858f9fc1f0bffe46152e65f9b90fc0f8c085554067eb0ed75a1b9399dcbceb66We can all agree releasing negative emotions in a positive manner is likely to create a better outcome then burying these emotions deep within ourselves. First, however, we must identify these negative emotions.

I would like to create ONE for you whether or not you feel you have enough of your own. I’ll call it:



The following picture sarcatically portrays the reality of the food manufacturing industry.


Big Business focuses primarily on ONE  goal, PROFIT. Personally, I support the concept of SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS. I do not, however, support the notion that businesses should succeed (financially) at the welfare of the consumer purchasing their products or services. Knowingly producing a product that directly or indirectly causes UNNECESSARY harm to the public should NEVER be considered an acceptable practice.

But, Jim has a good point. The public isn’t complaining. In fact, they’re supporting these industries and the profits these businesses generate. Although Jim and Bill are two fictional characters lacking human concern and compassion, the ANGER we SHOULD experience and voice toward their industry and other big industries must be curtailed as we accept our role and responsibility in contributing to their ongoing GROWTH and EXPANSION.

On 9/11/2001 we lost nearly 3000 lives to an event designed to take the lives of innocent people? We called this event a TRAGEDY. Every day we lose over 6000 lives yet we call this a NATURAL loss of life EVENT. There is nothing NATURAL about destroying the quality of one’s life by becoming addicted to dangerous food substances known to reduce life expectancy. You are NOT a PERSON to these industries; you are a DOLLAR SIGN. Without cash or credit card YOU are NOT WELCOMED. In fact, no one cares if your face is present or not at these establishments. They will gladly provide their products to a friend, family member and even a stranger willing to buy it for you. Heck, they don’t even care if you eat, drink or swallow their products once you purchase them.


Like the pharmaceutical companies that insult the medical industry with hundreds of ads EVERY DAY reminding YOU to ask your doctor if their products are needed (because your doctor might not be competent enough to know or remember without your assistance,) the fast food industry uses a similar strategy with countless adds on TV, magazines and weekly circulars. Here was yesterday’s contribution.



Here we have this week’s “value packed savings” on typical consumer eating and discounted “savings” on prescription “SOLUTIONS.” These foods seem so inexpensive, but when you factor in the costs including obesity, diabetes, stroke, cardiovascular disease and cancer and then add in depression, lost days at work, hospital stays, marriage stress, food addiction, etc… it really doesn’t seem so inexpensive, does it?


Now that your essence has been reduced to a purse or wallet, maybe its time to face the mirror and determine if your VALUE to this world exceeds the number of credit cards you possess or the cash you carry.


Let your ANGER be a force you release in a manner than benefits not only yourself, but those around you as well. Learn POSITIVE defiance by SLOWLY modifying your OLD DESTRUCTIVE HABITS. Don’t continue to treat yourself with the same DISRESPECT the BIG INDUSTRIES do. Let your ANGER morph into an APPRECIATION for life and the unlimited potential it offers. Do you really want to continue to line the pockets of Jim and Bill so they can enjoy the amenities in life while you are added to the statistical disease charts? Can you hear them laughing?



Now you have REASON and INCENTIVE to change. Enjoy the PROCESS as you REAP THE BENEFITS.


  1. “You are NOT a PERSON to these industries; you are a DOLLAR SIGN.” Well said…and that’s the sad truth!

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    1. I agree with you, unfortunately. Hopefully, people will gradually see reality from an honest perspective and develop an understanding that change is (both) good and necessary.

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  2. Carla Laporte · · Reply

    Very good reminder to all of us that these big industries only care about money, not the impact their products have on people. I for one am SO happy to be part of a company that cares about people and helps people get healthy.

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    1. I’ll bet it’s a great feeling. Any career that works to enhance the quality of people’s lives is a career worth pursuing. I wish you all the best on your journey!

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  3. Ignorance is the key factor. In general we lack the discipline to do our research on any product. We want it done for us.. These companies gladly will tell us what we need to consume or take for our wellbeing and survival. And we do. The only time there is an outcry if we hear that such and such product cause this or that. All it takes to look at the list of ingredients on an average product. Some ingredients I cannot pronounce or know what it is. Well my thinking is if it looks like it should belong in a science lab, I will not consume it. I can’t believe that some companies sold for example Mac and cheese to Europe without the artificial colouring that we chose willingly to feed our kids with all the colors. Finally these companies stopped doing so after so many years. Maybe if we start putting the blame on where it belongs the future would start looking brighter for all concerned. There would be no need for anger or hostility. Taking responsibility.

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    1. Great and accurate response. Our country is more open to harming its own citizens than they realize. We can’t export many of our GMO products, because countries refuse to buy them, yet we have no difficulty selling them to the U.S. consumer. Even worse, these companies try to legislate food labeling content to exclude information (like whether it is a GMO product or not.)
      The average person may think they’re too busy to learn about these topics, but when events lead to a serious compromise in their health, they always second guess their initial belief. Hopefully my diplomatic persistence along with many talented writers will help convince people to reconsider the path they’re following.


  4. Hehe. Sowwy! This did not make me angry! 🙂 It made me giggle! 🙂

    Very well-written, though! 🙂

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    1. I think I’d rather have a giggle response than anger as long as the end result creates a positive outcome. 🙂

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    2. I think I’d rather have a giggle response than anger as long as the end result is a positive outcome. 🙂

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  5. Another thought provoking post. Very good points and a good reminder to us all. 🙂

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    1. Thank you so much. It looks like your blog name has changed. Am I correct?

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      1. Yes, I changed the name and created a new blog. 🙂

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  6. A great read. Thank you!

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    1. Thank you for viewing this article and adding your comment. It is much appreciated.

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  7. Much appreciated.


  8. The sad reality is ‘we are the dollar sign’. I hope more and more people out there realize this and stop what they are doing, for their sake, and not only that but stop supporting these manufacturers. Its a ticket to death !
    Great post Jonathan. Thank you.

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    1. People do not recognize the serious life complicating dangers these cheaper (sort of) foods cause. When we eat McDonald’s, (generally) we don’t FEEL sick or INJURED. People base their decisions on TANGIBLE SYMPTOMS. The body is so good at compensating and dealing with these dangerous chemicals and preservatives, people assume they’re doing just fine. They don’t understand the ticking bomb developing in the background. People have to either believe these foods are UNHEALTHY or NOT. Even if they believe they are unhealthy, I am not suggesting they give them up entirely (if they enjoy them.) This is why I include my 10-20% comfort food category in a regular lifestyle pattern of eating. We are all human and this percentage helps us balance our WANTS with out NEEDS.

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  9. Another great post and important messages Dr. Jonathan. Well, while we can not do much about the profit driven big companies, what we can do is taking responsibility for our own choice of diet and lifestyle.

    Vivienne X

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    1. I agree with you. We have a tendency to waste negative emotions on these BIG COMPANIES when our FOCUS should be directed toward our own well being. BIG INDUSTRY’S profits do not improve or worsen our OWN HEALTH. OUR CHOICES/DECISIONS play the greatest role in this outcome. Pointing our fingers at them makes us “feel better” about our poor choices. In reality, it shows just how EMOTIONALLY damaged and out of CONTROL we truly are.

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  10. A great post Jonathan! Always so much to think about and to remember! Really we have to take care of ourselves and watch out for ourselves!

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    1. True, Lynn. The hard part is transitioning from “knowing we need to take better care of ourselves,” to understanding what it takes to achieve this.
      Thank you so much for participating in this discussion.

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    1. Thank you again for sharing my information with all your readers.


  12. The better educated people are on stuff like this the more they will make better decisions on food choices. They will probably get angry too when they realize how much manipulation goes on in the food and drug companies. You blog definitely helps with this, very well done!

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    1. Negative emotions can you used and channeled in healthy ways. As people begin to learn that society and its institutions are not (generally) concerned with their well being, I’m hoping they realize the REAL solutions are incumbent on themselves.

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