Winning The “War” On Cancer?

The more I research the technical aspects of health and disease, the more I realize how important COMMON SENSE is. Cancer is reported as the second leading cause of death in the United States. As of the 1900 statistics, 64/100,000 died from cancer. As of 1990 that number tripled to approximately 192/100,00 cases. Today it is estimated that 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer. We have raised billions of dollars for research to “win the war on cancer” without achieving the goal. Why have we failed?

IcebergIs it possible our approach utilizing standard medical procedures including surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is more likely addressing the cap of the iceberg (in the picture) than the underlying factors which allowed the iceberg to form in the first place? If you look at the picture of the iceberg, all we see from the surface is a small component of a much larger iceberg. Taking this concept one step further would lead to two questions:

(1) What caused the iceberg to form in the first place?

(2) Why did the iceberg develop in its current location?

Under the current model, there is a high incidence of recurring cancer. Sometimes it’s the same cancer; sometimes it’s a different cancer or possibly a metastatic cancer (a spreading type of cancer.) Focusing on the cancer instead of focusing on the CAUSES OF THE CANCER, may be one of the problems using the standard medical model.

Let’s look at a COMMON SENSE explanation of possible causes of cancer and see if it makes sense to you.

  • First, let’s agree that cancer is likely multifactorial (from many sources.) We have heard the term carcinogenic applied to chemicals, radiation, environment, food preparations, etc… How have we addressed these factors? Basically we have ignored them to the extent that they remain a considerable problem.
  • Our bodies are made of more than 70% water. We require to hydrate on a daily basis to allow our internal organs to function properly. Most people don’t consume adequate quantities of water which increases stress on the immune system as well as other organs. Even if you consumed adequate tap or commercial bottled water, the environmental toxins running into our water supplies, would ultimately result in accumulated contaminants in the body (even with basic filtration.) As these contaminants accumulate does it make sense that they would place stress on the bodies immune system?
  • Americans like convenience and the grocery stores have successfully met out needs. We demand foods with long shelf lives to minimize wasting money. We throw less food away by purchasing foods that are heavily processed. Preservatives and other artificial ingredients have been proven detrimental to our health resulting in heart disease, diabetes and cancer.
  • The lymph systems in our bodies effectively move “sludge” (toxins) from our bodies to the GI and GU tract for removal (bowel and urine respectively). The lymph system is much larger than circulatory system. Blood moves as a result of the heart contracting. Lymph moves as a result (primarily) of the muscles of our body contracting. In other words, MOVEMENT is essential for proper lymph flow. As a sedentary society, our systems “gunk up” making it difficult to remove these toxins. Once again this increases stress on our system making us more prone to diseases including cancer.
  • Emotional stresses play havoc on the endocrine (hormone) system. A common hormone called cortisol elevates under increased stress and reduces the immune system’s ability to combat disease. There are several hormones involved with emotional stress, but the concept is clear; stress elevates hormones that reduce immune function. A prolonged weakened immune system can certainly result in the formation of cancer.

You will notice, I didn’t mention any bacteria, viruses, fungi in my discussion of causes, because these “bugs” can only hurt the body IF THE IMMUNE SYSTEM IS COMPROMISED.

Until we begin to open our eyes and recognize the personal choices we make have consequences, the cancer industry will continue to be a very lucrative business. Conventional treatment places a cancer patient in a revolving door of care frequently. If you return to the same unhealthy lifestyle after traditional cancer treatment, what makes you think cancer won’t be part of your future? Einstein defined “Insanity”: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  It is time to realize that cancer doesn’t just happen and we are unwilling subjects unable to potentially alter our ultimate demise from this disease.  You have choices and I encourage you to mitigate the bad ones and migrate to a healthier and potentially happier lifestyle.  There are no guarantees, but reducing the current odds of 1 in 2 for men and 1 in 3 for women seem like a wise decision.

With this information, I would like you to ask yourself:

  1. Does traditional cancer treatment really address the cause of the disease, or simply temporarily address the diseases symptoms (ex removing the tumor)
  2. If I don’t improve my lifestyle, what makes me think that I won’t be the 1 in 2 (for men) or 1 in 3 (for women) to develop cancer?
  3. Is there more money to be made treating cancer or curing cancer?  Our current methods dramatically reduce the quality of so many lives at an enormous profit.  Shouldn’t we open our eyes to methods that treat the underlying causes of the disease without using such extreme toxic and potentially life altering treatments if possible?
  4. How much do I know about other non toxic procedures used to treat people to eradicate diseases including cancer by strengthening the immune system?

Please feel free to share your experiences to help educate us all.  We can only make advances and follow new and improved pathways if the public demands it.  Otherwise, cutting, burning and poisoning will remain the protocol for cancer treatment.

Your comment can positively impact the lives of others.

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