The Wisdom Of Hippocrates

I have reviewed many of Hippocrates quotes and considering the man was born around 460 BC, it is truly a prodigious feat to have achieved the level of recognition and respect that continues to the present day.  As you read the following quotes, think about his wisdom and how it applies to the good health of our society today.

  1. Walking is man’s best medicine”.  I have told my patients that movement is one of the keys to life. Anything living that stops moving ultimately dies. Movement allows the body to perform all functions necessary to sustain maximum function.

  2. Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”. It is wise to recognize that the earth bears all the food needed to fuel our bodies. Synthetic technology will never be able to duplicate or replace the values that real food offers. If we suffer from the absence of good health, it is not the result of a pharmaceutical deficiency. It is the deficiency in our willingness to do what is needed to maintain optimal health.

  3. It’s far more important to know what person the disease has than what disease the person has”. As doctors, our vision of health has become too tunneled. We want a simple algorithm to take us from diagnosis to cure. We have lost the ability to recognize the wholeness of a person and the importance to provide treatment to the whole person rather than simply treating the disease.  Patch Adams, MD once quoted, “You treat a disease, you win, you lose. You treat a person, I guarantee you, you’ll win, no matter what the outcome.”  As doctors, we need to lift our faces from the computer screen and look our patients directly in their eyes.  This will help us open our hearts and our minds to THEIR NEEDS and provide better care!

  4. Natural forces within us are the true healers of disease”.  Hippocrates knew there was an innate intelligence within our bodies and recognized the importance it played in good health. Today we call this our Immune System. This is our army that combats disease. If our immune system is in a state of Dis-Ease, it is unable to maintain optimal health. Poor dietary habits, high levels of stress, improper hydration (WATER), sedentary lifestyles, inadequate sleep and poor nerve communication as a result of spinal nerve interference (chiropractic care), lead to the weakening of the immune system. Many people turn to doctors with recurring illnesses for a cure and are usually prescribed some form of drug (ex. Antibiotic). Will this strengthen the immune system? Is the drug the solution to the underlying problem? I am not opposed to medication, but the treatment should not end with the drug. We as physicians need to educate (which is the definition of doctor) our patients on their role for the outcome to be successful. Good health is NOT the absence of disease. Good health is the balance of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being.

    I hope this information provides some insight and motivates some self introspection. Are you taking responsibility for your health? Are you setting an example for your friends and family to help navigate the roads to better health? Are you tired of the health care system’s financial burdens and bureaucratic red tape? Are you simply TIRED OF FEELING BAD? Please let me know your thoughts. Reply to this blog with any questions.  I will gladly offer my thoughts. Wishing you and yours the best in good health and happiness.


  1. “We need to lift our faces from the computer screen and look our patients directly in their eyes.”
    I hope someday more physicians will think and act this way.

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  2. If you care about your patients (and people in general) and want to help them achieve maximal results, one must “see” what a person is experiencing. The eyes provide a window that a computer and monitor will never be able to duplicate.
    I appreciate the way you think. Your writings are going to help motivate many readers.


  3. I bless my immune system all the time, and if I feel any sickness coming on at all, I command my white blood cells to rise up and fight for me. It works!


    1. We doctors take great offense to this statement. We claim any positive health changes that occur WITHOUT our assistance is coincidental. Our egos have become so inflated, we honestly believe WE control the destiny of lives. We are NOT God or even God like! Until we can walk across water successfully, I am going to have to be a dissenting voice among us and remain satisfied with simply being HUMAN. I consider myself a good human, but human non the less.

      I love your approach to fighting disease. We have a term for this. It is called psychosomatic. This is NOT an insult. It literally means mind controlling bodily functions. It epitomizes what you described in “commanding your blood cells to rise up and fight.” Those who are able to tap deeper into the brain can provide the “internal doctor in the body” with the tools necessary to perform with greater levels of skill. Naturally, I believe there are limitations to everything in life and additional aid may be necessary to help the body heal itself. We are a complex living organism. Any positive lifestyle changes we provide for our bodies in times of health or disease improves our quality of lives. I hope all doctors agree that these actions are beneficial to achieving healthy outcomes.
      Thank you for adding your thoughts to this article. It will help expand ideas on non traditional approaches to health and healing to all the readers.

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