Helping SOCIETY Achieve Good Health

What buttons need to be pushed in order for you to turn your current lifestyle into a healthy vibrant lifestyle? For most people, life is lived from day to day. The concept of “planning” is rarely entertained. In most cases each day looks similar to the previous one.

The most popular event that people are willing to plan are vacations. We do this because we realize last minute planning could interfere with available openings. We calculate the financial costs. We plan if children need supervision while we are gone. We plan for activities available at our vacation destinations. We plan the type of transportation we will use. A great deal of time and effort goes into planning to increase our chances of enjoying this vacation time. The better we plan (in many cases) the better the results. I realize that it is possible to spontaneously get away and have a wonderful vacation, but the odds are in your favor that planning ahead of time produces a better end result.

Now, let’s look at life. How much planning goes into our lives? How much time do we spend planning our careers (not just finding work), defining our family goals (not just getting married and having children), maximizing our marital relationships (not just limiting arguments, but understanding our partners wants and needs and providing them), learning and implementing lifetime needs to remain healthy (not just going to the doctor for an annual exam, but taking responsibility by achieving a balanced healthy lifestyle?

In general, we don’t plan. The belief is, “things will somehow work out”, and often they do. We must realize that “things somehow working out” is not synonymous with living a life of quality. This does not mean every aspect of our lives need to be planned to the smallest detail to live a good life. BALANCE is needed as well as good judgement when deciding when advanced planning is important.

Health is the area I focus on. It is THE most important part of our life that receives the least amount of time and consideration. Good health is taken for granted. As children we are not taught the necessary steps to take to maximize our health as we grow up. Children that don’t recognize the need to learn and participate in their own health become adults with the same lack of knowledge. Where is this important education supposed to come from? What incentives does our society offer to learn and maintain a healthy lifestyle? What are the financial costs to our country resulting from this lack of knowledge and planning? What are the personal, financial, emotional and physical costs to each of us?

It is time for our country to recognize these limitations and burdens we place on ourselves and our fellow man. It is time to reflect on our past mistakes and move forward with a new game plan and goal. How can we do this?

Each of us has great value (both recognized and unrecognized). Rather than compete with each other to place ourselves in a hierarchy separating us and creating further imbalance, it is time we begin sharing ideas and implementing strategies that benefit everyone. This leads to the positive growth of a nation rather than the growth of only the individual. Each of us shares our knowledge with the group as well as a game plan to implement this new knowledge. We become a society that works together supporting each other and benefitting together. Stress is reduced in this type of environment. Healthy living becomes a valuable asset that everyone works together to achieve. The value of healthy living becomes meaningful. A healthier body and mind becomes capable of achieving greater accomplishments. Emotional and physical problems including diabetes and obesity resulting in cardiovascular disease and cancer become problems of the past. Our society has a new focus; a new idea for happiness and direction.

It begins by sharing ideas to help others. When people realize they are important and cared for, there is motivation and desire to improve oneself. The concept of “pay it forward” works. As a result of sharing and planning ideas we see that (1) career paths are chosen, (2) marriages succeed, (3) our children develop and prosper as they age, (4) our health regains the important status needed in order for us to live a healthier quality of life.

The following pictures come from the “Allegory of the Long Spoons”. It represents the difference between hell and heaven. In hell, (picture on the left) the individuals exist in eternal starvation unable to feed themselves due to the length of the spoons. In heaven, (picture on the right) eternal nourishment is provided even though the spoons are the same length as those in hell. The difference is that heaven demonstrates the capacity to share and care for one another rather than focus on self.

allegory of the long spoons in hell Feeding long spoons


When was the last time you used your skills to help someone else in need?

After reading this article, would you consider PLANNING on making it a personal GOAL? 


  1. I don’t have a marriage or a job, no relationships except family. Food is another story. I do eat healthy every other week usually. Hey it is better than nothing. I am working on it. Unless I finally start sleeping on a somewhat normal schedule it just won’t happen. I am week I can admit that.

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  2. I smile every time I see your writings. You are not as weak as you say. I believe you to be a fighter and a winner. You just choose a slower pace. Nothing wrong with that!

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    1. I am the Hare in the Tortoise and the Hare so to speak. I will eventually get there. I am glad that I Make you smile. Makes me smile to hear that.

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  3. I love, Love, LOVE this! Together, we get better!!!

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    1. I truly believe this is our destiny.


  4. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    Great message! Our health is the most important thing we have in life. When I go grocery shopping and see what some people have in their carts, I cringe. It’s clear to me that some people don’t even try. I’m not perfect either, but at least I make an effort. It also bothers me how some people think nothing of passing down their bad habits down to their children. They need to be given a real chance at having a strong future and deserve to be healthy. There is too much information out there (including this amazing blog) to not know how to maintain basic health.

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    1. I think most people believe the transition to a healthier lifestyle is more difficult than it really is. It’s not an overnight change. If people would simply make gradual changes (that they can live with FOREVER) the process becomes easier. For most, “starting” becomes the biggest obstacle.

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