corners1-smallerI just saw the movie, “Deep Water Horizon.” It told a story about time restraints and short cuts corporate executives were willing to take to achieve a (financially) beneficial outcome. Without giving the movie away:

  • A SAFETY PROTOCOL was established to prevent damage to the drilling rig.

  • SHORT CUTS were taken to reduce costs and increase speed.

  • None of the corporate personnel believed a CATASTROPHE would occur.

  • Even with new REGULATIONS, risks continue in the present day placing human life SECOND to MONEY.

We have a tendency to look at these “corporate profiteers” with indignation. It disgusts us to believe a person would value MONEY over HUMAN LIFE.



It seems when we’re placed in the position of “Corporate Executive” in charge of our own HUMAN LIVES, we turn a blind eye and willingly sacrifice our health for lesser priorities in life. Let’s see how different our thinking is when we compare it to the 7 FIGURE INCOME executives whose decisions cost the lives of 11 people on this drilling rig.

  • We have SAFETY PROTOCOLS in place to reduce the chances of damaging human life. They include (1) diet, (2) exercise, (3) proper hydration, (4) restful sleep (5) stress reduction (6) proper nerve communication for proper systemic function. (7) avoiding smoking (8) avoiding excessive quantities of alcohol

  • Most of us take SHORT CUTS to reduce costs (ex. eating fast food.)

  • In general, regardless of how poorly we treat ourselves and how tired we look, we handle the chores of daily living. The reality of a CATASTROPHIC event to our OWN HEALTH as a result of personal neglect never TRULY occurs to us.

  • In the event of a major health crisis, our new set of guidelines (REGULATIONS) are often compromised by our own willful destructive behavior to maintain unhealthy patterns of living. This reinforces the diminished value of human life and its subservient position SECOND to MONEY.

In reality, most of us are a living form of the DEEP WATER HORIZON simply waiting for our CATASTROPHIC EVENT to occur. The good new is, you don’t have to convince a bunch of corporate executives to prevent this catastrophe from happening; the only person you have to convince is:

YOU! So will it be…




    1. Thank you for passing the message FORWARD to your readers. People’s lives can only change if they become aware of the real dangers their current destructive lifestyles lead to. Your willingness to help me share this idea is greatly appreciated.


  1. Brilliant !!!


    1. Sorry about the late response. I just “fished” you out of 72 spam posts!
      Thank you so much for the compliment.


  2. well put, great to use the movie to make your point, very clever!

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    1. Thank you. I will use any strategy possible to get people to RELATE to these very REAL HEALTH PROBLEMS. You never know what triggers the response to wake people up to accepting CHANGE.

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  3. Very interesting and I agree clever use of the movie! Great post

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  4. Good post….thanks…another one that leaves you thinking….kat

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    1. Just trying to do my part to stimulate brain cells. 😀

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