A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed

nuclear-bomb-iran-e1405694886188-598x350croppedWe live in times (once again) where stability is threatened by forces around the world. Everyone threatens each other with atomic talk. Random bombings, terrorism and shootings becoming part of the regularly reported news. Centrifuges, uranium enrichment, ballistic missiles, nuclear warheads…what catastrophic events do we face next?

These events are nothing more than distractions, however. Sure, they may kill millions of innocent lives having nothing to do with the political and religious ideologies these governments and radical organizations impose, but these numbers are trivial compared to the weapon already unleashed and making its way around the world.

What makes this weapon so dangerous is its innocuous manner of killing. We fear guns, knives, bombs, and other weapons used to kill opposition. They tear the flesh causing sudden intense pain as massive amounts of blood exit the body along with the life that resides within it.  The genius behind today’s most lethal weapon is based on two factors.

  1. its ability to kill without its target’s awareness

  2. its ability to remain cloaked and visible (simultaneously) without producing ANY impending fears.

The atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was responsible for killing up to 146,000 lives. The atomic bomb dropped on Nagasaki was responsible for killing another 80,000 lives.

The lethal weapon currently in use and meticulously spreading through technological advancements is responsible for killing over 22 MILLION lives worldwide (and growing) each year. Every country seeks this technology in hopes of achieving world domination. This, however, is unlikely to occur because our science has been unsuccessful at containing the devastating effects of this weapon. Kevlar and Zetix have been unsuccessfully used trying to protect oneself from the damaging impact of this apparently innocuous weapon.

As 2018 approaches this weapon continues to multiply and spread throughout the world passively killing more lives than any other known weapon without ANY protest from those in harms way.

Since this technology has learned to “morph” over time, it has become very difficult to clearly identify. It’s chameleon nature protects it from its true identity as a “killing machine.” Fortunately I was emailed top classified pictures of this “morphing” weapon by Wikileaks and feel compelled to share them with you. Please take any precaution you can to prevent becoming an unknowing victim or accomplice in spreading this massive killing power.

Although the various weapons themselves look very different from one another, the storage warehouses have a similar appearance. The only known way to protect oneself from the devastation of these weapons is to maintain a safe distance of at least 50-100 feet beyond the property parameters of these storage facilities. Please share these photos with all your loved ones. This is the ONLY defense strategy known at this time to avoid becoming one of the 22 Million casualties (and growing each year) dying from cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity.


These arsenals are positioned in the U.S. strategically to maximize their destructive potential as shown below:


Recent military intel has detected additional locations throughout the world as follows:


In just the last few hours I was privy to the most recent Hubble telescope images tracking this massive expansion of weaponry now extending beyond planet earth. Is there no end to this madness!


Hopefully, this post has provided some entertainment while simultaneously awakening sleeping minds to an unfortunate and unnecessary REALITY. 22 MILLION lives are seriously lost to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity combined each year. The fast food industry continues to expand contributing to more human tragedy than any EXPLODING WEAPON we are ever likely to create.

  1. (REFERENCES17.7 Million Lives Lost Each Year To Cardiovascular Disease)

  2. (REFERENCES: 1.5 Million Lives Lost Each Year To Type 2 Diabetes)

  3. (REFERENCES: 2.8 Million Lives Lost Each Year To Obesity)



  1. Although I agree that both have devastating destructive powers, nuclear weapons unleashed on millions of innocent people whom for most part fall under either oppressive regimes or under a government that has no interest in its people, and the other is a food choices we make . McDonald’s and the like do not force anyone to eat there. We simply choose what, where and when to eat.

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    1. This was intended more so as a “tongue in cheek” message than a true nuclear weapon vs. fast food comparison. Even the 22 million fatalities aren’t based solely on the fast food industry. It was intended to get people thinking and realizing just how dangerous a diet based on frequent fast food, packaged processed foods, sodium and chemically laden foods, etc… truly is. People just don’t equate these foods as major components in disease and death.

      I also agree with you that people aren’t forced to consume these products.
      Hopefully, people read this and understand the bigger picture that personal choices and personal responsibility plays a larger role (in most cases) in supporting healthier outcomes.

      Thank you as always for sharing your comment with all of us.

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  2. Yes, entertaining and true! The silent killers have a strong hold over people until it’s too late. Fast food choices are a way of life for many!! 🌷Christine

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  3. Ha! Well done Jonathan. 🙂

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    1. Thank you. I was a little surprised a few people took this post as literally as they did. Somehow the “tongue in cheek” approach with the relevant ending message was misunderstood.

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      1. I know that feeling of “misunderstood” blog posts well. 😉


  4. This was great! Thanks for the laughs and well framed info. It’s all around and a silent killer indeed.

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    1. Most people simply are unaware how dangerous regular consumption of this type of food truly is. It is an important COMPONENT destroying millions of lives in the form of disease every year.

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  5. Reblogged this on cancer killing recipe and commented:
    Rebloged this for you my Dear Followers just to remind you that every bite and drink you take is killing or healing you….
    I confess: I go to McDonald’s once a month just to have small black coffee and small french fries…. 🙂 !!!
    God bless you all.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this message. In reality, I believe we should be able to consume any food an individual enjoys. The trick is to first have control over one’s eating habits. This prevents unhealthy foods from overwhelming the body causing reduced immune function, nutrient malabsorption, and chronic systemic inflammation. Your monthly McDonald’s trip fits this equation perfectly! 🙂


  6. I respect your article; however, I believe it is a stretch to compare nuclear weapons to fast-food chains. I say this because, fast-food is choice–a nuclear weapon killing thousands of people isn’t the choice of the people being killed.

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    1. First, I would like to thank you for offering an honest comment. Various views can be expressed and offer valid ideas from different perspectives. As I mentioned in an earlier response, this was meant as a “tongue in cheek” post. It was not meant to express an actual comparison between nuclear weapons and fast food. The 22 million people that I mentioned dying each year do NOT die solely from eating fast food. It was intended to get people thinking and realizing just how dangerous a diet based on frequent fast food, packaged processed foods, sodium and chemically laden foods, etc… truly is. People just don’t equate these foods as major components in disease and death.

      By expressing at the end of the post my intention to “entertain,” I was hoping people would recognize the balance between humor and realism. Sometimes language and cultures interfere with well meaning outcomes. I am sorry that my words were perceived incorrectly. I hope this response helps provide clarity to my intentions.

      Thank you again for reading this post and sharing your feelings. They are truly appreciated.

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      1. Oh there is no ill-will, I just think sometimes word choice matters and when reading an article individuals will perceive different context in a different type of view. Your article makes sense and it does illustrate the potentional impact fast-food is having across the world. Good article.

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  7. Reblogged this on New Hampshire Nana.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing this message with all your readers, Deborah. It is greatly appreciated.

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  8. I love the way you wrote this…entertaining, foreboding and a great way to make your point.

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    1. Thank you Dr. Lynn. Some misunderstood my intentions and thought I was trying to convince people that fast food in and of itself was truly more dangerous than atomic weaponry. I’m glad you found BOTH the humor and the meaningful undertone within the article.

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  9. I knew from the beginning what those weapons could be because I know some about your foundational theme. Your concluding paragraphs also clear the ‘tongue in check’ etc. Tbt, it nerves to be told the ‘yummy, affordable, available – I mean super fast and least effort to get and munch (drive through and eat as you go) and heavily advertised food is to be eaten with moderation and consideration. I may even dare to add that once free to choose, the lover of such food can quickly become :addicted’; we all know what addictions do


  10. People will talk themselves into or out of anything on a whim.
    Ask them if it would be healthy to eat a quart of ice cream for three meals a day, followed by a liter of Soda. Oh, they’ll decry that it’s unhealthy. Why do they know it’s unhealthy? Because someone (science and facts) told them so.
    What about smoking cigarettes, drinking heavily, eating deep-fried foods without limit? Bacon, cheeseburgers, chicken-fried steak, potato chips, chocolate bars, pork rinds?
    Folks will tell themselves whatever they please. Eating is always a choice.
    (So, too with tobacco, alcohol and drug use).
    Well, I’m hungry now, and heading for some delicious fried chicken and french fries.
    I’ll get the super-sized pop, but I’ll order diet soda so it’s okay.

    Seek peace,



  11. Absolutely brilliant and captivating post!!!!! I quit eating fast food (inspired by you months ago) and I haven’t looked back! I don’t crave it at all now that it’s out of my system. The insidious nature of high fat/fried/salty food is that–unsatisfying–it results in one going back for more of the quick “hit” that leaves you feeling awful (and in search of relief). You are making such an important difference…thank you for continuing to share and educate 🙂


  12. […] Source: A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed […]

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  13. While millions die of starvation

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    1. Unfortunately, that message gets lost in the daily rhetoric of life.
      I completely agree with you!


  14. […] A Weapon More Destructive Than A Nuclear Bomb: It Has Already Been Deployed […]

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  15. I still eat fast food but much less since cancer and these other diseases threaten/

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    1. You’re wise. I believe in the 80-90% rule. Eat healthy 80-90% of the time and enjoy comfort foods (up to) the other 10-20% of the time. This prevents cravings and feelings of deprivation without compromising the quality of health each of us deserves.


  16. Thanks, Oneanna! I read your bio in your book on Amazon too – very interesting life! Keep writing!

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  17. Misunderstood writings are common over here as well.. **An enjoyable read **

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    1. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. “Many a true word is said in jest.”


  18. Very good – McDonalds – great places to stop for a “comfort break” as long as patrons only intake is water or coffee.

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    1. I like your thinking! 🙂


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