20150213_171800 (2)450As I was looking out my bedroom window witnessing another beautiful start to a beautiful day, I began to think about the different things I WANTED TO DO TODAY!

20160503_144426 (2) 400 As I heard my little beagle (Tucker) snoring away, I thought about taking him for a walk on a trail in the local park. Although I must keep him on a leash (because his HOUND NOSE dominates his brain function,) the 26 feet of retractable independence gives him a freedom he truly enjoys. Watching him makes me laugh as he investigates everything to the fullest before “marking the real estate” (urinating on everything) he chooses to CLAIM!

As I thought about his lifestyle, I began to realize his SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS is based on a life of adventure he CHOOSES TO LIVE. His ability to ADAPT to different environments increases his ability to ENJOY whatever situation he finds himself in.

When you think about it, as we “search for answers,” we tend to pursue UNDESIRABLE ACTIVITIES/SITUATIONS and use UNDESIRABLE ACTIONS. For example:

  1. WEIGHT LOSS and DIETING– no one looks forward to weight loss as a goal in life. In addition, no one looks forward to following a “diet” regimen that typically reinforces SELF DEPRIVATION, ANGER, FRUSTRATION and ultimately LONG TERM FAILURE.

  2. JOB HUNTING with minimal EFFORT and ATTITUDE. No one looks forward to searching for undesirable work with undesirable hours, responsibilities and environmental conditions that lack emotional and financial benefit.

  3. YARD WORK/HOUSE CLEANING and PROCRASTINATION. After an unenjoyable work week, few people look forward to having more of their time taken away with additional chores and responsibilities they dread at home.

Our SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS (to a large extent) centers around unfulfilling activities we’d rather choose to avoid .


Maybe it’s time to consider incorporating SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS to ACTIVITIES/SITUATIONS that require ACTIONS

we actually look forward to!

This requires modifying our thinking and ACTIVELY pursuing MEANINGFUL situations that require ACTIONS we choose to take.

20170413_162313 (2) 400When Tucker resists going for walks in the rain, it’s because his mind focuses on the thought of getting wet. His thinking (similar to our own) is too focused and too limited. In reality walking in the rain achieves an UNPLEASANT as well a PLEASANT outcome.

  • Getting wet (unpleasant)

  • Relieving his bladder and intestines (pleasant.)

Tucker’s thinking focuses so strongly on the “getting wet” portion, his ability to see the physical COMFORT in bladder and intestinal relief is obstructed.


As we open our minds to this type of thinking, we reveal new opportunities and possibilities previously hidden.

  • We begin to view school and studies as opportunities for knowledge and carer opportunities instead of institutions of boredom occupying valuable time.

  • We begin to VALUE our lives and CHOOSE healthier lifestyle CHOICES over destructive short term “feel good” options. This results in greater physical and emotional abilities to enjoy a wider array of activities in life.

  • Our ATTITUDES naturally begin to gravitate toward POSITIVE thinking. We become capable of identifying GOOD ASPECTS in situations we were once only able to see from a NEGATIVE perspective.

If you’re tired of LIFE leading you around on a leash, CHANGE YOUR SITUATION. You can begin by SEARCHING FOR ANSWERS that change your MINDSET and improve your ATTITUDE. Wouldn’t you rather live and experience life with PASSION, MEANING and a sense of FULFILLMENT that leaves people wondering why you smile so much?

Tucker (2)



  1. I’ll really follow Tucker’s lead… he is so sweet and can actually tuck you in . Focusing on the one negative can hide the thousand positives in a situation. I had been planning a 2 weeks easter break of me time with the kids off to somewhere. The plans failed last minute and intially I was say ‘sad’ – then I figured, look out for the positives in the set up and well I got an awesome week of us time just with one kid cause the other two could still go off for one week! I sometimes think the answers are in us cause all pessimism and or optimism flow from within us – or what you think doc?

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    1. I think you said it well. The answers are usually within us. Our ATTITUDE often acts as an obstruction preventing us from seeing plausible solutions. Remove the reason for the impediment(s) and the answers often seem obvious.


  2. Very cute to write from Tuckers point of view! And hopefully most effective as so many love their pets more than themselves. Saying it in many different ways hopefully enables others to eventually hear it.

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    1. Every now and then I use him for my posts. Lightens things up and readers enjoy his picture (a whole lot more than mine!! 🙂 )

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  3. What a creative and cute post! A good reminder that attitude and mindset make a huge impact on happiness. Well done. Have a wonderful weekend!

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    1. Aren’t the words, “doctor” and “creative” in the same sentence an oxymoron? 🙂
      Seriously, thank you for the compliment. It was a fun post to write.
      Hope you’re enjoying the beginning of your week!

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  4. Ok Tucker is the cutest! Such a happy pup!

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    1. He is a happy boy. After rescuing him, he adapted quickly… maybe too quickly. I noticed an add in the newspaper the other day that read:
      You think my wife and I should be a little concerned? 🙂


  5. What a face…I’d follow him, rain or not !!

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    1. I adopted him from a rescue. I saw his face and couldn’t resist. He has so much character and personality.

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  6. I absolutely will !!! Thank you Tucker ! 🙂
    Got to admit relieving myself in the rain, cannot be too pleasant…yes, I am still focused on the getting wet part 🙂

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    1. He can be very stubborn, but so can I. We stare each other down often to see who will “blink” first. I usually win (or so he lets me think! 🙂 )

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  7. love thinking about it through a dogs life… the picture of him in his slicker…LOL what a little sweetheart…..xxkat

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    1. He’s a sweetheart ONCE the slicker is removed!
      I studied pretty hard in school and spent over 20 years practicing what I learned….people would still rather look at pictures of TUCKER and listen to his advice than mine! 🙂


      1. Isn’t that just the way it is….LOL

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  8. Okay, so now I’m in love with Tucker as much as I am with your blog!! (I think my Golden-Retriever, Helen is smitten too.)

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    1. He usually steals the show. I’m used to taking back seat to him.
      Thank you for the very kind sentiment. I appreciate you willing to take your time to read my posts. It mean a great deal to me.

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  9. Oh I really loved how you brought Tucker in to this post. He is so photogenic, you just can’t lose! It’s so true what you say about changing the mindset. One might say it’s “all about healthy choices….” 😉

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    1. Tucker is like King Midas. ANYTHING he appears in experiences a “golden” outcome. He is now requesting I include his Bio as well as his own laptop so he can reply to the comments. I had to make certain he knew who was “ALPHA” so I put my foot down and compromised with used desktop computer and an “honorable mention!” He drives a hard bargain!! 😀

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      1. lol Jonathan! Somehow I suspect Tucker often wins out in these bargains. Perhaps he should start his own blog…


  10. Really missed your articles. I am trying to recover from my 5 days spent in the hospital and the cardiac tests including a cardiac cath. I now know that my heart is in good condition despite my bad qualities outweighing the good. My sugars are now too low and I have no appetite. The thought of food makes me sick. Working with endochrinologist to get over this.I am very weak and lightheaded due to the low sugars. He put me on Victoza injectable pens and my blood sugar plummeted and my appetite flew away. I can’t deal with the lack of anxiety meds or my bipolar meds. but I did try. I have lost weight even. The hospital sent me home with a nasty cough from my roommate. On week 3 and it is finally going away.

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    1. Glad to hear you’re on the mend. Keep moving in the “right” direction! 🙂

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      1. Thank you Johnathan. I got a real dose of reality this time.

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  11. Maybe he does not like the rain because he doesn’t want to step in a poodle? 😊

    Terrific comparison, though!

    I like how you talk about the obstructions in our minds that hold us back from breaking unhealthy patterns in our thinking. We do need to change our thought processes. I wish this kind of information was as readily available to the younger generations who are better served by it. We go by what we learn, what we are taught from our closest resources. More of this valuable advice needs to be taught!

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    1. So many important components in life are never taught (or taught in a meaningful way) for people to learn and develop from. Instead, we witness lives existing in “survival” mode satisfied to simply make it through another day. It’s difficult to change this mindset because “unknown outcomes” seem to create greater FEAR than living a life without fulfillment. Our society is not geared toward community involvement. We do not think in terms of sharing our skills for the benefit of community. We live our lives independently, isolated from one another, turning to neighbors only in time of need. To change this ideology we have to be willing to invest TIME, EFFORT and RESOURCES. This, however, also requires TRUST in people.

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  12. The Joy Factor · · Reply

    Fantastic. Thought-provocing post.
    I recently started blogging gives me an opprotuntity to write again after a long break. I am totally loving it and find time whenever I can to write.
    PS Tucker is super-cute!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for taking your time to read this article.
      So many people are “stuck” without recognizing themselves as their biggest obstacle in life. As they have a chance to introspect and challenge their conventional thinking, opportunities reveal themselves with greater clarity and understanding. Once this plateau is achieved, nearly ANYTHING becomes possible!
      By the way, I adopted Tucker from a rescue called “recycled pets.” I fell in love with his picture online. Shortly after meeting him, he stole my heart!
      Keep writing and keep enjoying every minute. It is a real blessing to have the opportunity each day to enjoy living life to its fullest.


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