Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER?

Publication20cropped350Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to FINANCIAL SECURITY? Then answer the following question:

Which of the following choices helps a person achieve financial security?

(a) Saving money

(b) Paying credit cards off in full each month

(c)Buying an education that helps you qualify for a profession and/or career that produces financial independence

(d) Learning to appreciate experiences in life more than possessions


Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to a QUALITY RELATIONSHIP? Then answer the following question:

Which of the following choices helps a person achieve a quality relationship?

(a) Showing a significant other you care

(b) Balancing your wants with his or her wants

(c) Being honest and understanding

(d) Being willing to communicate without hostility and aggression while always being respectful


Do You Want To Know THE ANSWER to GOOD HEALTH? Then answer the following question:

Which of the following choices helps a person achieve good health?

(a) Eating healthier and incorporating exercise regularly

(b) Learning to find positive activities to channel stressful emotions

(c) Creating time for personal happiness

(d) Achieving quality restful sleep


If the answers chosen to

  • financial security

  • a quality relationship

  • and good health

were “e” (ALL THE ABOVE), why do we live life pursuing the fewest components possible expecting to achieve our needs, our wants and our GOALS?

In only 266 words, you now understand THE ANSWER relies on (“e”)


a concept showing that ALL components combined create a desired outcome the individual components alone can NEVER achieve.


Are you choosing (“e”) ALL OF THE ABOVE when creating a plan of action to accomplish your pursuits in life?


  1. That’s a succinct answer, Dr.J. Now to get people to remember all of the a,b,c(s)and d(s). A good post to start the weekend! Christine

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  2. Short and sweet and very right. No wonder I fail at everything. I try to hurry through as quick as possible and therefore never get to the proper conclusion.

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  3. Great post as always. I love the dresser illustration!


  4. Very nice! To the point and wow good points


  5. The things that we want are not always simply the matter of achieving one thing and finding success, but working on many things for that one goal – a great illustration of that.


  6. I always want to know the answer and some…my teachers must have hated me and wished I would sit at the back of the class and not asked a question….lol …and then they got my kids who asked even more…ha ha…Good post…Have a great weekend 🙂

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    1. When I was in practice, I used to smile when patients asked a lot of questions. They would often pause in the middle of a question and ask why I was smiling. I told them the patient that asks a lot of questions is more likely to participate in discovering the answers. These patients almost always got the best RESULTS. I liked results, and therefore smiled because I knew a large part of the “battle” was already won!

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  7. We always want to get the whole package but neglect the parts which make the whole. This post is a reminder to use all the component parts to build the whole (whatever it may be). Thank you for the reminder.

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    1. You certainly understand the BIG PICTURE. I hope others are as intuitive and intelligent as you.

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  8. So very true…seeing it laid out even though I try my best to practice these goals is always a great reminder! Top Notch blog my friend!

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    1. Always appreciated. Keep up the good work as well!


  9. Doc, I read this and bookmarked to leave a comment when I had a practical and personal example to share. A month or two ago I felt I had put in more weight than good for my health and overall wellbeing and I wrote in a comment to a post of yours back then that I knew what I had to do. I want to state today that I just realized this morning I have lost that weight and am getting more grounded than at the time. This is to acknowledge the link between my weight and health and overall wellbeing. Reading your write up on good health steps, I confirm I practice all of the above and try to regularly and proprtionately, although sometimes are hard. Last week I worked out only twice for example.
    This brings me to a post script for your post if you can say so: The answers may be so straight forward but YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT YOU GOT MIND WORK TO DO! You have to get yourself to try and keep trying until it because second nature (you crave it like you crave an icecream or a chinese takeout etc maybe?) You have to make big and conscious efforts and sacrifices for all of them. Even going to a hospital or pharmacy to fill out prescriptions or take the pills involves the effort.
    It really is all about healthy choices and you are doing such a fantastic choice sharing with the world all the options and other narratives available.

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    1. Thank you, Marie. All of us need reminding and support to work hard and pursue what is in our best interests even if the tasks may sometimes feel unrewarding. Knowing one’s pursuits are intended to support the best quality of life make the efforts worthwhile.


  10. The feeling of financial freedom is a wonderful feeling…. I have been financial free for over 10 years, no debt with the exception of household bills monthly, and annual insurance premiums…which we pay annual and not bi yearly or monthly. my husband had put in to our wedding vows TCC, trust, communication, and compromise, the 3 must in his life that makes the bases of a marriage or friendship to grow from…great start to any relationship…good pointers for sure in your post…xxkat

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    1. I like your TCC. If more people placed this in the foundation of their relationships, fewer bonds would likely be broken.

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