I’d share this approach.

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  9. Doc,of course I had to get here and leave a comment. I shoot: What is my right for me currently is thus:
    1) I am older and can’t keep up with my son when he pumps it up for 90 mins when working out;
    2) I may add 2/3 kgs but the scale alone is never what tells my real weight or health (holistic to be precise):
    3) There is so much info out there and I have the right and even obligation to read and chose alternative solutions to my weight and health issues
    Indeed doc, this ‘conventional’ right or wrong thinking causes more prejudice to self and others than necessary. As one of the lines of our Home rules says: Being better is better than being right… My idea was to get the boys get the beauty in avoiding unnecessary fights and arguments both at home and at school etc for the sake of their peace and sanity. You can’t leave a fight being better even if you are right. Thanks once more for your Determination, Discipline and Dedication to drive all these home telling it as it is…I guess even Ella our cat can get it lol

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    1. Learning from our efforts (including our mistakes) is the path to better balance and better health. This applies to our physical and mental well being.


  10. […] “RIGHT” OR “WRONG” […]

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