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The world today is inundated with problems. The media covers them on a daily basis. As much as these issues frustrate us, we contribute to their ongoing agenda. We have a tendency to point fingers at others and identify “them” to blame for these dilemmas. Without realizing it, this blame game weakens our individual spirits […]

Feeling Empowered By Achieving Good Health

What are your thoughts as you wake in the morning and begin your day.  Do you yearn for that cup of coffee to jump start your engines enabling you to worry about the emails at work; the projects at work with their deadlines that never seem possible to achieve; the lists of chores as a […]

The Wisdom Of Hippocrates

I have reviewed many of Hippocrates quotes and considering the man was born around 460 BC, it is truly a prodigious feat to have achieved the level of recognition and respect that continues to the present day.  As you read the following quotes, think about his wisdom and how it applies to the good health of our […]