Leaving political parties and biases aside, let the following example be a common sense explanation for challenging the “thinking” of those placed in positions affecting our food sources.

Donald Trump, Sam Clovis

The picture above is Sam Clovis. He is a radio talk show host that studied political science and business administration in college. He is being considered for the position as Chief Scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. This position is responsible for:

  • Agricultural Systems and Technology

  • Animal Health and Production, and Animal Products

  • Plant Health and Production, and Plant Products

  • Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment

  • Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health

  • Agricultural Economics and Rural Communities

Basing this entire post solely on the Food Safety, Nutrition, and Health aspect of this job responsibility, is it likely a morbidly obese man heavily involved in politics and lacking any scientific background places significant personal value and experience in Food Safety, Nutrition and Health? Would anyone disagree that more qualified individuals likely exist? Why then do we accept sub par individuals as government officials who are responsible for policies that are capable of affecting the quality of our lives? Why are we so detached when it comes to Food Safety, Nutrition and Health? Isn’t the basis of LIFE an emotional topic worth greater consideration?

What’s next? Should we consider appointing the handyman in the following photo (who built this house) a leadership role on the board for establishing building safety codes? He’s as qualified for this position as Mr. Sam Clovis is for the Chief Scientist for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

house falling down400

Please accept greater responsibility to learn about these TRUTHS and act on them. Our elected body needs to hear your voices! Don’t passively let government make policy decisions based on monetary outcomes rather than health outcomes that directly affect all our lives.

(Side Note: The man in the picture did not build this house. It was used to emphasize the point of this article.)


  1. Seriously, this guy has no background in science or nutrition? And you’re right, he obviously doesn’t follow sound principles when it comes to his own health, why would we expect he would do anything different for ours? It’s absurd he would be considered for this position. I didn’t know the Department of Agriculture encompasses so many things either. That in itself is probably part of the problem.

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    1. As I share this type of information, I hope it opens many eyes to the reality of the world we live in. You’ll notice Mr. Clovis didn’t make headline news. I have learned that searching for “unreported news” often provides relevant information the average consumer is rarely privy to. Life is about informed decisions. It takes AT LEAST two sides (if not many more) to make choices. Choices, apparently, are not in the consumer’s best interest based on how our country is run. Very sad!


  2. And so the bell tolls!….Wake up peeps…Dr. J shares my thoughts and thoughts I have had for years…It all smacks of cronyism…I just watch and weep at all this complacency…

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    1. The answer (I believe) starts at the grassroots level. We must be willing to point the finger at ourselves and slowly become willing to take greater responsibility by learning and implementing healthier lifestyles. As people begin understanding this approach is not based on deprivation, but rather improved quality of living, resistance will likely lessen.

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      1. Let’s hope so… I do sense a slight swing so there is light at the end of the tunnel 🙂

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  3. Groan…. Sadly a radio talk show host as Chief Scientist fits perfectly with the rest of them (this time around). I honestly wish I was surprised… Hugs.

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on this article.
      Sam Clovis is just one name being considered, but the bigger question is WHY? Many people want to point their fingers at politics as the source of blame; in reality (in most cases) we are our own liability. I base this conclusion on the personal decisions we make in every day life.


  4. Wow that is ridiculous! It seems to be the direction we are headed in these days!

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    1. Unfortunately, this information isn’t readily made available to the public. By sharing this, I hope people can make better decisions for their health and their lives.

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  5. Sorry, but I strongly feel the onus is on the individual. It is up to the individual to make the call on the lifestyle he or she chooses to live.

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    1. I understand and agree with the exception that poorer regions of the world do not have the resources, education and knowledge to truly understand the health needs of the body. This is one major reason I share this blog site with the world without seeking compensation.

      The world is raised to a better place when everyone has the opportunity to improve their individual health. I will pursue this mission in various formats until my time has concluded.

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  6. Ed Jackson · · Reply

    The best way to fight against Big Food corporations is with our WALLETS. Avoid their processed garbage by reading the ingredients, paying attention to added sugars, salt level, saturated fat, etc.
    Eat fresh ORGANIC as much as possible, especially the fruits and vegetables on the Dirty Dozen list.
    And sign petitions to Congress, asking for stronger laws on food safety.

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    1. Couldn’t agree more. Each individual person has enormous power based on their purchasing habits. When enough people demand change, manufacturers, distributors and retail facilities make the necessary adjustments to keep their bottom line profitable.


  7. At this time, I believe the entire government is in shambles, I can’t believe who has had access to the most secret of secrets in the USA. Scary times for sure, and I agree with you 100% !!

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    1. I know how you feel!



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  9. […] Food safety and nutrition: Do you care who makes decisions in the govt.? […]

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    1. Thank you for sharing this article with your readers. Consumers need to be exposed to “hard to accept” realities. I do not offer these words as an opinion. I share facts found in medical and government journals documenting these facts. The health care field relies on complacency. It will likely require effort and time, but the consumer will ultimately refuse the “bill of sale” they’re currently being sold!


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