Publication1 CROPPED 425The answer may seem obvious, UNTIL you create the two column list; one side PROVING you like yourself, the other side PROVING OTHERWISE.

Each of us uses different parameters when determining whether we like or love ourselves. I’m going to provide some questions you can add to your own list to help you determine TRUTHFULLY whether you like yourself.


  1. How often do you CREATE time for yourself to do (or not do) anything you’d like?

  2. How often do you CONSIDER your needs for personal growth and development?

  3. How often do you take advantage of the available OPPORTUNITIES  in life?

  4. How much time do you spend improving the QUALITY of you LIFE?

  5. How much effort do you invest in your HEALTH (including exercise, quality nutrition, stress reduction, sleep and social interaction with family, friends and community groups?)

  6. How much time is “invested” in ANGER, RESENTMENT, FEAR and FRUSTRATION?

  7. Does your nature lean toward displaying empathy and compassion or judgement and ridicule?

  8. Are you HAPPY and FULFILLED?

  9. If you had a chance to re-live life all over again, would you (BASICALLY) live it the SAME WAY you have, or make MAJOR CHANGES to your life?

These are nine basic questions that most people would agree determine (on some level) whether a person TRUTHFULLY likes themselves or not. Most of us live such busy lives, we don’t typically take the time to consider these questions. It is important to realize, however, that “being busy” often impacts the quality of our lives. We tend to neglect prioritizing ourselves resulting in destructive patterns of behavior and habits that further erode our emotional NEED of SELF LIKING (OR LOVING) in favor of SELF PRESERVATION.

treeWhy not take a moment to create your own list of questions and add them to the ones I’ve provided. Your answers will provide important information to improve personal AWARENESS regarding how much you really LIKE YOURSELF! Regardless of the REALITY of your current situation, LIKING oneself creates a foundation necessary before LIKING (and loving) the WORLD is possible.

If we look around us today, we don’t witness a lot of LIKING and LOVING. This has been replaced with INTOLERANCE,  DISRESPECT, JUDGEMENT, and DISCONTENTMENT. Maybe it’s time we consider harnessing these negative emotions we EXPRESS and feel toward others and begin using this ENERGY to RE-BALANCE the SHORTFALLS within our own lives.

I believe this is the path toward LIKING and LOVING oneself; a path that must be discovered BEFORE we can truly begin LIKING or LOVING others.



    1. Thank you so much. I appreciate your positive feedback.

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  1. 1) very often
    2) frequently
    3) continuously
    4) every minute of the day
    5) indeed
    6) zero
    7) yes and yes. No and absolutely not
    8) I am
    9) I certainly would

    I must like myself💖

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    1. I would be in Utopia if more people were (honestly) willing to answer these questions the way you have. Thank you for LIKING YOURSELF!

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  2. Sometimes, I read profound posts like yours, like them and then get back to them later during one of my precious me moments to leave a personal comment. My comments I call personal because they often have a candid reflection of me or my surrounding in them.
    Had you asked me this question 5 years ago, I may have to be honest lashed at you. I would have asked you what was there to like about myself, the proof being that nobody seemed to really like me in the first place. I felt used, and for the people pleaser me, the toll was tremendous. I had to hit some real lows including a suicide attempt to realise I had to run away and try to know me.
    2 years after I abandoned so much and fled, I started really trying to like myself. My best blog post ever on my blog is titled thus: “Wow, and I found Love…” Deep within me the write up continued.
    Today, I am my own best friend. I don’t crave or even expect people to like me and that doesn’t impact my loving myself.
    Oof I could ramble and ramble. If one doesn’t like themselves, it sure gonna be so hard giving really liking or loving anyone else even your own children. We probably all know that wise saying you can’t give what you don’t have.
    Thanks doc for this other masterpiece

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    1. Thank you for being so candid and sharing your personal experiences. I’m sure many share similar difficulties and haven’t been so fortunate to turn their lives around. I know the pain you suffered has been used to help many other lives. I wish you much happiness and success on the journey you’re following.

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  3. Another amazing post Jonathan. Trust me, I will be re-looking these questions again, as each and everyone is as important as the other. Thank you 🙂

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    1. The questions simply help prove whether we truly like ourselves and value the lives we live. This is a concept few people take the time to consider.

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  4. Another wonderful post! Liking ourselves means caring for ourselves, in turn affecting our mental and physical health. Number 6 is one that I fee we must continually ask ourselves. These factors can be so insidious but tremendously harmful. Awesome post! Thanks.

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    1. I like your interpretation. I completely agree.

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  5. I love your post that make me start pondering my life….I will spend the next couple days thinking on these…thanks….kat

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    1. Glad to give you something to think about. It’s a question we ALL need to ask ourselves. It then needs to be followed with ACTION STEPS we apply to our LIFESTYLES to ensure we prove it (everyday) to ourselves until our last breath.

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  6. Great insights. I never looked at it that way before. Looks like I’m gonna have to put myself in time out 🙂

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    1. Rather than a “time out,” consider it a learning lesson. The beautiful thing about blog posts is the plethora of information we can ALL learn from. I’m just making my small contribution to those seeking a better quality of health and LIFE.

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    1. Thank you for sharing this message with all your readers.


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