Changing A False HEALTH Reality

Whether it’s naivety, trust in authority or lack of concern we have blindly followed our government and our health care institutional policies. We read and listen to these policies without ever really processing the content. If it doesn’t “appear” to affect our lifestyle, we nod our heads in acceptance without clearly comprehending what we’re nodding at. This is simply the way it has always been, and therefore, believed the way it should always continue. We see pictures like this and walk by without giving it a second thought.


We have been taught to view a person that questions “accepted policy” as a radical thinker. This is an intentional labeling as it helps our institutions support and categorize (from their perspective) good from evil and used to manipulate our emotions. The initial response to such a person labeled “radical thinker” would likely be defensive and mistrustful. It denotes a change in behavior or lifestyle that may negatively impact our own lives.

Maybe it’s time we rethink these traditional thought patterns we follow and consciously consider whether they are in our best interest or those giant institutions capable of manipulating outcomes.


 As our new year begins, why not approach it with gusto and a willingness to improve the health and quality of our lives. Let us not feel intimidated by what we don’t know, but rather confident in our willingness and ability to seek unbiased truthful answers from those whose motives are genuine and honest. Let us resist those who use power and money to guide us through their deceitful treacherous labyrinths and begin to follow physical and emotional paths that enhance the quality of our lives.


It is my belief that following this path will awaken the spirit, energy or innate intelligence (depending on your beliefs) within each of us to live healthier more productive lives. The ability to think “freely” and act positively without fear of recrimination by our peers, our government, our health care institutions and our society as a whole helps each of us achieve a level of new founded freedom.

—It all starts with postural changes—

We go from:




and respectfully awaken:

          Big Pharma                     Big Government        and         Big Agriculture

to a new reality that WE, THE PEOPLE, will no longer be willing to participate as “bobble heads” blindly following policies that are destroying so many lives. Our agenda for better health, prosperity, happiness and purposeful living will be the new list of priorities these three industries must incorporate into policy decisions. Our approach, however, must be respectful and communicated so that all parties understand our needs. We must do this in a manner that encourages the implementation of new policies that produce beneficial healthful changes for our NEW WORLD as well as produce PROFIT for these major institutions. Our current antagonistic disrespectful attitudes (although understandable) will have to cease to produce positive changes. It all starts with accepting the responsibility for critical thinking and willingness to open our eyes and ears to uncover new truths and realities.


May these word reverberate in ALL OUR MINDS to produce the needed ACTIONS by each of us to to achieving the type of healthful lives we choose to live this coming year. 



  1. So powerful, Jonathan. Bravo. And taking action is imperative, which you are certainly doing. All the best to you in 2016! 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. I think people simply need the message put out there over and over to catch them in the right frame of mind to take action. It’s nice to wake up every day and think about a message that might help another improve their quality of life. It helps fulfill one of my purposes in life.
      Hope your New Year brings hope, happiness, good fortune and a less volatile stock market! 😀

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      1. Ha! That’s the truth! Wish nothing but the best for you as well, including strength in carrying out your purpose of wanting to help people – a very noble purpose that is the perfect fit for you and very much needed and appreciated. 🙂

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  2. Your posts get better and better. Over the past few weeks you have incorporated more Memes and it helps drive your points home. Well done. Anyone who questions the status quo is labeled a rebel. Perhaps, we need to clone you to drive this message home.

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    1. Thank you for the kind words. People are smart, but stubborn. Getting them to commit to themselves is a challenging task; one I plan on spending many years at pursuing. I know I can’t change the world, but I can help change perception which hopefully can move the world in a better direction.

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      1. Bravo my friend. Be well.

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  3. Both of the quotes from Voltaire and Washington are powerful! Thought provoking!

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    1. They were some pretty important characters in their heyday. There words carry provoking messages that accentuate the points I write about.


  4. Unfortunately it is so much easier to live with our head in the same rather than stick it up above the parapet and risk being exposed as someone who doesn’t conform.
    A sad indictment of the social ethos of today where it is easier to tow the line and take that pill rather than question everything.
    I for one roll my own way. Take everything with a pinch of salt, believing on half of what I see and none of what I hear.
    Here’s hoping more of us start to waken from our stupor and start to question.

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    1. After watching your videos, listening to your interviews and reading your blog, I am convinced my cause is worth every ounce of effort I apply each day. You are an example how successful people can be if they commit to themselves and are willing to put the effort forward. I have told you before, your comments WILL motivate others to follow suit. Thank you for reading and participating. I look forward to reading about your personal ongoing venture.

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      1. Thanks for that Doc, you are a very kind chap to say so. Here’s hoping between the two of us we can make that difference.

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  5. Here, here! We must no longer live as bobbleheads like you say and I mean that in all seriousne. Really look at the govt recommendations on not eating eggs butter and fat and on a high and no grains ( carbs). The carb part alone is suspected as contributing very heavily to our current obesity/type 2 diabetes crisis and it turns out heavy creams and butter may not be so bad and might actually do a lot of good.

    Bottom line, do your own research using smart resources like this blog. 😉

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    1. Thank you Tricia. I think this may be an issue of public awareness. I think they are so used to following policy, there is no real reason to question it. I’m hoping the comments I presented provide new light as wee as new reason why change might be in order. Thank you so much for reading my articles and contributing to the dialogue. Your comments add great value.

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      1. Yeah, I agree that people get used to following policies so innovation gets stifled or ignored. Hopefully like you said we are on the brink of big changes in this area.

        Sorry for all the typos in my previous comment. I should know better than to touch screen type at night without my glasses. I’m still in a bit of denial about having to wear readers…;)

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  6. This is one of the reasons I couldn’t ethically continue teaching in a public school setting. I taught science and none of the great scientists were quiet,complacent people. One of the functions of this institution is to teach people that questioning is a bad thing.Science poses questions and comes up with answers. If we stop questioning, how can we come up with newer and better answers? The type of work I do now involves teaching people how to build true health from the inside out and not relying on a pill or powder to do the work for them. Of course, this sometimes results in a temporary loss of a potential sale but those who adopt the “slow and steady” mindset end up actually succeeding in the long run. It will take continued work to shift the American mindset from treatment to prevention but people like you,who speak credibly and compellingly, are guiding that revolution. Best to you in the new year!

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    1. I appreciate your positive feedback and your commitment to helping educate the world on the need for greater self responsibility when it comes to individual health. It is a slow process, but remember, Rome wasn’t built in a day. 😉 Our efforts create a strong foundation for future generations to continue. It is a cause worth fighting to improve. Have a healthy and happy New Year.


  7. A wonderful start to the New Year Jonathan. Love your quotes and your thoughts. It allows us to open our minds to new information and to stand up for what we believe in.

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    1. Thank you so much. Your writings typically share a similar message. I always look forward to reading your posts. May the light shine brightly in your new year!

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  8. Very powerful post….love the quotes and especially the head in the sand….when I was much younger, I remember a small town near us used to have a sign on the outskirts entering it, this is a drug free community….I always laughed because that was the small town I used to buy my weed from…LOL I wanted to call and tell city hall that they were hypocrites but I would be stabbing myself in the foot if I did…LOL I always say if your going to talk the talk, you better be walking the walk….good post…kat


  9. That is a very funny story!
    When I was in practice, I had more patients tell me they were willing to comply with my health recommendations because it was evident I “practiced what I preached.” I always wondered if doctors realized the loss of credibility that exists when they clearly do not follow their own advice?


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