puzzle health and wealthNearly every month I receive a mailer offering a lovely choice of dinner entree, salad and dessert (complimentary) if I am willing to listen to a speaker tell me the secrets to accumulating wealth. On a few occasions the sub-topics sounded interesting enough to take advantage of the opportunity to have someone else prepare baked salmon and broccoli for my consumption. A common theme among most of the speakers was:


There were several plans to choose from, and each plan offered a similar outcome; financial independence. Some plans were aggressive (risky) and some plans grew wealth slowly over time, but ALL PLANS and approaches attained the same goal; financial independence. A second common theme discussed at these dinner invitations explained why these simple effective strategies were not achieved by more people. They spoke about:


Human nature is to “want.” The most important quality within one’s character necessary to take “a want” and transition it to becoming a “goal” is DISCIPLINE. I have heard many people say they just aren’t disciplined enough to accomplish their pursuits. The first step necessary to becoming disciplined is SELF AWARENESS. Those who know they “just aren’t disciplined” already possess self awareness. The object is to utilize this knowledge and determine what factors are needed to provoke a different mind set to keep a person motivated and on course to achieving the goal.

I have discovered:


It is important to realize the “goal of health” is NOT synonymous with simply joining a gym or eating some fish and vegetables. Just like financial planning, it requires a comprehensive game plan designed with a specific outcome in mind. There are “aggressive” game plans and “conservative” game plans that use various strategies, yet achieve the same positive outcomes over time. Each person needs to use their “self awareness” skills to determine which approach will most effectively work with their individual personality. It is also important to realize there is NO PERFECT GAME PLAN. Clarity and loss of focus typically occurs during the process creating doubt and confusion. This becomes a critical point for most people. At this point, the game plan needs to be traveled carefully, for this seems to be a common place where progress deviates back to older destructive patterns in life that restore “temporary comfort,” (ex. stop exercising, begin eating poorly, allow stress to overwhelm us, etc…) yet ultimately interferes with achieving our goals. At this fork in the road, DISCIPLINE becomes the KEY which guides us beyond our comfort zone and remain on course toward SUCCESS. As we reach and overcome each fork in the road, the fear of failure begins to dissipate. Our “self awareness” begins to uncover an inner strength that adds a new layer of self confidence that motivates our behavior. SELF DETERMINATION AND SELF PRIDE becomes the dominating forces in our minds where fear and failure used to reside. When this point is reached, GOOD HEALTH is no longer simply a “want,” but rather a LONG TERM REALITY.

Those who pursue this path toward GOOD HEALTH use the same principles to GROWING WEALTH. These become LIFE LONG pursuits rather than merely “wants.” As we evolve through this process, PASSION and PURPOSE becomes our new source of motivation. The ability to experience LIFE LONG growth and development creates a level of happiness and fulfillment few ever realize. This path to GROWING WEALTH by GAINING HEALTH can be accomplished. The good news is:




  1. I enjoyed your post if you have some free time check out

    Mindset For Success

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    1. I see we share similar philosophies in life. I look forward to reading more stories on your blog site.

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  2. I found that a lot of the same disciplines that I developed and strengthen to get myself out of debt and start saving for financial independence are very similar to the one’s I am now taking to increase my level of health.
    I was really pleased to find out that I am in tip top shape when my husband and I recently applied for term to 65 life insurance independent from our employer. Even before wanting to get life insurance I would wake up around 5:30am every other morning to get a workout in before work in the living room and jog outside (when it was warmer) on the weekends. I also try to eat well. The medical and physical examinations results from my checkup really encouraged me to continue on this fitness journey. It was the boost I needed.
    Having so much debt creating the negative stimulus I needed to actually get out of debt, and keeping a healthy like style was created by the positive stimulus from my insurance test results.

    The financial independence was a more of an aggressive approach for me whereas the health journey will be a slower one.
    Good post!! Glad to see you back.

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    1. Nice to see the impact on your life. Positive change doesn’t require speed; it requires consistency and persistence. Applying your debt correction technique with modifications will likely help you maintain a healthful direction as well. Congratulations on all you’ve accomplished.

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  3. I am happy you advised us there is no perfect game plan. What works for me doesn’t necessarily work for my wife. I think the hard part for most people would be making long term changes.

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    1. Most people tell me the hardest part is getting the mind set focused on beginning the process. You would think that becoming healthier and happier would provide enough motivation. The truth is, most people don’t believe these changes will truly impact their lives. I can assure these same people that continuing down a typical destructive path will will result in a loss of quality of life. It comes down to whether people need to experience this kind of pain or are wise enough to see the truth and commit themselves to a lifestyle that offers a better probable outcome.

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      1. Your comment disheartens me, but when I stop to think of it I was like that too. It took life changing events to alter my way of thinking. What a shame.

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        1. This is a major reason I write these articles. I am hoping to “strike a nerve” causing people to re-evaluate their lives and lifestyles BEFORE detriment comes to them. Hopefully, people can learn from other’s misfortunes to avoid repeating the same mistakes.

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  4. Great post Jonathan and this has been very true in my life. I think the key words here are discipline and commitment. Each day I have a choice to live fully and with awareness. These daily choices always lead me to conscious decisions and onto the path of abundance.

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    1. It is wonderful to read about a kind hearted person that lives their life fully and with true awareness. Few people are able to express themselves this way. Your good fortune is likely the result of a great deal of learning and experience. I hope other reader’s benefit from your knowledge and your wisdom.

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      1. Thankyou so much Jonathan. Your information and knowledge is appreciated and we should never stop learning.

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  5. Starting ANYTHING is the hardest thing of all. I did not know where to start with my health and thus the journey to better parts of my life was always put off. You are quite right when you say wealth along with health. Health focuses, health allows activity and health allows stress all things that lead to wealth but most importantly to my mind, health means you feel alive and capable not just trudging along the same old track doing the same old things expecting something diferent to happen….

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    1. Your response comes from a man with EXPERIENCE. You have two lives to compare; your old life and your new one. Most people aren’t as fortunate to have the comparison. For many, the second life isn’t even a reality. This is what makes that FIRST STEP so difficult.
      I hope the various reader’s comments regarding the benefits they’ve achieved after taking that first step helps motivate others to follow a similar path.

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      1. Absolutely Doc, those words are so true. For many the second life is just a dream that never gets up off of the drawing board and drags our fat backsides to the vegetable counter and then the gym.
        I love this site and the motivation that comes from it. It certainly helps to focus.

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        1. In most cases I don’t care who you are, LIFE IS HARD! It requires work and effort and a willingness to “fail” the first time around. It also creates opportunities for personal development and a chance to meet new wonderful people all around the world. As hard as it is, I’m thankful for the opportunities and lessons I’ve learned in life. I look forward to sharing a future filled with new adventures and experiences.

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          1. It certainly is. But it is great that we pick ourselves up and get back on with it. I was naughty for a couple of months – not continually but enough that I noticed so I have myself back on track and am definitely conscious of the mistake and lesson learned.

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            1. If we learn from our mistakes, we grow as individuals. These experiences help to further develop our character and make us stronger people.


  6. I think you are either the type of person who is going to take action and make changes/improvements or the type of person who is going to complain and wish good things would simply happen to you. I take the same approach to my health as I do with everything else – I bring passion, dedication, research, commitment, drive, continuous improvement, etc. to all of life’s pursuits.

    I definitely got off track (because my mental and emotional health were being neglected) and it wasn’t just my health that suffered – it was everything in my life! I am much more balanced now and committed to living well in every facet of my life – my career, my relationships, my holistic health, etc.

    Great read!

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    1. You are focused and on a mission. Don’t forget to include some “down time.” I have seen so many positive changes in you in such a short period of time. I am still working on cloning your attributes to help other people overcome their obstacles. I’m so proud of all you’ve accomplished.

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      1. Thank you! That means a lot to me 🙂

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