Pursuing A Natural Course For Better Health

20150828_144849_resizedAs I was reading some medical literature today I came across this article. This was dated from 2010 and discussed the 395 medicines that were in the research stages for development and eventual use. How many billions of dollars go into researching drugs and what are their goals?
The average person would assume their intentions are to “make people healthy.” In general, drugs DO NOT make people healthy. They can help fight disease, assist with hormonal imbalances, reduce symptoms and even affect conditions that left unaddressed could lead to fatalities. These are all important attributes, but focus on disease and dysfunction rather than HEALTH. There is an important distinction.
A person who is truly healthy experiences health on multiple levels. These include physical, emotional, and spiritual.
PHYSICAL: Physical health includes the ability to pursue life’s meaningful activities or events in a joyful meaningful manner. Physical health is achieved by performing physical activities. The more we condition ourselves through physical activity the easier and better we become at performing or experiencing the tasks or events. These physical accomplishments impact our physiology in a healthful manner.

What medication can be developed to accomplish this?

EMOTIONAL: Emotional health is achieved by participating in activities or events that provide a sense of well being. A balance is important and achieved by experiencing all feelings, however, one’s ability to remain positive and motivated is essential to keep this balance well adjusted. Emotional health helps people feel good about themselves as well as others. It has an essential impact on the physical body as well as the mind.

What medication can be developed to accomplish this? 

SPIRITUAL: Spiritual health can be based in religion, or simply a soul seeking experience. It helps define an individual and creates a better understanding for their place in this world. It helps guide us in times of confusion and opens new doors and pathways to journey. It offers eternal hope and helps complete us as individuals.

What medication can be developed to accomplish this?

Our medicines have helped extend the number of years the average person exists. Their contributions to combating disease has been important. When used most effectively, they provide people sufficient recovery to cross back over the bridge to a lifestyle of Health and Happiness. For some, medication will become a lifetime need.

It will NEVER, however, be the source of GOOD HEALTH and HAPPINESS.

So much money is spent on disease. What would happen if we took just a little bit and spent it teaching and developing the 3 essential components of HEALTH? We would likely stop worrying about longevity and start enjoying every minute of life we are privileged to have been given.
The best doctor you will ever find already resides within the body. Provide this doctor the tools necessary for maximal health and reap the benefits.


  1. jennjenx · · Reply

    Love this!


    1. Thank you for taking the time to share in this article. I have read many of your articles and agree with so many of your ideas. We need to gently but convincingly convey these important messages over and over again until traction takes hold. Change in thinking is a slow process that requires persistence. I believe PEOPLE are worth the time and energy.


  2. Great post. Of course I love this topic!! and everything you say has been true in my life. You are right, so many millions of dollars go into research each year to develop new medicines and yet, it is never on teaching each other about the healing abilities we have within ourselves to change our health and vitality. A great discussion to share.

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    1. Thank you for your support and all your contributions to these articles. It is difficult to view our society from any other shoes than the ones we wear. We believe in authority because we have no one else to trust. When we hear ideas that don’t conform with what we’re told, we dismiss them as aberrations. The healthcare model we have followed for so long doesn’t support health; it maintains and supports chronic disease. It works independant of our bodies and attempts to manipulate the outcome. We desperately need alternative choices and caring people willing to deliver this message. Thank you for being one of those caring people.

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  3. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    I wonder what would happen if they spent all this time and money discovering natural health remedies? Just think about how different the world would be!

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    1. I would love to be part of this fantasy world. This would be a place where altruism takes precedence over profits. Universal health would improve as a result of coordinated efforts by society to reinforce this new direction. When and if the body became overwhelmed from a state of severe imbalance, medicine would provide its temporary role to return the body to a functional state and allow it once again to maintain itself as it was designed. Good health would exude and become “contagious.” This would become the new norm. Martin Luther King said it best, “I have a dream.”

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  4. Thank you for this great post. I like what you said that the best doctor already resides within. In fact, this reminded me when I went out for medical missions in far flung areas in my country. Along the way, you will notice that their surrounding is rich with natural remedies and yet they fall in line on a long queue just to take a chemically prepared drug for their simple illness. When I go for an extra mile just to teach these people how lucky they are with their natural remedies on their backyard, they will just smile and still ask for those tablets, syrups and capsules that pharmaceutical companies provide. I always tell them that prevention is still the best and they all have it within reach. However, I can only do much to help them with their health condition. Most people in my country would self-medicate because they see Physicians as Entrepreneurs and no longer healers and rely on those OTC drugs. I can’t blame them because that is how it is, even before I become a colleague. How I wish that their is really that fantasy world where healing is beyond profit and health is not just a privilege but a right. I would like to join as an advocate 🙂

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    1. It takes a great deal of energy to maintain your beliefs in a world that would rather believe the answer to health can be found in a bottle of pills. Find activities, events or places that restore your energy. Your approach to health (rather than disease) is a foreign concept to many patients and doctors. It is one I am deeply rooted in. I have learned over the years to offer choices to my patients. I discovered it was NOT my job or responsibility to TELL my patients what to do. It was my job and ETHICAL responsibility to make certain they had accurate information to make the best informed decision for THEMSELVES. Helping patients become self empowered is one of the greatest gifts you can provide. Be prepared for a bumpy ride through your career. Remain open minded, but stay convicted to the concept of health. You will look back on your career (down the road) and be able to smile.

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  5. “A person who is truly healthy experiences health on multiple levels. These include physical, emotional, and spiritual.”

    A resounding YES!! I couldn’t agree more. I’ve seen friends who are physically healthy who think that that’s all it takes when their emotional and spiritual stability are lacking. I’m going to send them this article.

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    1. I appreciate you sharing this article. It is nicest and most sincere form of compliment. I hope they benefit from these concepts. I believe everyone can.

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  6. The Reading Cottage: The Platform For Books, Feature Articles, Book Reviews, Interview, Culture, Lifestyle , Entertainment · · Reply

    I believe this is one of the best websites in regard to health issues. Great articles. Thank you.

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words. Please accept my apology in the delayed response. I have been in hospice with my mother and have had to take time off. I plan to return around Oct. 2nd and continue to write AND respond to everyone’s blog sites. People place a tremendous amount of effort and I truly respect their time. I look forward to reading your articles in the near future. I will attempt to spot read and comment if possible before the October date. Thank you again for all your consideration.


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