Anyone who knows me, understands how committed I am to helping people improve the quality of their lives IF they want my help. I love life and enjoy the quality I am fortunate enough to be blessed with. When I recently discussed this topic with my father, he emphasized the word, LUCK (as being one of the most important attributes of quality living.) Although I agree that luck plays a part in life, I strongly disagree that it plays a major role in most lives. Those who believe luck dominates our outcome removes a large component of personal responsibility.

Definition of stupidIt is my opinion we were not created to wait around for destiny to determine our fates. Our intellect is a gift; an ability to make decisions (good and bad) that affect our outcomes. Similar to “back door” techniques to gain entrance into computer programs, I believe each person has a “STUPID GENE” that remains dormant until activated by “back door” circumstances in life. This is a very powerful gene that can override critical logical thinking converting our responses into harmful actions. This gene has remained undiscovered by the greatest geneticists in the world. It hides itself more effectively than even cancer stem cells from our immune systems.

What scientific proof exists demonstrating the “activation” of a “stupid” GENE and the physical and emotional damage it causes to so many of us? NONE! The research doesn’t exist. Grants are not invested into discovering this “stupid” Gene. It imposes its will over all cultures, all governments and all societies, yet remains ignored. Its source of power comes from its “intelligence” to control yet remain hidden. We believe we are a free society destined to accomplish any task we set our minds to. Why then, are so few of us able to wake up each morning EXCITED and MOTIVATED to take on the day with greater zeal? It is my hypothesis that our “stupid” GENE has been awakened and has taken control of our lives.Β  It seems our poor choices has reduced our short term goal to simply “getting through the day.” We have become participants of passive patterned living rather than active patterned living.

There is an important difference between ACTIVE Patterned Living and PASSIVE Patterned Living. Active patterned living requires cognitive decision making to create a desired outcome. It requires analysis that searches for the best “reasonable outcomes” while overriding the emotional interference we experience during the process. Passive patterned living (on the other hand) places blame on one’s environment and creates a compelling need to comply with a lifestyle that sacrifices personal gains and improvement in order to blend within one’s community and gain greater acceptance from one’s peers. It should be understood this article is NOT INTENDED to determine which pattern is right or wrong. It is designed to explain the differences and present options how one can change decision making skills if one chooses to do so.


eqI believe the “stupid” GENE is activated by emotional stress. It convinces us that temporary relief from daily problems becomes worth the price of actions taken or abstained from. This powerful gene overwhelms our rational logical thinking and slowly, over time, absorbs our declining energy permitting the degradation of our thoughts and actions. This metamorphosis creates a world lacking passion, purpose, fulfillment and happiness.

Are we doomed to live a life of despair or are there solutions to help those seeking alternatives to empower themselves to approach life from a healthier and happier perspective? It is my belief that answers can be found in suppressing (turning off) the “stupid” GENE. How do we accomplish this genetic modification?

  1. We view life from a new perspective filled with possibilities we are capable of making realities.

  2. We initiate greater thinking and become willing to challenge status quo in favor of achieving the possibility of better outcomes.

  3. We assume greater responsibility for our actions and modify those we know to be self destructive.

  4. We NEVER accept standards less than we deserve.

  5. We begin to realize that sharing true happiness with others can only occur if we are willing to work and achieve happiness for ourselves.

  6. We begin to realize that no one will help us if we are unwilling to help ourselves.

  7. We begin to realize we are NOT ALONE. We begin to realize there are enough people in this world who want to create these same positive outcomes and are willing to be part of our inner circle of hope and support.

These seven concepts will help each of us control our “stupid” GENE by suppressing its ability to express itself. The benefits will far exceed most people’s expectations. The ability to once again FEEL and GAIN control over one’s life and live each day with the ability to experience the opportunities many are currently “blind” to becomes a reality worth striving to achieve.

This is NOT an abstract idea; it is a reality each of us is capable of achieving. There are many people in this world willing to offer their guidance and support in an effort to help others achieve their personal goals. It is the “stupid” GENE, however, attempting to preserve its control and power over us that interferes with our ability to recognize alternative paths in life.

If this article describes the lifestyle you currently live and seek more from life, the seven action steps discussed above might offer an approach to help successfully achieve your solution. It all comes down to deciding whether you are happy and content with yourΒ current lifestyle or ready and willing to change your thinking and approach to create the lifestyle you realistically desire in the future.




  1. I agree with you about luck playing a small role in our lives. I liked the seven concepts that will help us control the stupid gene.

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    1. Those willing to apply the seven steps in a meaningful way will (likely) be surprised at the benefits experienced. These steps act like a “primer” used to start an engine. They help create foundations that build opportunities and new directions leading to healthier, happier and more fulfilling outcomes. They help inspire new visions previously invisible to the mind.

      Isn’t it nice to know that life tomorrow doesn’t have to look like life today!

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  2. I love this post! What a positive and uplifting message!!!

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    1. Thank you so much for your support. In a world today that focuses on negativity and issues that deplete our energy reserves, I want people to realize there is great hope for each of us willing to pursue a path in life that offers opportunities to live our lives with greater purpose and meaning. Finding people that believe and live this philosophy isn’t hard to do. We simply need to look beyond the “noise” that interferes with the delivery of this message.
      Thank you for taking the time to read this post and creating the smile I now wear! πŸ™‚

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      1. Giving in is easy to do. You’re right. This was a much needed reminder to chin up and hang in there. So many people feel that they’re all alone in this. That’s why it’s good to say where we are in our hearts and hope for a strong meaningful connection. Thanks so much. πŸ’“πŸ’“πŸ’“

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        1. Right back at ya! ❀

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  3. My father used to say, “if you have to choose between being lucky or smart, better to be lucky!” It was funny to me that your post said the reverse.πŸ’

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    1. This is a sentiment many people from our father’s generation quoted. I have taken this belief and modernized it by recommending we use our intelligence to guide our decisions and accept any luck that falls our way. Luck is something we can’t direct, expect or rely on; better personal choices is a responsibility each of us can choose to help improve the quality of our lives and those we love.
      I’ll still take all the good luck I can! πŸ™‚

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      1. I agree. I would say luck is something that we have no control over. However, what we do with the options we have been given, and how we respond to what happens to us is something we have a choice about. And, since St Patrick’s day is coming, a little luck is a good thing too!πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€ (OK, a lot of luck!)

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        1. Absolutely!! May the Irish be kind (and offer MUCH LUCK) to you and your entire family. πŸ™‚

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          1. πŸ€πŸ€πŸ€

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  4. It’s funny because we know one couple who is incredibly lucky. It seems that good fortune literally falls into their laps and they do absolutely nothing to deserve it. I don’t mean to say that they aren’t good people – they’re wonderful – but they don’t work hard for anything that they have.

    I do my best to create my own luck and I try to incorporate many of the principles that you listed. I have to believe that good things eventually come to good people who actively participate in life and try to make positive changes or else I would go crazy (I haven’t had a lot of “luck” lately).

    I always try to focus on the long-term and what will help me reach my “big” goals rather than what I would enjoy right now (like a brownie). I used to be very into instant gratification and I would justify it to myself in many ways. I think that I have overcome my stupid gene!

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    1. Be careful, this gene remains “hidden” ….the “stupid” GENE lays dormant waiting for the opportunity to take back control over our lives (if given the opportunity!”)

      As far as your luck is concerned, I must respectfully disagree with you. I think you have recently been the recipient of enormous luck! First, your previous employers created opportunity for you to find greater happiness by assisting you to remove your posterior from their environment; an environment that created enormous stress in your life. Second, good news was reported about “B’s” health status. If you put your mind to it, I’ll bet you’ll discover many more situations where good luck has found you. REMEMBER, it’s all about PERCEPTION!

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      1. Those are good points for me to ponder…perhaps I am more blessed than I thought I was. Life really is all about your mind and perception and I guess that old saying of “the secret to having it all is knowing that you already do” is actually true!

        Thanks, Dr. J! πŸ™‚

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  5. LOVE this post! You are extremely helpful not only with your posts, but with your wonderful comments!

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    1. Thank you for your ongoing support. You and I share a common affection; the desire to provide choices to the world of readers while adding a touch of our individual personality to our creative undertakings. Making “health” an appealing subject that attracts readers is a challenging first step. Motivating readers to transition from conceptual thinking to functional participation for the purpose of helping improve their quality of lives makes the time and energy invested in this venture COMPLETELY worth all the effort.


  6. You wrote: We NEVER accept standards less than we deserve. I say, YES, YES, and YES!!! My favorite of the list. Next in line, No. 5.

    Suggestion: We apply for a grant for you, and you use the money awarded to create a weekly call-in meeting focusing on building that better life you write about here. That way, we can all learn from one another/support one another, while being in the same space and real time. I would attend. Sign me up!!!

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    1. Thank you for being so kind. This is one of the reasons I plan on lecturing to audiences in the future. I believe the message is important and needs to be heard OFTEN. I have learned as much from the readers as I have shared with them. Dialogue, and a willingness to open one’s mind to discovering new ideas is a great starting point. I would love to be part of such a project.


  7. Sad but true. Hopefully more people are recognizing that they’re ultimately in control of their own outcomes based on the decisions they make. I can attest to the idea of NEVER accepting standards less than you deserve (#4 on your list). When my doctor’s office suggested a weight loss of 10% (when I was 254 lbs. and had high blood pressure) I decided to go above and beyond that recommendation and have been much happier and healthier as a result. I didn’t accept that limitation and simply choose to mask the symptoms with medication while continuing to indulge in unhealthy habits. Now as a result of my own efforts, I’m in a position to help many more people make similar decisions each day. Your words ring true “There are enough people in this world who want to create these same positive outcomes and are willing to be part of our inner circle of hope and support.” It begins with shifting your own mindset and correcting habits, but the ripple effect is becoming a wave of change that we desperately need in America today. Thanks for all you do to promote the proactive approach and helping to light the way for others!

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    1. Your personal transformation and SUCCESSFUL MAINTENANCE (the hardest part) is truly inspiring. You are the “real deal.” You have experienced both sides of health and have made a conscious choice to live a style that creates greater opportunities for quality living. Your accomplishments weren’t through fad dieting, but rather REALISTIC lifestyle modifications. This, in my opinion, has likely accounted for your LONG TERM SUCCESS.
      There is no better feeling than watching people transform than lives. Altruism (rather than revenue) has become a driving force behind many of us in the health care field. Whether you call if “giving back” or “paying it forward,” everyone benefits from the positive outcomes.
      Thank you for all your support and dedication to the welfare of others. I look forward to working with you in the future to promote our message to the world.

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  8. Absolutely agree 100%. However I am totally guilty of this and have been for the past 47 years. I have only just realised (amazing I know) in the past year that there is no magic cure as I wrote the other day. Hard work and effort will get results because if you do the same thing you will get the same thing.

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    1. “Learning” is an important step in overcoming difficulties. Deciding it’s not worth repeating the same learning process over and over again that produces (as you so elegantly state) the same end result comes down to choice. We can choose to live as joyful or as miserable a life as we’d like to. Choosing, however, in and of itself is not enough. We must then we willing to put the time and effort into following a course of action steps that achieve our desired goals. It usually requires a great deal of hard work, but it strengthens our character and makes the journey more valuable.

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      1. You are quite right. It is simply down to ourselves following through our wants and design for life. The only way to look at it.

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  9. Great quote Jonathon….wonderful uplifting post…..thanks…kat

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  10. Keep those thoughts positive and keep the momentum moving forward. It makes the journey so much more fun.


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