SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease

Publication2CROPPEDMost of us view the concept of Good Health and Disease in simple terms. Good Health is viewed as a state of existence without symptoms or where symptoms exist without interfering with quality of life or function. Disease or “ill health” is viewed as a situation where symptoms directly interfere with quality of life and/or function.

The problem with viewing Good Health and Disease from this simple perspective is that it’s inaccurate. Good Health and Disease is the result of:


Synergism is defined as: “the interaction or cooperation of two or more agents that produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate individual effects.”

What are the synergistic agents we control?

Good Health and Disease are predominantly based on lifestyle choices. Leaving the smaller role that genetics plays out of the equation for a majority of the population, we know that synergism among:

  1. exercise

  2. nutrition

  3. hydration

  4. stress reduction

  5. purpose

  6. passion

  7. personal growth and development

  8. social interaction

  9. spiritual relationship (for those believing in God)

determines (to a great extent) the quality of health we experience. The synergism among:

  1. sedentary living

  2. foundational nutrition based on poor quality foods

  3. dehydration

  4. high levels of unaddressed stress

  5. poor quality and/or shortened duration of sleep

  6. loss of personal VALUE and/or self esteem

determines (to a great extent) the type of “disease” and the level of health compromise suffered.


The reason Good Health is so complicated is that each person requires a different combination of these synergistic agents to match their individual physical, emotional and mental needs. To complicate this explanation further, each individual’s needs change over time requiring ongoing adjustments to the quantity and type of synergistic agents each person utilizes. Stated simply, life is DYNAMIC and always changing requiring REBALANCING to maintain quality health. Those able to adapt to these changes (generally) continue to experience Good Health.

work-life-balanceWhy is a majority of our population living a DISEASED life?

It is primarily the result of:

  1. An educational system that has determined that SYNERGISM and its role in developing Good Health or Disease (in the academic curriculum) is not an essential need for childhood development.

  2. A society that has determined that SYNERGISM and its role in developing Good Health or Disease is not an essential need to producing a viable existence. A society that merely exists and consumes enough to generate a level of economic wealth to maintain its existence, appears to be more important than the quality of health and life its participants experience.


In each of the above two points, we have chosen to follow a POLICY OF AVOIDANCE rather than constructing a core approach to overcoming the health deficits we face.


Who becomes the loser following this



It is the FAMILY that is sacrificed by this policy. Politicians, business men and business women, educators, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare professionals haven’t stepped forward and will not step forward to reverse this trend. A “diseased” population doesn’t alter their capacity to perform their chosen responsibilities and doesn’t negatively impact the quality of their lives.

“Good Health” is NOT a constitutional right of citizens of our country. It is a state of existence (to a large extent) EARNED by applying LEARNED essential behaviors to every day living that SYNERGISTICALLY produce an outcome defined as “good health”.

Pointing fingers of blame won’t change this status quo. All of us must begin seeking better answers to achieving better outcomes. I spent my entire career searching for these answers and applying them to my life. It doesn’t require great intelligence to implement the various synergistic components to restore quality health and function to the body and mind. It does, however, require commitment, effort and patience to overcome the history of damaging patterns we’ve reinforced and passed on to our children.


Adults do not like to assume responsibility for the diseases they’ve inflicted (to a large extent) upon themselves. They like it even less when having to face accepting responsibility (to a large extent) for the UNNECESSARY diseases their children have developed (ex. obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol, attention deficit disorder, etc…) as a result of UNINTENTIONAL parental negligence.

Finding solutions to:

  • Healthcare reform

  • taxes

  • the need for more jobs

  • more equality

  • less prejudice

  • and less world conflict

will NOT alter the diseased state of our nation. Although all these subjects are important and require quality solutions, they are more likely to be achieved by a population that chooses synergistic lifestyle patterns resulting in good physical and mental health, than synergistic lifestyle patterns designed to increase the frequency and intensity of disease.

What else do you need to read, witness or experience before YOU become part of the SOLUTION?



  1. I feel like it is becoming more and more difficult to eat healthy when junk food is in every corner. When I see junk I want it … and I can’t always avoid it but I do the best I can. As far as the tv goes we have been trying to cut back, but with toddlers it sure does help to have an hour break when they get to watch tv. We will just keep trying to do the best we can!

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  2. I am ever so grateful my boys trust my choices and explanations. I gradually got them to understand that eating and living healthy is far more cool than Mcd and TV all day etc. The blessing for me is I introduced this to them from babyhood and although I left them for four awful years, I was able to gradually reintroduce that to them. As for me, it’s been 7 years of meds free for awful rheumatoid arthritis, anxiety, sleep problems and diets etc to curb 115kgs. Being a single parent is more an advantage to me now with the regimen I have in place for us for four. Thanks always doc. Synergism indeed it is

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    1. Your comment reinforces my belief that solutions to our health crisis must begin in childhood. It is these habits and patterns that form that translate into behaviors as we age. Since we are “creatures of habit” we are more inclined to follow patterns (healthy or unhealthy) we learn and practice throughout childhood.

      Your example with your own family supports this hypothesis. Keep up the good work!


      1. I learnt the so hard way, and I have decided to spare my sons that. Hence my approach to raising them and of course to continuing on my own journey here below. Your beliefs are so correct doctor though I agree they may be hard to practice by a good chunk. Keep up your own good work

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  3. Great post! I especially like the section on Family and how you set the example.

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    1. Thank you. Most parents probably never consider themselves as true role models. If they did, they would likely recognize the need to alter patterns of behavior.

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  5. […] SYNERGISM: The Path To Good Health Or Disease […]

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