self-imageWhen I was growing up, the term “Boss” referred to the “person in charge.” This person had the “power” to tell people what they had to do. Just as we strive to be adults when we’re children, we typically strive to achieve positions of authority in order to  fulfill our need to become some type of “Boss.” How often do people gain this title without the experience and knowledge necessary to perform the responsibilities in an effective manner? In these cases everyone complains how inept the “Boss” is and how they dread working under his or her leadership. There are no manuals universally describing THE METHOD to be a good effective “Boss.”

I owned a chiropractic clinic for over 20 years. From day one, my dual title was doctor and “Boss.” I can tell you from personal experience that each and every day of those 20 years I listened, learned and practiced what it took to develop the skills to effectively manage my practice, my patients, my employees and most importantly, myself.

Learning to be the boss is NOT only a business title. It is an attitude that requires the skill to be able to adapt to changing situations in life. Each of us needs to learn how to be our own “Boss.” We need to guide our decision making process with the same level of expertise as a CEO running a major corporation. We need to evaluate the “Big Picture” prior to diving in to various situations to maximize their outcome. This is a task many people do not identify with. They have a tendency to do what they want and believe there is no one to answer to. I disagree. They have to answer to themselves. They are left with either the negative repercussions or the positive repercussions, but there is an outcome none the less.

Since the title is inherited regardless of merit, why not become the best “Boss” you can? You can begin by reorganizing your approach to life if the current approach is not meeting your standards. Is your approach to family, to work, to health sub par? As an effective “Boss” create self motivation to begin the process of change. Let these new approaches enhance the family experience, enhance the work experience and enhance the benefits of leading a healthier lifestyle. Prove to yourself you have what it takes to run this one body “company.” You won’t be rewarded with stock shares and you won’t be given a raise, but you will receive the benefit and skill to view life from a different perspective that offers the potential of a more purposeful and fulfilling life. Being a “Boss” is more than a title. It is a composite of who you are; how you position yourself to achieve your goals and who is affected by the outcomes. Learning the process of becoming a good effective “Boss” is not easy. There will be failure as well as success. But isn’t this true whether you have this title or not?

Practice and persistence in many cases is the difference between failure and success. Become your own judge. Following this path will open many doors in life you are likely unaware of . Your success at becoming your own “Boss” will make the transition to achieving personal responsibilities in the real world more realistic. Who knows, once mastering your new skills and new level of self confidence you may be approached by others requesting your assistance to help them and their companies. All of this as a result of simply LEARNING TO BE THE “BOSS.”



  1. I am only the Boss of me and that is the way I like it. No stress upwards or downwards, no hassles and if I want the day off, well hell, I just take it…!

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  2. OH yes I believe in myself….I am and have always been in charge of me….I have never done in anything I didn’t want to do…never been a follower and did not enjoy being a boss…I treated my staff like I would like to be treated….kind and caring…I agree with Cameron….if I want a day off from life…I just take it…..another good post….kat

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  3. There are many types of bosses out there. My personal favorite type is the servant boss, that guy or gal who bosses so well that others don’t even notice he or she is bossing. They just lead by example, and their example is one of a caring, concerned, invested individual who wants to see others succeed. I think you may fit that bill. Thanks for another great post!

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    1. Thank you for your kind compliment. The purpose of this post was to help people introspect and see if they were happy with their life and the direction they were moving. I wanted to use a term that many view negatively (BOSS) and show how beneficial the term could be if we applied it to our own lives. This new perspective could also help people gain a better understanding of their “bosses” at work and the decisions many have to make. Words are a very powerful tool. If I associate the word BOSS with CONTROL, the job’s outcome may be achieved, but at what cost to the employee? If I associate the word BOSS with GUIDANCE it is very likely to achieve the same outcome. The big difference is how the employee feels. In the first case, resentment and fear are typical feelings; in the second case there is greater support elevating self esteem and likely job performance. This same concept applies when we view ourselves as the “Boss” of our lives. To live a happier and healthier life the second type of “inner boss” is a better type of boss to help most people achieve their goals.

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  4. Howto$tuffYourPig · · Reply

    This is a very kind, though-provoking, and heart felt post. I agree that each and every one of us should be our own “boss” and strive to be the best that we can be. Not just for our own sake, but for the community around us. When my husband became the “boss” at his company, I told him to always maintain compassion. When I became the “boss”, I needed to learn to become more understanding. We all have things we need to work on in order to become an effective “boss”. Excellent post!

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  5. Thank you so much. I have found that self development and self improvement has provided me with greater skills to help others. I think people might be surprised how fulfilling helping people truly is. Your earlier comment from another posting made a similar conclusion. We grow as individuals by growing our society.


  6. I love the idea of having the control, the confidence and the wisdom to be ones own boss. On another blog, I was having a discussion with someone whose life was described to be in shambles — how her family was never there for her, her friends had turned their backs to her, etc, etc. It appeared that she was the most unlucky person in the world! I asked her to recall what happiness she experienced in the week; no matter how small. She seemed reluctant to at first but conceded a bit. I’m not sure I reached her; probably not so much, but I truly believe that happiness is attainable for everyone as long as we strive to focus on the positive rather than the negative. We each can be awesome bosses to ourselves! I love it when I give myself a raise once every other month! Lol.

    Thank you for another thought provoking and motivational post, Dr. J. I certainly enjoy your positive messages.

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    1. It’s the Roses in this world that make my job so much more fulfilling and rewarding. You have the ability to re-energize a person; a gift that few people possess. I’m sure you have difficult moments in life as we all do, but you do NOT make these instances your focus in life. I’m certain you have many gifts in addition to your writing skills you offer to people. You have certainly added quality to my life. Thank you (from all your friends {boldly, I’m speaking for them!}) for being a part of our lives!

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      1. Oh, I am blushing! I never expected such an amazing compliment, and one which I’m not sure I measure up to. I’m really quite horrid! — kidding… just a little, though 😀

        Seriously, your words touched my heart. Thank you so very much, Jonathan. xo

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    1. Thank you very much.


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